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Aashby: The Potion Master's Life (Snape childhood/backstory) REC LINK

Abby (rhosymedre47 on LJ): "The Next Great Adventure" (Crossover with Discworld. Snape, DEATH {so...technically a death story. Excellent voices for both fandoms and very insightful.)

AbstractConcept (the_con_cept on LJ): "Stick" (Snape, Harry. Gen, leaning toward Pre-Slash. Think Apollo and Daphne, maybe.) (Note: since reccing, the post has been f'locked)

Aja (bookshop on LJ): What You Wish For. (Draco-centric Gen, but with a whisper of Draco/Harry. Draco's birthdays never bring quite what he wishes for.)

Albalark (albalark on LJ): "In the Midst of Life" (Snape. "The past is never really past." A wonderfully wrought story of hate and love and bitterness and sorrow - and what it means to be the child of Eileen Prince and Tobias Snape.)

Alchemine: Unreachable (Young!Minerva. "Some wizards hate Muggles. Some Muggles absolutely loathe wizards. Nine-year-old Minerva McGonagall meets a few members of the latter group, and learns a lesson from her father.")

amberdiceless: The Last One. (Lupin, Snape. Subtext-y, but technically gen) (*)

amberdiceless: The Most Beautiful_Girl in the World. (Snape, Lily, Marauders. Technically gen)

amberdiceless: Where She Stands. (Minerva-centric gen, with major Snape interaction. Lovely.)

Amorette (amorettea on LJ): "Learning to Uncurl" (Snape and Harry gen. Future-fic. Harry's animagus form is a moose. Snape is also an animagus, but he's not so keen on his form. Sweetest. Story. Ever.)

Arsinoe de Blassenville: The Prefect's Portrait. (Mostly gen, with a touch of Snape/Lily backstory. "Hermione's quest for a quiet place to read leads to the discovery of a remarkable portrait.")

Ayla Pascal (aka curia_regis): Defining Moment. (Snape, Dumbledore. Severus Snape must make his choice. Spoilers for HBP)

Blue Moon (bluemoon02 on LJ): "Young People for Progress" (Gen. Snape, Lucius, Voldemort, Romilda Vane. "After the death of Harry Potter, Severus Snape struggles to find a purpose in his life, and is over-whelmed at the changes being made to society" A powerful and honest look at the rise of a "new society" that isn't all that difficult to imagine.)

Bow (bowdlerized on LJ): Death's Avatar (the Gift that Keeps on Taking remix). (HP crossover with Sandman. Snape, Dumbledore . . . and Death. A remix of Lizbee's "Death's Avatar")

Branwyn (cesario on LJ): "The Hero of His Own Life" (Gen. Albus Dumbledore. "A not-nearly comprehensive biography of the greatest wizard of the age, and how he got that way." Smart and insightful and creative, particularly in its treatment of Albus' interactions with the Muggle world.)

Bugland (alasandalack on LJ): The Truest Master. (Gen. Young Severus, from the p.o.v. of a Snape-family House Elf. Very interesting. A little dark, yet with moments of [bitter-]sweetness.)

chudleycannonsnumber1 "Spinner's End" (Harry, Ron, Hermione. "He had nothing in the end" Gen. The trio visit Spinner's End to pack up their late professor's goods after the events of Deathly Hallows. A quiet - and believable - coda to Snape's life.)

Ciircee: And the Hat said 'Gryffindor' (Young!Hagrid, Dumbledore.)

Cordelia V (cordelia_v on LJ): "Practice Makes Perfect" (Snape-centric. "There's a potion Snape repeatedly failed to brew. He isn't one to give up, though." A little heartbreaking.)

Dacro (dacro on LJ/IJ): "Act Five: Deconstruction of an Architect" (Snape, Harry, Albus. "A reporter once asked of me, `Sir. If the most notable moments of your life were to be documented for the stage, how many acts would there be, and what would they be called?' I was of a mind to ignore him, and yet an answer came to my lips-much to my surprise. "Four acts-in no certain order: Death of a Father, Death of a Servant, The Bridge, and The Arrival of the Boy." There is also this movement, a fifth and final act that I neglected to share with him. It has no title as of yet." Part of the Snarry Games on IJ, yet not - strictly speaking - a Snape/Harry story, this tale is, nevertheless, a wonderfully written examination of a possible Snape and Harry, born into a Victorian world. x-recced in slash)

Deeble: Thinking Fourth Dimensionally (Hermione, Snape, McGonagall. "Hermione hits on an efficient way to do her mountain of homework in third year. Too bad it's illegal.")

