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Please note that many of these story recommendations were made before I reconsidered my warnings policy (i.e., before I decided to include warnings). Generally speaking, there's little of a dark or violent nature to warn for in these stories, but...caveat lector.


aceofhearts61: "The Sensual Ace" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "John finds out the real reason Sherlock does cocaine and decides to become a substitute." A slightly unfortunate title? But apart from that, a really nicely considered relationship tale, between an asexual!Sherlock and a distinctly heterosexual!John. Just this side of too-sentimental, but well written and...I want to believe in this love between the two men. Note: this is now the first story of a quite long series called "A Love With No Name")

achray (achray on LJ): "Answer the Time of Request" (BBC. Sherlock/John, John/uncounted others - male and female. "“I can tell you this: your brother is definitely not a virgin. Seriously, I don’t know where you got that idea from.” / “You have some evidence to the contrary?,” said Mycroft, raising one eyebrow. He looked pleasantly disbelieving. / John raised an eyebrow back. “Do you really need me to spell it out?,” he said." Sherlock's not precisely a virgin, John's very much not a virgin, and Sherlock and John aren't in a relationship...perhaps.)

achray (achray on LJ): "Cannot Help But Fall" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "John really hadn’t expected to come down for his morning tea on a normal Baker St Sunday and find a strange man asleep on the sofa." Long, smart, and with excellent characterizations, but it's the pacing of the plot that made this story particularly special for me. A seamless blend of casefic and relationship fic.)

AJ Hall (legionseagle on dreamwidth): "The Affair of the Asphyxiated Acafan" (Sherlock BBC. John/Sarah - with interruptions, Sherlock, Harry Watson, Inspector Lestrade, Sally Donovan, others. "Sarah flies home from a conference in the US and brings an unexpected gift home for her boyfriend - or, more precisely, his flatmate. Game on!" Even if you're not interested in the pairing, this is a wonderful case file story, set in the borderlands between academia and fandom.)

AJ Hall (legionseagle on dreamwidth): "Breakfast at 221B" (Sherlock-BBC. Sherlock/John. ""Anyway. Enough of my embarrassing sibling brothel stories. Tell me yours." (A Sherlock conversation, over breakfast.)" An insightful look at an asexual Sherlock. The story within the story is rather quietly sad, but the future seems very bright.)

Alizarin_NYC (alizarin_nyc on LJ): "Allies" (Sarah, John, various combinations. "" If I had pretty much given up on the idea of being the most important person in my alleged boyfriend's life and had just decided to amuse myself by playing matchmaker, I hope I could be this Sarah. *g*)

Anonymous: "The Staff of Baker Street High School" (BBC. Sherlock, John, Lestrade...basically everybody. "A mostly Gen Schools AU from the Sherlock kink meme" Utterly plotless, but kind of perfect in a Sherlock Holmes meets Waterloo Road sort of way.)

Anonymous: "When first we practise to deceive" (BBC. Mycroft/Lestrade. "Lestrade thinks Mycroft is only occupying a minor position in the British Goverment. He knows him only as a kind, well-mannered, understanding man as opposite to his younger brother. Mycroft tries his best to hide the fact that he is the British Goverment.. Written for the kinkmeme and so there's no way to say thank you! to the author for this very engaging, early example of BBC Sherlock Mystrade [yes, that's what it's called...I do apologize]. Set pre-canon, and strangely believable. *g*)

Aramley (aramley on LJ): "Grace Under Pressure (Or Lack Thereof)" (BBC crossed with The Thick of It. Mycroft, Malcolm, Anthea. "Malcolm Tucker works for the government. Mycroft Holmes just happens to be it." A perfectly voiced x-over of these two shows, set during the events of "The Great Game." Note: if you are unfamiliar with "The Thick of It" as I was, you can get acquainted with the series quite quickly on youtube.)

arcsupport (on LJ): "A Sort of Fairytale" (BBC. Gen. Molly, Sherlock. "Some people have sharp edges. Some people have to be carefully kept." Smart Molly pov - and weirdly prescient, given some of the events in 'The Reichenbach Fall')

ariadnes_string (ariadnes_string on LJ): "The Things We Say with Our Hands" (Ritchie!Verse. Holmes/Watson. "They never spoke of it." In which Watson has vulnerabilities [only some of which have to do with his injured leg], Holmes is believably sensitive, and more than one thing is unspoken.)

