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Only a week since the last update: I'm getting better. At this rate, I'll have posted the bookmarked stories by...August?

Note: Starting with this entry, I'm trying to add approximate word counts to the recs, which I hope will be useful.


concertigrossi: "A Binary System" (Clint/Phil. "Clint Barton fell in madly in love with Phil Coulson the very first mission they went on together..." Theoretically unrequited attraction, but then! I'm going to go out on a limb and say the premise is...implausible, but it's kind of lovely anyway! 9K)

rubygirl29: "A Glorious Mess of Complication" (Phil/Clint. "Phil discovers that he has "pheelings" for his favorite sniper, even when said sniper is down with the flu." Because sometimes all I want to read is somebody taking care of Clint. 5K)

sariane: "Purple Rose" (Phil/Clint. "Phil takes his sister to the circus, where he becomes intimately acquainted with the star of the show, Hawkeye." A very different kind of first meeting...and the fallout years later. 9K)

Selenay: "It Doesn't Have to be Complicated" (Phil/Clint. "Turns out that kissing a guy and then watching him hurry away and practice extreme avoidance for a couple of days could do odd things to the mind." Kid fic that isn't really kid fic. *g* 3K)

snack_size: "Contractually Obligated, at Least Out of Uniform" (Clint/Steve. "A chance encounter in the SHIELD hallway leads Clint and Steve, post-Avengers, to get to know each other better when everyone else is off having adventures. Things develop slowly, and awkwardly, and probably only thanks to one well timed comment by Tony. From there, Clint and Steve try to navigate a new reality, each other, and their various past traumas." a well-paced relationship build, for a pairing I hadn't really considered before reading this. I will say that it felt a bit abbreviated - odd with such a long story? - but I gather a sequel is being planned, so that might explain things. 58K.)

the_wordbutler: "Permanency" (Tony/Bruce, OC, lots of background pairings. " Bruce has never been one to argue with the status quo. It’s brought him a rewarding job, dedicated students, caring friends, and, in some form or another, Tony Stark. He wants this life, surrounded by the things he loves, to stay the same. Permanent. But Bruce, for better or worse, doesn’t always get what he wants." Part of the Motion Practice series, which is a wonderful Law practice AU, this one focusing on Bruce as a foster parent and as part of newly formed family. 162K.)

Westgate (Harkpad): "Dust in the Rafters" (Clint, Phil, Natasha. Gen. "Phil and Natasha have to talk Clint down from a panic attack after a long three weeks. "I bet you didn't know I started that young, Phil." -- "You didn't 'start young' at anything except defending yourself and others from harmful people."" Strong friendship wrapped around the fallout from an incredibly traumatic set of childhood experiences. Potentially triggery for PTSD, anxiety attacks, and mention of abuse and rape. 4.5K)

whisp: "Fragments" (Phil/Clint. " The Starbucks just off 7th Ave and 1st St was pretty typical fare. Open 5:30-11pm, 7 days a week, it was packed full of semi-awake, caffeine deprived customers at any given time. Having worked there almost a year now, Phil was pretty sure he’d seen everything.He was wrong." A combination of two tropes - coffee shop and amnesia - which really shouldn't work, but does. Smart and engaging and ultimately very, very moving. 14K.)


KazVL: "Joining the Dots" (Sherlock BBC. Mycroft/Lestrade. "In which Lestrade, Mycroft and Sherlock make various discoveries and Lestrade receives an unwelcome reminder of a former acquaintance." The latest story in the 'Fire and Ice' series [see the main Sherlock Holmes page for the general series rec], which is just about to catch up with BBC canon. Still excellent! 12K.)

language_escapes: "The Art of Negotiation" (Elementary. Sherlock, Joan. "For them, negotiation is less about boundary setting and more about upping the ante." Perfectly paced and perfectly voiced. The partnership and the developing friendship feels utterly canonical. 6.5K.)

As I've noted before, I will clearly never catch up with old stories. If you have a favorite story (your own or somebody else's) that you think I might have missed and it's in a fandom that I've recced before (see my main recs page, which includes links to all the individual major fandoms and a miscellaneous fandoms page), feel free to leave a link below. Most loved at the moment are stories from one of the following fandoms: Avengers, Doctor Who, Due South, Harry Potter, Hawkeye, James Bond, Lewis, Sherlock Holmes in all varieties, or White Collar, but everything is welcome.

Special Note to Authors: If you're writing in a fandom set in the NYC area (Avengers, White Collar, etc), and you're looking for a beta for location-related issues in particular, feel free to email me at the gmail address on the profile page.


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