Delphi (atdelphi on LJ/DW): "The Boy Who Lived" (Gen. Snape, Harry, Dumbledore. Canon pairings and non-graphic Snape/Dumbledore. "A story of four boys" Beautiful and smart and heartbreaking.)

DementorDelta: Over Tea (McGonagall, Snape [suggestion of Snape/Harry] cross-posted in gen and slash. "Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape forge a friendship based on many things, tea, sympathy and a love for Harry Potter.")

Didodikali: Teacher's Pet 1 - Snake I's
and Teacher's Pet 2 - Cross I'd Bear (Humor. Snape, Hermione, McGonagall) REC LINK

Donna Immaculata (donnaimmaculata on LJ): The Familiar and the Family. (Rat!Peter and the Weasleys)

Dueltastic (dueltastic on DW): "All the Days That Led to This" (Snape, McGonagall...or possibly Snape/McGonagall. A no-nonsense look at the development of McGonagall and Snape's relationship as colleagues and, perhaps, friends. Very smart. Cross-posted in gen and het)

Dueltastic (dueltastic on DW): "The Transfiguration Professor" (Snape, McGonagall...or possibly Snape/McGonagall. Utterly believable. Cross-posted in gen and het.)

Duinn-Fionn (geoviki on LJ): Chaining. (A shorter version of this story has been incorporated into her H/D story "A Thousand Beautiful Things")

Emily Anne (nae_trews on LJ): Christmas on the Dai Llewellyn Ward. (Gen. During his Christmas eve visit to Arthur Weasley at St. Mungo's, Remus Lupin talks with another werewolf.)

Expected Aberrance: String Quartet No. 4 Opus 83 (Snape. Dark).

Fabula Rasa: First Snow (Snape) REC LINK

FayJay (pandarus on LJ): "The Case of the Unwelcome Owl" (Sherlock-BBC/Harry Potter crossover. Sherlock, John, Luna. ""So," said John, feeling out of his depth once again. "An owl." It was the same mild, politely curious tone of voice with which he had previously found himself uttering such things as: "So – three bags of frozen AB negative," and "So – a selection of human ears." / "Goodness, John, with deductive prowess like that you'll soon be putting me in the shade," Sherlock said tartly. "Can't sneak anything past you, can w" A charming crossover. Luna's place in the Holmesian universe makes perfect sense.)

FernWithy: The Doll Army. (Gen. Young!Tonks - and young Sirius, Remus, and Peter) and a follow-up/sequel called Your Very Own Dora. (Gen. Tonks. Remus.) REC LINK

FernWithy: Invisible (Drama. Snape, James)

gaeta (gaeta on LJ): As in a Soul Remembering (Remus, Dark!Harry)

GatewayGirl: Blood Magic (Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco, Snape, Lupin. Technically Gen, but elements of Slash and Het. Long. "Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry safe, but his relatives are expendable. Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry looking like his adoptive father, but it's wearing off. Blood is a bond, but so is the memory of hate -- or love.") REC LINK (Note: You'll also want to read "Blood and Choices", a late sequel in the "Blood Magic" universe)

Gillian Middleton (gillianinoz on LJ): "Mine" - complete in two parts (Part One and Part Two. A "Snape is Harry's father" story.)

Glishara (glishara on LJ): "True Memorial" (Gen. Snape, Lupin, McGonagall, Shacklebolt. "When Snape is captured by the Order of the Phoenix, it falls to Lupin to learn what they can from him." A seemingly simple story with excellent characterizations and wonderfully believable tension.)

Hikaru (hikaru on LJ): "We Were All Basically Alone" (Snape-centric, with some Snape/Regulus subtext. "A trip through the memories of one Severus Snape." A [believably grim] life. A powerful and strong story. Cross-recced with slash.)

