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"Coming Home" (Pepper & Bruce, Tony & Bruce, background Tony/Pepper. "It may be Tony Stark's name on the tower, but the final word on who gets an invitation to live there will always belong to Pepper." 4314 words.)
"Situation Report: August 1, 2062" (Thor/Jane, Clint/Phil(implied), Clint/Natasha (implied), Steve/Bucky (implied), Tony/Pepper, Bruce. "The earliest members of the Avengers Initiative, fifty years down the line." 1390 words.)
"A View From Below" (OFC, Clint/Phil. "On her first real day off since starting with S.H.I.E.L.D., Megan McIntyre, a young agent, gets a new perspective on the organization and on two 'above her paygrade' colleagues." 2303 words.)
"Previously on Dog Cops..." (Crossover with Hawkeye. Clint, Team, Darcy, Jane, Lucky! "Wherein art imitates life, or, The Avengers Watch the Season Two Premiere of Dog Cops. Arf!" 1725 words.)

Beauty and the Beast

"Ever as before…" (Belle, Beast. "Once - many years before 'once upon a time' - a little girl named Belle was left all by herself in a forest")


"Back to the Front" (Blackadder, Baldrick, George/Melchett "When Blackadder learns that General Melchett is about to return to London permanently, he borrows a leaf from Baldrick's book and comes up with a clever plan. Not surprisingly, things don't go quite as planned.")

Canterbury Tales - Chaucer

"The Seconde Tale of the Wyf of Bathe " (Wife of Bath, Palamon/Arcite, Various Others. "The Wife of Bath, ahead of her time in so many ways, finds the Tale of the Knight to be less than satisfactory and sets about 'fixing' it.")

Civil War Trilogy - Shaara

"Mavourneen" (Win Hancock, Mira Hancock, Lewis Armistead. As the Union moves inexorably toward civil war, three people share a quiet interlude. If only that moment never had to end.)

Discworld - Pratchett

"A Matter of Life and Death" (Crossover with Harry Potter. DEATH, Susan Sto Helit, Adora Belle Dearheart, Severus Snape, Hermione Granger. "In the end, Death comes for us all. For Severus Snape and Hermione Granger, it came with cups of tea and offers of employment.")
"Unfinished Symphony" (Vimes and Vetinari mentioned. A birthday drabble for copperbadge, which never makes it as far as the Good Omens crossover. 100 words. Plus many footnotes)
"Huge Gods" (Crossover with Huge. Vorbis, Om, Brutha, Alistair Delgado, Becca Huffstatter. "In which Brutha and Vorbis go on a journey, and Om makes plans. A post-canon(s) interlude, featuring a little meta, a little metaphysics, and a little omnipresence." 1227 words)

Doctor Who

"Once More Unto the Breach" (Mostly gen, but with a whisper of Ten/Rose. "It would probably create a temporal paradox, but what good was being a Time Lord if you couldn't sort out a temporal paradox or two?")
"World Enough and Time " (Ten, Donna. "It's not like the Doctor actually had any real experience with Human-Timelord Meta-Crises.")

Due South

"Freak" (Fraser/Kowalski. "Fraser, Kowalski, and a case.")
"If It Walks Like A Duck . . ." (Fraser/Kowalski. "When an old friend of Ray Kowalksi's returns to Chicago, it takes almost no time at all for her to draw the obvious - and erroneous - conclusion about Ray and his "partner."")
"If You Were The Last Man on Earth" (Ray/Ray. "due South/Survivor crossover.")
"Internal Affairs" (Fraser/Kowalski. "If you were Ray Kowalski, what is one of the last investigations on earth you'd want to be working on?")
"Kamanartok" (Fraser/Kowalski. "A post-CotW vignette. Possibly a companion piece to "More Than You Know.")
"Like a House on Fire" (Fraser/Kowalski. "In the immortal words of Yogi Berra, 'It's deja vu all over again.")
"More Than You Know" (Fraser/Kowalski. "Future. Memory.")
"Q & A" (Fraser/Kowalski. "Partners means sharing.")
"Reunion" (Fraser/Kowalski. "Ray returns from a trip")
"Stranger Than Fiction" (Fraser/Kowalski. "Crazy? Maybe. Maybe not.")
"Touch and Go" (Fraser/Kowalski. "Spoilers for "The Ladies Man," "Mountie on the Bounty," and "Eclipse."")
"Unplanned" (Fraser/Kowalski. "Queer, what can happen when you start to get comfortable.")
"Various and Sundry Due South flashfics" (All written for the Due South Flashfiction Community)

