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Please note that while my current rec policy is to try and include story warnings, I make no guarantees. Generally speaking, there's little of a dark or violent nature to warn for in these stories, but...caveat lector.

Lewis Recs

Berevette (berevette on LJ): "Inclined to Domesticity" (Hathaway/Lewis. "In which Lewis and Hathaway are good at marriage but bad at dating." As it says on the label: domesticity. Quiet, insightful, and very nicely voiced.)

catwalksalone: the 'When Two Go Together Along the Way' series - four stories so far, the fourth being a long case fic (Lewis&Hathaway. Profoundly uncertain how to categorize this series, since...Lewis and Hathaway become a couple, but - so far, at least - they aren't planning on a sexual relationship. It's...as romantic as their relationship on the show, though, if that helps? *g*)

Dira Sudis (dsudis on LJ/DW): "Being Between Two Lives" (Lewis/Hathaway. ""He's gone now," Fiona said softly. "Was that enough, do you think, or is he expecting me to keep you all night?"" After "The Point of Vanishing" and very sweet!)

Dira Sudis (dsudis on LJ/DW): "Raised with the Fume of Sighs" (Lewis/Hathaway. "Lewis raised the cigarette to his lips and closed his eyes as he inhaled." A...plotty pwp, if such a thing is possible? Good voices, well written, extremely hot...and perfect for anybody with a bit of a smoking fetish.)

dracofiend (dracofiend on LJ): "Quick as You Like" ( Lewis/Hathaway. " Lewis is on crutches; James is on the job. Slowly, slowly, Lewis recognizes love." One of those wonderful stories where domesticity just sort of happens while the participants are busy doing other things)

dracofiend (dracofiend on LJ/DW): "Word and Deed" (Lewis&Hathaway, although...potentially pre-slash. "Three ways in which Hathaway’s love may manifest." Not quite a 'first time,' yet no less romantic for all that. Note: there's a just-published-as-I-post-this sequel to the middle section of 'Word and Deed' here: "Looked Forward Long")

dogpoet (garryowen on LJ): "The Hermit Crab" (Hathaway/Lewis. "Lewis and Hathaway go on holiday to Cornwall, and Lewis must get used to one hotel room, public kisses, and Hathaway’s ideas about changing the world" An excellent sense of place...and an honest, believable portrayal of the early'ish stages of a realistic relationship from Lewis's pov, with self-consciousness and freedom - sexual and otherwise - warring for supremacy.)

dogpoet (garryowen on LJ): "Punctuation Series" (Lewis/Hathaway. A wonderful, ten-part, coming together series for these two men, framed by a clever and character-appropriate extended metaphor. Both the characters' povs - each very distinct - work perfectly, and the sense of developing intimacy is extremely touching. Honest, tender...really lovely work)

emungere (emungere on LJ/DW): "Hathaway's Heart, Third Declension Nouns, and Other Oddities (Hathaway/Lewis. "This is Oxford, and, as Lewis pointed out, everything means something in Latin, so: Lewis Jami est, assuming James is third declension (he must be; that's where they stick all the oddball nouns)." Spoilers for "Life Born of Fire." Wonderfully written and exceedingly comforting.)

emungere (emungere on DW/LJ): "The Steep and Thorny Way" (Hathaway, Lewis. "Just a snippet, set right after the pilot episode." As the author notes, this is quite short, but it's fully as rich with meaning and emotional resonance as it could possibly be if it were twenty times the length. James' thoughts feel spot on, and Lewis' reactions are equally perfect.)

halotolerant: "Every Purpose Under Heaven" (Lewis/Hathaway. "James was not entirely sure what his Inspector’s late wife’s late mother might have made of him. But then, he was often unsure what he made of himself." Robbie goes to sort out the home of his late mother-in-law and James helps. Simple, touching, and entirely believable.)

kapokoscheisigma: "Finally, an answer" (Lewis/Hathaway. "Author's summary: Just one of my takes on why Hathaway left the seminary, my most dramatic ..." This is a bit of an odd rec for me because the story is slightly more overwrought than my usual tastes and both James and Robbie [at least once each] occasionally sound like other people. And yet I really wanted to take a look at this moment in time - and to be honest, I can imagine this exact scenario taking place. Something about this touched me, so...there you go. Potentially spoilery content information: non-con - at the very least - involving James and Jonjo.)

Lamardeuse (lamardeuse on LJ/DW): "Making Room" (Lewis/Hathaway. "Robbie learns to make room." Gentle and thoughtful - and perfectly in character.)

Lamardeuse (lamardeuse on LJ/DW): "Old Dog, New Tricks" (Hathaway/Lewis. "You can teach an old dog after all." An established relationship story, but a relationship that hasn't been established very long. Extremely sweet, without being in any way cloying. Includes some very great OFCs.)

lamardeuse (lamardeuse on LJ): "The Power of Suggestion" (Lewis/Hathaway. "Because Lewis and Hathaway are made for "everybody thinks they're doing it" stories." I love "everybody already thinks we're a couple" scenarios, and this is an excellent example of the genre, and Lewis - who's apparently had almost enough time to decide to broach the subject of a relationship with his bagman - is pretty perfect.)