Icarus (icarusancalion on LJ): First Signs of Magic: Draco Malfoy, First Signs of Magic: Hermione Granger, and First Signs of Magic: Severus Snape. (Gen. Young!Draco, Young!Hermione, and Young!Snape) REC LINK

igrockspock (igrockspock on LJ): "The Journey of a Thousand Miles" (Snape and Luna gen, post canon. "After the end of the war, Luna makes two surprising discoveries: her father attempted to give Harry to Lord Voldemort, and Severus Snape is alive." An excellent look at betrayal and forgiveness.)

iibnf: Out of the Bag (Young!Snape, McGonagall)

iibnf: First Kiss (Snape, Dementor. Brrrr) REC LINK

Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea on LJ): "His Mother's Son" (Ron-centric gen, although initially Ron & Hermione are married. "Ron discovers that there are worse things than becoming his mum-and that those things aren't necessarily so terrible when faced as a father." A believable and sympathetic characterization of Ron

Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea on LJ): "A Spell of Liking" (Snape, Harry, Luna. "Severus doesn’t believe that he should be free, but his opinion on the matter wasn’t sought." A charming story which retains its mystery thoughout, despite the title.)

jenna_thorn (formerly cawti on LJ): Papers, please. (Gen. Crossover with Harry Potter. Blackadder, Baldric, and many folks from the HP-verse. Very funny and oddly believable.)

JiM: Apparently. (Snape. Harry. "Who in the world could ever consider Severus Snape a father figure?")

JiM: Of Arms and the Man and its sequel Armistice. (Gen, with pre-slash leanings. Snape. Harry. Draco.)

JL (kirasha on LJ): "Taking Stock" (Snape-centric Gen. A wonderfully drawn character study of a man on the cusp of a major decision.)

Josan (josanpq on LJ): "A Man of Property." part one and part two. (Snape. House-Elves)

Josan (josanpq on LJ): "The Village." (Gen, and with mystery characters/ Sharp and atmospheric and provocative. Read it!)

Julie Fortune: here and here for "Dark Avatar" (Snape, McGonagall. When a third year student is attacked, the signs all point to Slytherin House. A mystery.)

kai: Justice for All. (A gen prequel to kai and Josan's A Matter of Trust, which starts just after the Shrieking Shack incident. A wonderful Severus, and a particularly real Minerva McGonagall).

Kat (kahvi on LJ): "Dudley Dursley and the Elusive Difference" (Gen. Dudley Dursley, Harry Potter, Petunia Dursley, Vernon Dursley. " Dudley is intersex, outwardly appearing male. Vernon and Petunia choose to keep this fact from everyone. Even Dudley. " Excellent Dudley p.o.v., which makes him both canon-compliant and sympathetic. Warnings can be found via the link.)

Kelly Chambliss (kellychambliss on LJ): "What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear" (Gen. Dobby pov. "Dobby doesn't have a red nose, and he's never claimed to be a reindeer. But when it comes to delivering Christmas presents, he'll go down in history." Set in Hogwarts at yuletide during Snape's tenure as headmaster, this is a charming story with a very out of the ordinary perspective on the private lives of the Hogwarts' staff. Excellent sense of detail and a surprising amount of tenderness, despite the tense political climate in Hogwarts during DH.)

Kindkit ( kindkit on LJ): "Dudley Dursley and the Hogwarts Letter (the Top of the Pops Remix) (Dudley Dursley, Lily Potter, Harry Potter, James Potter. Gen. A wonderfully-conceived AU: 'what if Dudley had grown up with the Potters?" Touching and believable, with a sympathetic Dudley and a lovely Lily)

Kindkit (kindkit on LJ): "Mors Mortis" (Gen. The war has ended and Voldemort has emerged victorious, but what has he really won? Warnings for death in this story would take too long; instead I'll just say 'behold the power of love.')

klynie (klynie1 on LJ): "Numbers Never Lie" (Hermione, Snape, others. Gen AU, set in the trio's third year. A variation on the "Severitus" theme, this time with Hermione as the one discovering her parentage is not exactly what she'd believed. A pragmatic Hermione and a totally unsentimental Snape. Very well done.)