  • "First Sight" (Fraser/Kowalski. For the Voyeurism Challenge. 274 words. April 2003)
  • "Overture" (Fraser, Dief. Gen. For the Make-up Challenge. Drabble. April 2003.)
  • "Sparks" (Young!Fraser, Bob. Mostly gen, but with F/K implied. For the Hourglass Challenge. 1544 words. May 2003)
  • "Good Morning, Chicago" (Fraser/Kowalski. For the Masturbation Challenge. 818 words. May 2003.)
  • "Untitled" (Fraser/Kowalski, Bob. Meta drabble for the Curtains Challenge. May 2003)
  • "Preturnatural Guidance" (Fraser/Kowalski, various Fraser family members. A riff on "Parental Guidance by Alanna, Kass, and Starfish for the Telephone Challenge. 1622 words. June 2003.)
  • "Mumbo jumbo, voodoo, jujitsu, hocus-pocus" (Fraser, Kowalski, Thatcher, Dief, Turnball. Crackfic for the 180 Degrees Challenge. 961 words. June 2003.)
  • "Paper Trail" (Fraser/Kowalski. For the Documentation Challenge. 423 words. June 2003.)
  • "First Impressions" (Young!Fraser, OFC. Depot-based snippet scavenged from an unpublished WIP for the Summer of '79 Challenge. 745 words. June 2003.)
  • "Untitled" (Fraser/Kowalski implied, Welsh, Random Aliens. Crack fic, written for the Cliche Challenge. 804 words. July 2003.)
  • "Coming Attractions" (Fraser/Kowalski. Damian and Barbara Kowalski. In the same universe as "Small World and "Preturnatual Guidance." Magic Realism written for the Movie Challenge. 1614 words. September 2003.)
  • "Small World" (Fraser/Kowalski, various Fraser family members, Damian and Barbara Kowalski. In the same universe as "Preturnatual Guidance" and "Coming Attractions." Written for the Door Challenge. 1836 words. October 2003.)
  • "In Vino Veritas" (Huey, Dewey, F/K implied. Written for the Kaleidoscope Eyes Challenge. 474 words. November 2003.)
  • "Untitled (Fraser/Kowalski. Meta-drabble, written for the Whomping Fraser Challenge. March 2004.)
  • "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" (Fraser/Kowalski, Stella/Vecchio, Turnbull, Dief, Huey, Dewey. Written for the Public Naughtiness Challenge. 427 words. April 2004.)
  • "Identikit! The Musical!" (Fraser/Kowalski, Huey, Dewey, Turnbull, Dief. Complete Crack written for the Badfic challenge. 902 words. April 2006.)
  • "Need To Know" (Fraser, Kowalski, Turnbull. Gen, but feel free to read F/K into it. Written for the Undercover Challenge. 533 words. May 2006.)


"No Ill Wind" (Bigby Wolf, Snow White, North Wind. Gen, with the merest glimmer of future Bigby/Snow. Bigby Wolf always looked after his men during WWI, but who looked after him? )

Good Omens - Gaiman and Pratchett

"Boys and Girls (the "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" remix)" (Crowley/Aziraphale. A Genderswap experiment…)
"Effable" (Crowley/Aziraphale. You'd think somebody would remember a near-Apocalypse. )
"An Excellent Long-Term Solution " (Crowley/Aziraphale. In which Hell seems more forgiving than Heaven, Aziraphale seems to have got himself into a bit of a pickle, and Crowley seems to have come up with the perfect solution, almost all on his own.)
"A Mostly Unexpected Gift " (Crowley/Aziraphale, the Them, the Four Horsepersons [fiendishly disguised], Hastur&Ligur [even more fiendishly disguised], et al. "Just what they always wanted...")
"Occasions of Sin" (Crowley/Aziraphale. "..vanity of vanities; all is vanity." )
"World Enough and Time" (Crowley/Aziraphale. Even for immortal beings, time has a habit of passing by all too swiftly.)
"The Case of the Missing...." (Crossover with Sherlock-BBC. Aziraphale&Crowley, Sherlock&John, Mycroft Holmes, Adam Young. "Crowley has gone missing, and Aziraphale hasn't a clue how to go about finding him. Luckily, help comes from above...or rather, from the side." 2600 words.)

