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Name:bethbethbeth's fic-and-recs journal
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:Madwoman in the Basement
Posting Access:All Members
My website - Madwoman in the Basement - was the original repository for my multi-fandom recs page (Recs Recs Recs) and all my fiction, HP and otherwise. It has now fallen into disuse and replaced by this DW account, but will remain in its current state until the internet winds blow it away.

This site - always completely up-to-date - is an alternative for those folks who prefer to keep their fandom involvement located solely on the journaling sites.

If you have any questions, contact me at bethbethbeth [at] gmail [dot] com

You don't have to ask to friend or defriend my journal, or to link to anything I post, or to crit my stuff, or to translate my fic, or to make sequels/podfics/fanart/remixes/whatever based on it, etc. As long as credit is given, you don't need my permission.*

I would, however, love it if you'd let me know if you post a translation/sequel/podfic/fanart related to something I've written so that I can post a link on my own journals/website.

*adapted from astolat's user info page

(Note: my regular journal can be found at [personal profile] bethbethbeth)
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