Lalejandra: The Twilight Before. (Gen, but cross-recced in slash for a brief Blaise/Draco moment. Hogwarts can sense when everything is about to change; so can the students in each of the Houses.)

Leela (leela_cat on LJ): "The Other Half" (Tobias, Severus, Eileen. "He's long and skinny, and his nose seems to be a combination of the worst of both Eileen's and mine. Poor little sod will never live that one down. His skin, though, is the softest I've ever felt. Brushing my stained, scarred finger over his cheek feels like a crime, but I can't stop myself." First sweet, then bittersweet. An excellent portrait of Tobias Snape.)

Lilith Morgana (lilith_morgana on LJ): "one for sorrow". (Gen. Eileen Prince, Severus Snape, Tobias Snape. "Eileen sings to her baby in Azkaban." Perfect.)

Lilith Morgana (lilith_morgana on LJ): "Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow" (Gen. Narcissa Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape. "Last time, things were different." An almost-sympathetic look at a perfectly voiced Malfoy family, set during the seventh book)

LizBee (aka, Liz Barr): The Language That God Speaks (Hermione, Snape, Librarian, Dream. Crossover with Sandman)

LizBee (aka, Liz Barr): Girl Most Likely. (Gen - mostly. Harry, Snape, OFC [and a damned good one]) and its prequel One Step Too Far (Snape-centric, m/f. Cross-recced in het.).

Lizbee (aka, Liz Barr): "Three Nights at the Riddle House, or, How Hermione learned to stop worrying and love Colin Firth". (Hermione and Voldemort. Complete and utter Crack!Fic: "Rated A for Absurd and Alcoholic")

Lydia Bennet (lydiabennet on LJ): "Changeling" (Fred-centric Gen. Fred wants a dog more than anything, and he'll do anything to get one. Anything at all. Eerily wonderful.)

lyras (lyras on LJ): "Fraternity" (Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore. A wholly believable and engaging backstory for the Dumbledore brothers, with a deft blend of political and quotidian elements.)

Lyras (lyras on LJ/IJ/DW): "Into the Silence" (Severus Snape, with appearances by Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Lily Evans, Narcissa Malfoy and assorted others. "Severus's year as headmaster of Hogwarts presents many challenges. Acceptance is the greatest of them all." Strong, touching, and bittersweet.)

Lyras (lyras on LJ): "An Unequal Magic" (Petunia, Snape, others. Gen. "When Petunia grudgingly offers Snape sanctuary, the pair discover that they have certain things in common.". Understated and smart, with sympathetic - and novel - portrayals of both Petunia and Snape.)

Maggie (magnetic_pole on LJ/IJ): "Ex Libris" (Eileen Snape, Severus Snape. "The summer he is sixteen, Eileen Prince says good-bye to her son." One of those rare cases where second person works perfectly. Eileen could not be more believable, nor could her teenaged son)

Maggie (magnetic_pole on LJ): "Remus Lupin, Early Pioneer in the History of Magical Minority Rights" (Gen, but with Snupin floating in the background. "Wilhelmina Weasley writes an essay about her hero in the history of Magical Minority rights." Perfect child-author voice and a smart look at a possible future for an almost impossibly PC wizarding world.)

Manic: "The Unknown Place" (Snape gen. A 30 minute fics challenge from long before HBP. Severus awakes...and for a long while, that's all he understands. Brief, obviously, but packs a punch.)

marginaliana: "Dear Aunt Snape" (Snape, Luna. Gen. As the summary says, "Snape's words reach more people than he'd counted on when he is recruited for The Quibbler's new advice column." Funny and touching by turns.)