Harry Potter - Rowling


"Briefly, But Exceedingly Drunk" (Snape/Black. "Observe as one of Ellen Fremedon's most plot driven stories is remixed until it becomes a drunken prelude to a one night stand. *g*")
"The First Encounter at Number 12, Grimmauld Place" (Snape/Black. A first time tale in anapaestic tetrameter)
"The More Things Change..." (What if Sirius had been sorted into Slytherin?)


"Halfway House" ("Life doesn't have a reset button")
"No Exchanges, No Returns" ("Guess who drew Snape in the Hogwarts Secret Santa?")
"Re-Discovery" ("Harry goes back to Hogwarts and finds that more than one thing has changed")


"120 Weeks of Azkaban" ("Severus Snape discovers a new vocation in the least likely of places, and his work is appreciated at last.")
"All a Matter of Taste" ("Late one night, Harry discovers a strange attraction.")
"All I Want For Christmas" ("Severus had never received a proper gift-wrapped present in his life; clearly something had to be done about that.")
"At Ganymede's Hands" ("In which Harry displays his 'feminine side,' and Severus Snape reveals more than he had intended.")
"A Cunning Plan" ("When the War finally ends, Severus Snape finds himself in the peculiar position of being too popular. Begrudgingly, Severus accepts that Harry Potter might just have a solution to his problem.")
"Dear Diary..." ("It was possible that Harry Potter had done too good a job of rehabilitating the reputation of Severus Snape.")
"Everything He Ever Wanted" ("Wouldn't it be wonderful, if at life's end, you were given everything you'd ever wished for? Severus Snape used to think so.")
"Far from the Pegasus, a Home" ("Teeny crossover (of sorts) with Stargate: Atlantis, written as a thank you gift for Djin7, the wonderful Mod of the snarry_games")
"Five Ways the HP Series Won't Be Ruined for Snarry Fans" ("See title. :)")
"Forsaking All Other" ("The war giveth and the war taketh away. Or not...if Harry has anything to say about it.")
"Going Postal" ("Years after his death, Albus Dumbledore still has the uncanny ability to pester people, as Severus and Harry will soon discover.")
"Harry Potter and the Fanon Potions Master" ("Harry has gone away on business. Snape may just be missing him more than he expected to." Humor. Written as a gift for the unofficial Fourth Wave of the SSFQ)
"Himself His Own Dungeon" ("Snape isn't quite as dead as everyone thinks. Neither is Voldemort")
"In Dreams" ("What does Severus Snape dream, now that the War is over?"_
"Incentive Plan" ("With lessons like this, Harry will almost certainly never learn Occlumency. However, the value of education isn't only in its results.")
"Learning the Landscape" ("Second generation celebrity, pop sensation, rising movie star: Harry Potter is looking for something more meaningful in his life than mere fame. However, when he inexplicably decides to make ex-con Steven Snape part of that "something more meaningful,"'s too much to expect the press to ignore it forever.")
"The Mark of Cain" ("After the defeat of Voldemort, the Ministry has found a way to deal with the Wizarding World's last remaining Death Eater. When Harry returns to England, he comes up with a different plan.")
"The Morning After" ("Voldemort's been defeated, and somebody's been celebrating.")
"Protective Custody" ("Harry Potter's unexpectedly early mid-life crisis turns out to be good news . . . for Severus Snape.")
"Strange Bedfellows" ("Harry returns to an abandoned Hogwarts where a mystery correspondent awaits." 482 words)
"The Second Time Around" ("There were many things that Severus Snape didn't remember, but he was almost entirely certain that he had always been heterosexual.")
"The Source" ("Snape is straight?")
"The Visitor" ("'Harry had started bringing out the Marauder's Map and examining it by wandlight. He was waiting for the moment when Ron's labeled dot would reappear in the corridors of Hogwarts...' Ron's dot never did appear, but what the Map eventually reveals turns out to be far more surprising. (Quoted section from Ch. 16 - "Godric's Hollow," Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)
"Three Drops" (Future!Fic. Established Relationship)
"Two Birthdays" (Snape/Harry [implied], James Sirius, Albus Severus.)
"The Wizard of Hogwarts' Tale" ("Iambic pentameter! Rhyming couplets! Some vague semblance of a plot! What more could one want in a challenge story? (AU. Spoiler warning for all the books through OotP. Oh, and when the story takes a left turn into complete silliness toward the end, please avert your eyes and pretend you haven't noticed.)")