Lamardeuse (lamardeuse on LJ): "Sweet Patootie" (Lewis/Hathaway. "Robbie Lewis had never considered himself to be the jealous type." Future!fic written in the same universe as "Old Dog, New Tricks", but works as a standalone. A gentle look at questions surrounding compatibility and insecurities and love.)

Lamardeuse (lamardeuse on LJ/DW): "And We'll Talk In Present Tenses" (Lewis/Hathaway. "Robbie is too old for this." The summary is for the first [of two] stories in this series, a story which begins with a fairly cracky premise [i.e., that the two men are going to pretend to be lovers, for reasons which will become clear as you read] but quickly proves to be entirely real and touching and believable.)

Lindenharp (lindenharp on LJ): "The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian" (Lewis/Hathaway. " Coffee and conversation. James seems to have something weighing on his mind. Is it the case? Or something else?" Post-"Fearful Symmetry." Very good voices. Robbie is wonderful at reading James.)

Luthien (luthien on LJ): "Falling" (Lewis, Hathaway - pre-slash, with a sequel in progress. "Lewis doesn't care for Christmastime any more." Perfectly true to the series...with including the sub-text.)

Luthien (luthien on LJ): "The Last Dance" (James/Robbie. "A year after Waterloo, Captain James Hathaway, late of the 95th Rifles, leads a carefree bachelor's life in London. But all is not quite as it first appears." It's a rare Lewis historical AU that feels like canon, but this story is one of those rare exceptions. Now if only canon would adopt a few of the 'intimacies' we see in this tale. *g*)

Luthien (luthien on LJ): "Telling Time" (Hathaway/Lewis. "Secrets from Hathaway's past and present combine to create complications in an important case." Slightly slow at the very start, but the voices - and the silences - are very good, and both the [related] case and relationship plots are extremely believable.)

Minerva_Holmes: "To Kneel and Kiss the Ground" (Lewis/Hathaway. "How can you be quoting poetry right now? I’ve barely still got my English over here." In which Robbie knows exactly how old he is, and discovers that's just what James wants. Realistic and real...and all the better for that.)

salahra: "Turning Right" (James&Robbie. "A small sketch of home, through the eyes of James Hathaway." A short and gentle look at a friendship.)

Sarren: "Doing Things the Old Fashioned Way" (Lewis/Hathaway. "Hathaway knows what he wants." This could have been just a little silly fun, but instead, it's honest and sweet - and hot.)

Sarren (sarren on DW): "Roses are Red" (Lewis/Hathaway. "Valentine's Day has never been very special." The author has tagged this story as "fluff," and of course it is, and yet...if you're sometimes in the mood for something sweet and first-timey and fluffy - i.e., if you're anything like me - this is definitely the story to read. *g*)

Shemmelle (shemmelle on LJ): "Familia Electum" (Lewis/Hathaway, Mark Lewis, Lyn Lewis, others. "On the Eve of his first trip back to Oxford in years, Mark Lewis receives a phone call..." James and Robbie's relationship from the pov of Robbie's son. Quiet story about family dynamics, especially during holiday time)

Toft (toft_froggy on LJ / toft on DW): "Oranges and Lemons" (James, Lewis, Laura, others. "Hathaway's in love, and it isn't safe at all." An...oddity of a story, yet strangely canon-compliant - and more to the point, James-compliant.)

wendymr: "The Ashes series" - two six stories...so far (Lewis&Hathaway. Post- "Life Born of Fire." Gennish, but if you're a slasher, it feels as if they're...teetering on the edge, if you know what I mean. Smart and with a perfect canon tone.)

wendymr (wendymr on LJ): "Love Knows Not Its Own Depth" (Robbie/James. "Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. / - Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931" What sort of partnership have Robbie and James forged over the years? That's part of what lies at the heart of this story. In the early stages of the fic, Lewis comes across a little too self aware, maybe, regarding his changed/changing feelings for James, but despite that, this story - part intriguing case fic and part Hathaway-shaped mystery - is very nicely done.)

wendymr (wendymr on LJ): "A Not Bad Detective" (Lewis/Hathaway. "Drunk as a bloody skunk, he is. Best state for him." As the author notes say, the obligatory post-'Dead of Winter' fic. No more than conversation really, but comforting and hopeful.)

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Thank you - just what I was wanting!

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Same here, except I started something like last week, heh. Just watched the born out of fire one. <3

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wendymr (http://wendymr.livejournal.com/) from LiveJournal here: thank you so much, not only for including me in this list (which is incredibly flattering given the company my work is in!), but also for compiling a list that includes just about all my favourite fics in Lewis fandom. Bookmarked for easy retrieval in the future!


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