Marina Frants (marinarasulka on LJ): Harry Potter and the Polka Dot Plague (Snape, Harry)

Maya: Draco Malfoy, the Amazing Bouncing . . . Rat?. (Draco-centric. Some Draco/Hermione. Cross-posted in het and gen.) (Note: all stories have been removed from the 'net by the author)

Maya (mistful on LJ): "Coda to an Epilogue: Twenty Years Later, Or The Kids Are All Right" (Gennish Albus Severus/Scorpius, Harry, Draco, a cast of thousands. Wonderful post-epilogue story, funny and moving in turn.) (Note: all stories have been removed from the 'net by the author)

Minerva McTabby (mctabby on LJ): Two Worlds and In Between (19th Century Hogwarts. Marvolo, Dumbledore(s), etc. One of the two exceptions to my "no WIPs" rule) REC LINK

Morgan D: Parting Ways. (Gen. Remus, Harry, Sirius, Snape, and others. Sirius is dead, but Remus thinks he's come up with a solution. Hallucinations, mazes, veils, and metaphors.)

Murasaki99: The Unhappy Horseman of Sleepy Hogwarts (Humor. Snape, Pony Clubbers)

Nope (nopejr on LJ): "On Wrackspurts and Pumpkin Pies" (Gen. Luna, Goyle. "Scenes from the lives, diversions, and intersections of Gregory Goyle and Luna Lovegood, between the years of 1980 and 2008, covering various moments from where they began to where they ended up, showing how they got there (and what it had to do with Ginny Weasley) including first friends, first magic, wands, schooling, jobs, births, deaths, and relationships" A wonderful Luna, and a particularly fine portrayal of Goyle, who is both true to canon and yet ultimately sympathetic)

Not Exactly Dickens (hp_princess on LJ): "In Snape's Kitchen" (Snape-centric gen, featuring Hermione, Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, Neville, Luna and...bits of others. Extremely funny, especially in an 'all meta, all the time' way.)

noticeably (noticeably on LJ): "Lacking in Colour" (Gen. Millicent, Anthony. "The first time that Millicent tunes into Potterwatch, she swears that it's an accident." Behind-the-scenes during DH. If only JKR had written this...)

Nym: First Day (Snape, Hagrid. "Snape's first day as a teacher has not gone well." )

Orange Crush (orange_crushed on LJ): "Newts and Salamanders" (Snape, Draco. Gen. Snape does what he can to take care of Draco...and not always reluctantly. Smart and in character.)

parsnips (parsnips on LJ): "The Winter's Tale" (Gen. Hermione's mother, Hermione's father. "Hermione performed a memory charm on her parents before the start of the seventh book. And she was indeed the cleverest witch of her age. But memory is complex, and magic uncertain, and she was, after all, very young." Fewer than 700 words, but...very shivery.)

Pasi: "Snape's Happiest Memory". (Gen. Snape, Dumbledore. "Albus Dumbledore sets three requirements for Severus Snape's entry into the Order of the Phoenix.")

Penknife: Contract of Employment (and associated correspondence) (Gen. Standard Hogwarts Contract, with attached correspondence between Harry and Hermione. Clever and oh-so-apt)

Penknife: In Loco Parentis (Young Remus, Severus, Lily, Sirius, James.)

Penknife: Wordless (Arthur-centric Gen. What it means to be a father. Very touching) REC LINK

perverse_idyll (perverse_idyll on LJ): "No Room for the Weak" (Harry Potter, Eileen Prince, Severus Snape. Gen. " There's a Boy Who Lived and a boy who didn't, and even a mother can't always tell them apart." Post-DH, with a magnificent Eileen voice: harsh and bitter and hopeful, all at once.)

Pogrebin (pogrebin on LJ): unsticking the shadow (Hermione-centric. Post-Voldemort.)

Predatrix (predatrix on LJ): Every Day This Week. (Snape. Filch. Notes say it's pre-slash, but... *g*) REC LINK

Purple Tempest: Family Reunions. (Gen. Nymphadora Tonks. Six snapshots.)

ReeraTheRed: "The Wounded" (Snape and Lupin. Gen. "Voldemort is dead, it's over. But happy endings don't happen automatically, as Lupin discovers with Snape...." Pre-HBP, but still works, especially for those with a thing for hurt/comfort. There's also a prequel ("Practically Brothers") and a sequel ("Home's the Farthest Way"))

rinsbane: "Like a Tea-Tray in the Sky" (Snape-centric, and mostly gen. Post-war, and it seems as if Snape has nowhere to go, except a place known only to his younger self and his mother. What he finds there are so much more than mere memories. Beautifully written.) (Note: since reccing, the post has been f'locked)

RowanRhys (rowanrhys on LJ): Redemption (Snape meets...a New Testament figure)

Rowen (rowen_r on LJ): "Of All Sad Words Of Tongue Or Pen" (Snape...or Snape/Lupin, depending on how you look at it. "A tale of spilled drinks, broken bottles, and missed opportunities, in which Snape and Dumbledore share a bathroom encounter (but not in a sexy way), and it is conclusively proved that any problem at all can be solved by a nice cup of tea. " A smart and often touching story. Post-DH.)