"CONTRA SALIGIA, or how Gilderoy Lockhart proved to be almost useful at last." ("After many months spent working closely with her former professor, Hermione Granger is absolutely certain that Severus Snape's near-death experience in the Shrieking Shack transformed him completely - and all for the better. However, judging by the comments about Severus that Hermione has been noticing recently from her other colleagues, it's clear that her positive opinion isn't shared by everyone. What could explain the vast gulf between the Severus she's come to know and the Snape that everybody else seems to be seeing? Hermione has no idea what the answer is, but she's determined to find out." - 2011)
"Good Enough" ("As the war escalates, Hermione Granger is sent away to look after an injured Severus Snape.. Much to Hermione's surprise, Snape turns out not to be the most annoying man in the world.")
"A Matter of Life and Death" (Crossover with Discworld. "In the end, Death comes for us all. For Severus Snape and Hermione Granger, it came with cups of tea and offers of employment." - 2011)
"The New Man" ("en years have passed since the War, and Hermione is happy with her great job, her wonderful flat, and even her social life. It's true that her love-life is practically non-existent, but Hermione isn't particularly bothered by that. Then she meets a new man . . . but just how 'new' is he?")
"Rebirth Days" ("Five times Severus Snape was reborn.")
"To Touch The Spaces" ("Severus Snape's post-war existence is not quite so bad as he feared it might be. But perhaps it could be just a bit better.")
"What Yet Remains" (" As memories of the War start to fade, a relationship begins to develop between Hermione and Severus. However, it may not be wise to put all memories of the War aside ")


"In From The Cold" (Snape/Kingsley. "What good is a spy without someone to report to?")
"Supplication" (Snape/Scrimgeour, Snape/Kingsley."Sometimes all you have to do is ask. ")


"Safe as Houses: A Wizard's Guide to Home Repair" ("For Luna, it was love at first sight, but Severus took quite a bit longer to learn how to love.")
"An Inexpressible Comfort" (" All he was looking for was a new wand. What he found was much, much more.")
"Home is the Sailor" (" In his effort to prepare for any eventuality, Snape finds an almost perfect hideaway. However, he soon discovers that he's not alone. ")
"Press. Release." ("A Ministry directive gives new hope to certain prisoners in Azkaban, but its distribution list is rather smaller than Severus Snape might have hoped.")


"Believe In You" ("Post-war. A murder mystery/romance.")
"Bookends" ("In the end, there are no secrets." - 2011)
"The Choices We Make" ("The Headmaster was always right.")
"Un endroit secret" ("Using the prompt: "Snape, Lupin, or both...become trapped in a portrait."")
"The Heart of the Sea" ("When you can't live in the Wizarding world and you can't live in the Muggle world, where can you live?")
"Let Them Eat Cake" ("A future.")
"Not Just Ornamental" ("A Christmas Eve ficlet.")
"Once (Upon a Time)" ("A fairy tale...")
"'Twas the Night Before" ("During the first war, a man walks into a bar...")


"Beauty and the Beast" ("Beauty, in the eyes of the beholders" - 2006)
"Home Studies" ("The best laid plans of mice and [wo]men gang aft agley...")
"Snape's Other Worst Memory" ("The first and the last time.")
"An Unexpected Gift" ("What they shared that night had been largely unexpected and very sweet, but for Severus, the gift she'd given him the following morning had been even more delicious.." - 2011)
"Finding Closure" ("Years after the Battle of Hogwarts and the loss of so many loved ones, Minerva McGonagall can't help but feel she still owes an apology to one particular absent loved one." 2012)


"Friends Like These" (Also Lucius/Narcissa. "Lord Voldemort has arranged for Lucius to be freed from Azkaban, but Lucius' punishment hasn't ended just yet.")
"Under the Sign of the Silken Robe" ("War makes strange bedfellows, So does peace.")


"No Place Like Home" ("Sometimes all it takes is the belief that you've found a place in which to belong.")
"The Turning Point" ("A tale of divided loyalties, choices made, and choices unmade." 4950 words.)

