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Sixteen more Avengers recs this week and [almost] not a single Clint/Coulson rec in the bunch. Write faster, Clint/Coulson people!


Aria: "#TeamJanet" (Avengers. Darcy/Janet Van Dyne, Jane/Thor. "Darcy feels herself starting to get disappointed, but thirty seconds later she's tempted to find a sharpie and write #TeamJanet on her forehead as a reminder to herself to never ever make snap judgments, because apparently Janet can shoot electricity from her hands, and is therefore the coolest human Darcy has ever seen." As Darcy says in her first line: "That is a superhero team that could use more ladies," and so we're given The Wasp. Go ladies!)

copperbadge/sam vimes: "Robot Trip" (Avengers. Tony & Steve, Dummy, Pepper. "Tony is driving from Malibu to Manhattan with a robot in the back seat and Captain America riding escort at Pepper's behest. What could possibly go wrong?" Adorable and funny and sweet. )

CSI Clue: "Copra Cabana" (Iron Man. Tony/Pepper, Rhodey eventually. "After an accident, Tony and Pepper find themselves depending on each other in a way they never expected." 2009 - i.e., before even IM2 - and Tony and Pepper get stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific. Romance novel come to life, yo! *g*)

fade_like_starlight: "Break the Ice" (Avengers. Steve/Darcy, Phil, Pepper, Tony. "After Steve is photographed at a publicity event with a woman who is 'almost' wearing a dress, Fury demands that Coulson fix it. Rather than shutting down the entire tabloid magazine industry (which really is outside SHIELD's parameters), Coulson takes a different approach and decides to find a girlfriend for the Captain." Steve and Darcy's "fake" relationship is utterly adorable.)

galaxysoup: "Can't Keep a Good Man Down" (Avengers. Phil, Nick, Clint, Natasha, Tony, Steve, Bruce. "In which Phil Coulson finds death to be less well-organized than he had expected." Okay, so...Phil's dead - a ghost, to be precise - but he hasn't actually gone anywhere because he's got things to do! Very funny and sometimes touching.)

kepteinen: "A Fire to be Kindled" (Avengers. Steve/Tony. " It makes perfect sense, of course. The serum gave Steve the perfect body, so why wouldn’t it also give him the perfect mind? In the quietness of his own mind, Tony can admit he’s a little stung Steve didn’t tell him, but he’s not really surprised. / (Or: the one where Steve is smarter than Tony, and neither of them deal well.)" A wonderful look at Steve and Tony figuring out how to mesh. Warning for...Flowers for Algernon allusion: so many "feels")

megster" "Still Great" (Avengers. Darcy, Tony, various others. "Darcy has always known it could happen eventually. / Trouble is, she never stopped to consider that it actually would. / This is Darcy, and this is death, and this is not supposed to happen." Let's get the Death warning out there right away. And yes, it is very sad. I mean it. Darcy pov and...catharsis.)

misachan: "Indescretions" (Avengers. Clint/Phil/Natasha. "Section 15.03 of every SHIELD agent's manual of rules and regulations outlines the official policy on fraternization, specifically the kind between handlers and field agents under their authority – in short, don't. Clint, Coulson and Natasha have been dancing all over that particular rule for years now, trusting that the combination of caution and exemplary job performance would quiet any whispers. / They're wrong. Clint and Natasha find themselves sitting through a series of interrogations as they try to thwart an investigation that's supposedly for their own good - and if lying and putting on a good show aren't enough, well, then they're just going to have to get a little more proactive." Set post IM2, and great behind-the-scenes. )

oldseafarer: "Normal" (Avengers. Clint/Darcy. "Clint loved her for her smile. Perhaps it was a cliché thing for which to love her, but this was a story told a hundred times and originality was inconsequential. Or, how Clint fell in love with Darcy and promptly screwed it up." Darcy takes care of all the Avengers; she and Clint take care of each other. Occasional OOC exposition, but sweet and insightful.)

scifigrl47: "Bedtime Stories and Nightmares" (Avengers. Steve/Tony, but really Tony and Steve and Dummy. " Tony Stark was comfortable with his life. And why shouldn't he be? He's brilliant, rich, powerful, a super hero. He's got a team he trusts, a job he enjoys, his work and his creations, and he's sleeping with Captain America. Tony's life is just fine, thank you very much. He knew that it would change, life always changes, but he wasn't in any way prepared for how it was about to change. / Tony never intended to be a parent, and even if he had, he could never have anticipated this particular change." Magic or science, it barely matters, because the upshot is that where Dummy used to be is now a child. Insightful and touching. Note, this is part of the still in-progress excellent "Tales of the Bots" series. )

Selenay: "A Light Into My Darkness " (Avengers. Natasha/Darcy. " Natasha Romanov didn't think she had a type and if she did, Darcy Lewis was as far from that type as possible. / She might be wrong." Now this is a rare pairing - and honestly, it probably shouldn't work, but it actually does here.)

SidheRa: "Universal Constants" (Avengers. Clint/Natasha. "After New York, after the gods are gone and the heroes have returned to wherever they came from, Clint and Natasha go to ground." Clint and Natasha, taking care of each other in unexpected ways. Very beautiful.)

Sidney Sussex: "Drop the needle again (and I dance with your ghost) " (Avengers. Sitwell, Blake, Clint. "Sitwell lets Blake call him ‘Coulson’ three times before he snaps." Even S.H.I.E.L.D. agents need time to their own way.)

swamiface: The "Love is a Four Letter Word" series (Avengers. Clint/Natasha, then Clint/Phil. First this: "The story of Natasha Romanoff, post-meeting Clint Barton and his stupid cocky grin." and then this "The story of how Clint seduced his handler (and accidentally fell in love) and then brought in a dangerous underage assassin as a new recruit (and then fell in love again) and everything that happened after." The series isn't finished, but these two excellent stories definitely stand alone...and very well )

thingswithwings: "cup of kindness" (Avengers. Bruce/Pepper/Tony. "Tony, Bruce, and Pepper, at Tony's New Year's Eve party." Multiple Marvel continuities meet up in this charming party story, and actually happy.)

Westgate (Harkpad): "Miles to Go" (Avengers. Clint & Bruce, with past Clint/Phil. "After the Chitauri Incident and after Clint is cleared by SHIELD, he finds himself working two jobs - one as a SHIELD agent and one as an Avenger. It's tiring, but he doesn't stand up for himself. He figures he owes everyone a lot. Bruce is out of practice in having friends, but he's pretty sure that standing up for them is what friends do. Bruce rallies the team as well (and cooks)." Really lovely story about friendship.)

As I've noted before, I will clearly never catch up with old stories. If you have a favorite story (your own or somebody else's) that you think I might have missed and it's in a fandom that I've recced before (see my main recs page, which includes links to all the individual major fandoms and a miscellaneous fandoms page). Most loved at the moment are stories from one of the following fandoms: Avengers, Discworld, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lewis, Sherlock Holmes in all varieties, or White Collar (feel free to leave a link below), but everything is welcome.

Avengers rec

Date: 2013-01-14 06:16 pm (UTC)
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If you have a favorite story (your own or somebody else's) that you think I might have missed

I took a look at your Avengers recs, and I didn't see any stories by the writing team of [personal profile] elspethdixon and [personal profile] seanchai. They've written some wonderful stories in the Marvel 616 universe. I especially recommend When the Lights Go on Again. It was posted to LiveJournal in chapters. Here's a complete list of the chapters of When the Lights Go on Again.

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faboo recs, thanks!

I guess I need an Avengers icon or two, huh.


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