Sam Starbuck (copperbadge on LJ): Stealing Harry (cross-recced in slash. Remus/Sirius. AU)

Scoradh (scoradh on LJ): "The Last Road Less Travelled " (Albus Severus, Scorpius, various other members - canonical and original - of the wizarding world. Albus Severus goes to Hogwarts. A clever and original gen tale in ten parts, featuring the next generation at school. Note: there's also a very smart six-part sequel, set when the kids are much older, called "Three Steps Back")

Severity Softly (severity_softly on LJ): "Of Things dead and Buried" (Snape, Tobias Snape, Eileen Prince. "Severus returns home from Hogwarts over the summer between his sixth and seventh year to find his mother quickly becoming a shell of her former self. She might be willing to forget herself, but he won't." Grim and dark and wonderfully layered.)

Shiradine: Artemisia Absinthium. (Post-war. Cross-recced in gen and slash, because there's just a whisper of Snape/Harry)

Shiradine: In the Garden. (Snape-centric gen. Very short, but...)

Snowballjane: Games of Skill and Chance. (Snape-centric. Mostly gen, with a whisper of possible Snape/Lupin)

Stasia (stasia on LJ): "Fall From Grace" (Gen. Young!Snape, Eileen/Tobias, Others. "Severus has eleven birthdays before he goes to Hogwarts." A lovely - and non-acrimonious - alternate view of the family dynamics, viewed against the backdrop of a childhood's worth of birthdays.)

Summer (summerborn on LJ): "As Fast As He Can" (Gen. Regulus, Snape. Summary: "Ten scenes from Regulus Black's life over the span of ten years. When Sirius abandons him, Regulus seeks approval from another source, but he finds that the Death Eaters cannot give him what he wants." An excellent look at a "Portrait of Regulus as a young Slytherin," with a really interesting dynamic between Regulus and Snape.)

Sushi (wikdsushi on LJ): "Time and Again" (Snape, Harry, Ginny, Albus Severus. You'll just have to read this really excellent post-DH story to see if there are pairings! Note: I'm cross-reccing in all three categories)

tangleofthorns: The Abyss Gazes Also. (Gen. Sirius-centric, Rodolphus, Bellatrix, others. " You build your own Azkaban, and you let yourself out.")

Tira Nog (tiranog on LJ): A Nick in Time (Young!Harry, Young!Snape, Hermione, Ron. Mostly gen.)

Treacle Tart (thetreacletart on LJ): "A Bitter Bargain" (Gen. Ron, Snape, a whisper of Ron/Harry. Ron Weasley has to make a deal with the devil to save his friend's life. A slow-acting curse, excellent characterizations, and wonderfully clever magical innovations.)

Treacle Tart (thetreacletart on LJ): Demons and Memories. (Gen. Remus-centric, with...others. "Remus faces his past as he runs for his life.")

Treacle Tart (thetreacletart on LJ): Lesser Languages. (McGonagall. Snape. "Some need more than words to tell their story")

Trin: Elephant Trunk. (Gen. Young!Hagrid, on his first day at Hogwarts)

victoria p. (musesfool on LJ): Thirst (Snape, Hermione)

Violet (violet_quill): Pain and Magic. (Crossover with House. House and Snape. Mostly gen. House is asked to see a new patient, but the case seems too boring for him until he hears the patient thinks he's a wizard.)

Winter Dragon: Pawn. (Gen. A fascinating look at Snape's school days, framed by Narcissa's request at Spinner's End. "In such a society, to be poor, and to be a half-blood, and an ugly, charmless one at that - well, even from the beginning, he’d been doomed.")

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