Snape/Other (including Multiple Pairings)

"West of Stockholm" (Snape/Moody. "In the midst of Voldemort's first rise, Severus Snape finds the 'hospitality' of the Ministry not at all to his liking. When Albus Dumbledore finds alternate lodgings for the young Death Eater, Alastor Moody finds these arrangements not at all to his liking. At first." 2100 words.)
"Anything But Temptation" (Snape/Slughorn, Snape/McGonagall, Snape/Lily, Snape/HisRightHand. "Even the most brilliant of young potions prodigies occasionally have something other than potions on their minds.")
"Supplication" (Snape/Scrimgeour, Snape/Kingsley."Sometimes all you have to do is ask. ")
"You Must Remember This" (Snape/Lockhart. "Ordinarily, magical folk who had suffered the kind of memory damage that Lockhart and Snape had suffered would remain in the Janus Thickey Ward for decades, if not for life.")
"The End of the Tour" (Snape/Draco. "Portrait of a Malfoy in an Emo!Band World ")
"Friends Like These" (Snape/Narcissa, Lucius/Narcissa. "Lord Voldemort has arranged for Lucius to be freed from Azkaban, but Lucius' punishment hasn't ended just yet.")
"Into My Hands" (Snape/Dumbledore. "It was a perfect summer. But even perfect summers must someday reach an end.")
"The Caretaker" (Snape/Filch. "The world, as Argus Filch saw it, could be divided into two distinct groups: those who existed to cause him trouble and those who didn't.")
"Love Potion Number 9" (Snape/Lucius, Snape/Slughorn, Snape/Lily, Snape/Remus, Snape/Voldemort, Snape/Draco, Snape/Regulus, Snape/HisRightHand. 864 words)

Non-Snape Pairings

"O Lucky Man" (Remus/Sirius. "The Yule Ball approaches, and both Sirius Black and Remus Lupin have dates - or at least they did before Professor Slughorn introduced them to Felix Felicis." 2290 words.)
"Call of the Wild" (Hagrid/Remus. Comfort takes many forms. Note: Includes Wolf!Sex)
"Too Close, Not Close Enough" (Remus/Tonks/Sirius. "Number 12, Grimmauld Place has always made Remus feel claustrophobic.")
"Payment in Kind" (Draco/Neville. "From little seeds...")
" we join this man and this woman..." (Remus/Hermione. "A Coming Together in Eleven Parts with Eleven Second-hand Titles.")
"A Holiday Entertainment" (Narcissa Malfoy/Viktor Krum (suggested). "The holidays are going to be so very gloomy with Lucius away")
"Second Chances" (Dumbledore/Hermione - sort of, McGonagall, Phineas Nigellus Black. Based on the Knight2King theory.)


"(just like) starting over" (Young!Snape, Albus Severus, Harry, James Sirius, Ginny, Lily Luna. "There's more than one way to get a second chance." 3000 words.)
"It's the Great Pumpkin, Harry Potter!" (Hagrid, Harry, Hermione, Weasleys, Snape, Various Death Eaters. 1927 words)
"Harry Potter and the Tax Seminar of Doom" (Severus Snape, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Bill Weasley, Sirirus Black, Albus Dumbledore, Remus Lupin, Original Characters. "Nothing is certain but death and taxes...")
"Blaise Zabini: The "Definitive" Guide" (Blaise Zabini. "The Life and Times of Blaise Zabini (pre-HBP edition)")
"Hermione: A Herstory" (Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall. "In the summer of 1991, Hermione Granger finds a role model.")
"The Man Who Lived" (Snape-centric. "The war against Voldemort has not been going well...and Severus Snape is very tired.")
"Nineteen Years and One Day" (Scorpius Malfoy, Albus Severus Potter, Rose Granger-Weasley, A Portrait, A Ghost. "It's sorting time at Hogwarts nineteen years after the defeat of Voldemort.")
"Family Matters" (Filius Flitwick, Minerva McGonagall, Pomona Sprout, Severus Snape. "Sometimes, all you want is to be left alone. Sometimes, all you want is to be in company. And sometimes, all you want is to have the decision made for you.")
"When the Muses [go on] Strike" (JKR, Various Characters, human and house-elf. "Before the final books were published, everybody knew more characters were going to die. But what if all the characters got together and just")
"Kindred Spirits" (Hermione-centric. "Hermione has more in common with the House-Elves than she knows.")
"Inside My House" (Snape-centric. "He has played this double game for most of his adult life, but never for so long a time without respite.")
"Lost and Found" (Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Severus Snape. "There is a moment of horror in that instant when a person understands for the first time what losing somebody forever is really going to mean." (includes a bonus drabble)" Can also be read as pre-slash)
"As the Wand chooses the Wizard" (Mrs Norris, Argus Filch. "What sort of future was there for a young female Squib at the start of the 20th century?")
"Hogwarts, We Have a Problem" (Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore. After Severus makes the Unbreakable Vow, it's time to talk to the Headmaster)

