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Please note that while my current rec policy is to try and include story warnings, I make no guarantees. Generally speaking, there's little of a dark or violent nature to warn for in these stories, but...caveat lector.

Shakespeare Recs

Alchemine (alchemine on LJ): "Love and Languish for His Sake" (Midsummer Night's Dream. Puck-centric. "Not everything magical is beautiful. Puck would change that if he could." Does Puck have dreams? If so, they're about Oberon. Touching and honest.)

Amilyn: "Hear the Lady Sing in Welsh" (Henry IV, Part One. Kate/Hotspur. "Hotspur and Kate Percy's playful relationship is born of the ways they complement one another, and their respect for that. It does not, however, protect Kate after Hotspur's death." A lovely - though sad - tale.)

Amilyn (amilyn on LJ): "Love's Labours" (Othello. "Iago and Emilia, sittin' in a tree, p-l-o-tt-i-n-g." Wonderful and smart behind-the-scenes look at this couple, from Emilia's pov. )

Assimbya (assimbya on LJ): "The Arithmetic of Memory" "While trying to comfort Hamlet after his return in Act V, Horatio reflects on moments from their relationship." (Hamlet. Bittersweet and true.)

Ellen Fremedon (ellen_fremedon on LJ): "Yule Morning, or, Malvolio's Revenge" (Twelfth Night. "Comedy tonight." A massively ambitious undertaking - Five full acts! Blank verse! Puns!- and brilliantly achieved. Near flawless use of language: sharp, insightful, and witty. Some of the characterizations don't mesh precisely with my own interpretations, but that's an entirely subjective matter, and little more than a minor quibble. If you're at all an admirer of Shakespearean comedy, you owe it to yourself to read this play.)

Katha: Bestial. (Othello. Iago/Cassio, but....)

meretricula (meretricula on LJ): "Really Awkward Adulterous Lesbian Sex Is Still Better Than No Sex At All" "In which Olivia pines (sort of), Orsino is gracious (and sometimes means it), Sebastian is conniving (in a good way) and Viola is not actually Cesario." (Twelfth Night. A number of pairings, canonical and not, with Olivia/Viola at the center...although not necessarily for true love's sake. Very good look at all four characters, especially Olivia)

Moe Machina (moemachina on LJ): "Kind Tempests" "Antonio pulls Sebastian from the rude sea's enraged and foamy mouth." (Twelfth Night. Excellent, canonically-true look at the play-before-the-play)

Nifra Idril: Waste Our Lights In Vain (Romeo and Juliet, but pre-Juliet and Mercutio-centric. m/m)

Sanj: Dedicate His Beauty. (Romeo and Juliet. Mercutio/Romeo . . . and others. Masterful use of Shakespearean syntax and Shakespearean genderfuckiness [hey, if Shakespeare can make up words, so can I].)

Shayheyred (shayheyred on LJ/DW): "The Pirate and the Puritan" (Twelfth Night. Antonio/Malvolio. "Two losers in love get a second chance at happiness" Prose, yet no less perfectly voiced for that - plus funny and touching.)


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