Hawkeye (comics)

"Just Another Day at the Fair" (Crossover with Ultimate Spider-Man (cartoon). Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, Clint/Principal Phil Coulson. "What else does Clint Barton do when he's not being an Avenger? Apparently he gets dragged along by Kate Bishop to the Renaissance Fair. (Note: This story contains serious themes -see warnings - as well as banter, M/F friendship, and trace amounts of a potential love interest for Clint.)" 6846 words.)
"Previously on Dog Cops..." (Crossover with The Avengers. Clint, Team, Darcy, Jane, Lucky! "Wherein art imitates life, or, The Avengers Watch the Season Two Premiere of Dog Cops. Arf!" 1725 words.)

"Huge Gods" (Crossover with Discworld. Vorbis, Om, Brutha, Alistair Delgado, Becca Huffstatter. "In which Brutha and Vorbis go on a journey, and Om makes plans. A post-canon(s) interlude, featuring a little meta, a little metaphysics, and a little omnipresence." 1227 words)

A Lion in Winter

"On Warm Earth and Cold Stone " (Richard / Philip. "Nothing could bring Richard the Lionheart to his knees; nothing but Philip, the king of France.")

Lord of the Rings - Tolkien

"One Ring to Bind Them" (Misc - HP Crossover set in…Las Vegas!)


"A sigh is just a sigh" (Arthur/??. "A kiss is just a kiss." 225 words.)


"Sensitivity Training Session Number 147 " (Sentinel, Due South, Batman, Hard Core Logo, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, A Clockwork Orange, Starsky and Hutch, The Professionals, Smallville, Highlander, X-Files. " Even fictional characters sometimes need a bit of therapy.")


"Written on the Body " (Marquis De Sade/Madeleine/Abbe du Coulmier. "Be forewarned, its plot is blood-soaked, its characters depraved, and its themes…unwholesome at best. But in order to know virtue, we must acquaint ourselves with vice. Only then can we know the full measure of man. ")

RPF - Formula 1 Grand Prix

"Unless I'm very much mistaken..." (Julie-OFC/Richard-OMC, Ayrton Senna/Alain Prost. "In the middle of the 1986 Formula One season, a sometime romantic - and ridiculously naive - fifteen year old girl believes she has found her soul mate. Now if only she could actually meet him. A mostly unbelievable fable of second love featuring, in a supporting role, the background pairing of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.)" ~2900 words.)

Sherlock (BBC)

"The Case of the Missing...." (Crossover with Good Omens. Aziraphale&Crowley, Sherlock&John, Mycroft Holmes, Adam Young. "Crowley has gone missing, and Aziraphale hasn't a clue how to go about finding him. Luckily, help comes from above...or rather, from the side." 2600 words.)

The 10th Kingdom

"La Ronde" (Tony/Evil Queen, Evil Queen/Virginia, Virginia/Wolf, Wolf/Wendell, Wendell/Tony. "A 'five things that never happened' variation, with apologies to dramatist Arthur Schnitzler for the use of his title.")

Ultimate Spider-Man (cartoon

"Just Another Day at the Fair" (Crossover with Hawkeye (comic). Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, Clint/Principal Phil Coulson. "What else does Clint Barton do when he's not being an Avenger? Apparently he gets dragged along by Kate Bishop to the Renaissance Fair. (Note: This story contains serious themes -see warnings - as well as banter, M/F friendship, and trace amounts of a potential love interest for Clint.)" 6846 words.)

Wicked - Maguire

"A Moment, Out of Time" (Elphaba/Glinda. "A bad wizard. A good witch. An almost final meeting.")

Women in Love - Lawrence

"Something Final and Infallible " (Ursula Brangwen, Rupert Birkin, Gerald Crich. In which Gerald awakes to a world much warmer than the one he remembered, Rupert gets more than he knew he wanted, and Ursula is rather more insightful than she's ordinarily given credit for.)

Note: All my fic posts include a warning/enticement category, which has to be highlighted to be read. Yes, even if there's nothing in particular that needs mentioning. This is for the sake of the people who want/need spoilers and for the sake of people like me, for whom even the presence of a warning constitutes too much of a spoiler.

RECS: All fic recommendations, categorized by fandom, can be found here...

*Misc Recs (i.e., fandoms with fewer than 10 recced stories. Many, many fandoms!)

*Discworld - Terry Pratchett (Quite Vetinari-centric)
*Doctor Who / Torchwood
*Due South (Two sections: Fraser/Kowalski and Everything Else)
*Good Omens - Pratchett and Gaiman (Mostly Aziraphale/Crowley)
*Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling (Gen, mostly Snape-centric)
*Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling (Het, mostly Snape-centric)
*Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling (Slash, mostly Snape-centric)
*House (Generally House-centric, with a variety of pairings)
*James Bond (Daniel Craig era)
*Lewis (Generally Lewis/Hathaway)
*Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy Sayers
*Marvel/DC Comics (Mostly Avengers, in all combinations)
*Narnia Chronicles - C.S. Lewis
*Peter Pan - J.M. Barrie (Hook-centric, generally speaking)
*Pet Shop of Horrors (Count/D, unless otherwise noted)
*Phantom of the Opera - All Varieties (Erik/Christine, unless otherwise noted)
*RPF - Misc (American Idol, Tim Gunn/Fashion, Literary, Historical. Sports)
*Sandman - Neil Gaiman
*Shakespeare (All plays, all genres - i.e., "What You Will")
*Sherlock Holmes (Holmes/Watson unless otherwise noted. All incarnations of Holmes, including Laurie R. King's Beekeeper series and Sherlock-BBC)
*Stargate: Atlantis (McShep, John/'Todd', and a variety of other pairings)
*Star Trek (All series, miscellaneous pairings plus gen)
*White Collar (mostly Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, but not all)

My recs policy can be found here...

About My Recs

This page started out - as recs pages so often do - as a personal list of story links, which I started keeping after losing my bookmarks in a computer crash. As time went on, though, I thought I might as well make it public, and this is the result.

What you'll find here: Multi-fandom recs, first heavily weighted toward due South and (Snape-centric) Harry Potter fanfic, and most recently, very biased toward Sherlock (BBC) and Marvel's The Avengers. I'm separating the recs by fandom, and I'll be indicating the pairing, so you'll be able to tell whether the stories are slash, het, or gen. I'll even try to indicate what genre each story is, although with the slash and het recs, you can pretty much assume I think of them as "romance," regardless of any other category the stories might fall into.

A note about warnings: Please note that most of these story recommendations were made before I reconsidered my warnings policy (i.e., before I decided to include major warnings). Generally speaking, there's little of a dark or violent nature to warn for in these stories, but...caveat lector.

A note about "writing quality": Generally speaking, I want to see well-written, canon-based, reasonably original stories with recognizable characters. However, there are a few points I need to make:

(1) Not everyone's first language is English. Now, in my experience, most authors for whom English is a second (or third) language take more care with the language than a lot of the native speakers do; however there may be some stories that find their way onto this page with, oh...let's say unusual syntax. This is not a crime.

(2) Once upon a time, all cliches were original. A few of the stories I'm thinking about reccing have elements that are now considered ridiculously cliched (like "...Snape's not really ugly; he just uses a glamour to seem that way"), but if that kind of story's included on this page, it's probably because the cliche wasn't a cliche when the author first posted the fic.

(3) Bad characterization is a sin . . . unless I say it's not. This is especially true in the case of parodies, in which part of the fun is seeing how the author plays with character attributes.

Final Note: this is "a work-in-progress." I'll be playing "catch-up" - particularly with my older fandoms - for quite some time, but there's more to come. There's always more to come.

Really Final Note: With two exceptions, I'm not including any WIP's on these pages. There are many excellent in-progress stories, but someone else is going to have to keep track of them.

Really, Really Final Note: Links to more detailed recommendations (on LJ recs communities, etc.) are indicated by: REC LINK

Special Note to Authors: If you're writing in a fandom set in contemporary NYC (Avengers, White Collar, etc), and you're looking for a beta for city-related issues, feel free to email me at the gmail address on the profile page.


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