Arnie: "Unravelling" (Gen. Mycroft, Lestrade, others. "After Reichenbach Fall, Mycroft begins to put the world to rights." Post season two...and very smart and insightful.)

astolat (astolat on LJ): "Acceptable Risk" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "The door wasn't locked. He stopped just inside and drank in the flood of data, like the first rush of a cigarette after weeks without, or the even sweeter rush of heroin. " Part of the Canadian Shack 2011 Collection, this post-Reichenbach story has Sherlock tracking John down to Canada in an effort to get him to return to 221b Baker Street, but John isn't as easy to convince as Sherlock imagined he would be. Clever and...this John is so smart)

astolat: "Truly, Madly, Deeply" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "John knew something was terribly, deeply wrong when he came back to the flat and found that Sherlock had made dinner." Sweet - for some Sherlockian values of 'sweet' - and sexy. And funny!)

Atlin Merrick (atlinmerrick on LJ & tumblr): "All That Glitters" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "So. John and Sherlock. Sherlock and John. Getting together. Romantically. How'd it all start, anyway? Well, essentially it was Gary Glitter's fault, and you can take that to the bank." Sherlock has no idea he's interested in John until something happens one day that makes certain he can't think of anything but his interest in John. Coincidentally - or perhaps not - the same could be said for John Watson. Funny, with just a smidgeon of angst and a whole lot of hotness. Plus, the Skull is a pretty decent conversationalist!)

atropabelladonna1120: "The Bottom of the List" (BBC. Mycroft, Sherlock, others. "Mycroft Holmes knows his place in his brother's priorities." Beautiful...and a little heartbreaking, especially where Mycroft's concerned. *sigh*)

atropabelladonna1120 (atropabelladonna1120 on tumblr): "Drift" (BBC. Gen. Sherlock, John. "Sometimes, the greatest sadness comes not from falling or dying. Sometimes it comes simply from drifting apart. " As the author notes say: "Post-post-Reichenbach. A nod to "His Last Bow", in which ACD depicts Holmes and Watson as having somehow lost touch with each other for several years" Future!fic and...rather heartbreaking, yet imbued with love.)

aubkae (aubkae on LJ and tumblr): "Spaces Between" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "John watches Sherlock wander through the flat staring at everything like it's all new, touching random objects as if they can tell him something he doesn't already know. Their eyes meet. They look away." A lovely post-Reichenbach reunion story, with both men trying so hard to get things right.)

augustbird (augustbird on LJ): "Reignite" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "From a prompt: John and Mary have a son, Hamish, then Mary gets ill and dies. John, who wasn't previously on speaking terms with Sherlock, moves back to Baker Street with Hamish in tow because he can't afford anywhere else on his own. Sherlock is surprisingly wonderful with the kid, and supportive of John (in his own, asshole-ish way)." Many years post Reichenbach. Very sweet - and oddly believable.)

augustbird (augustbird on LJ): "walk through ghosts" (BBC. Sherlock/John, John/Mary. "The thing is: Sherlock thought that the two of them would have forever to figure it out." Ordinarily I'm a happily ever after kind of reccer, but this story - which is utterly believable, given a Sherlock and John who might feel for each other a little of what many viewers think they feel for each other - is so, so sad, and yet it works so very well, at least if you're in the mood for angst. Which I obviously was.)

ayalesca (ayalesca on LJ/DW): "Stack Overflow" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Sherlock's hard drive doesn't have enough room for all of his data on John Watson; something has to give." Takes only season one into account. Clever and...believable, at least in a magic realism sort of way. Sherlock's love for John is palpable - even before Sherlock knows that's what he's feeling.

Basingstoke (basingstoke on LJ/DW): "Intemperance" (2009 version. Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mary Watson, Irene Adler. Spoiler(skip)Sherlock Holmes, in this story, is Transgendered and Pregnant. "Intemperance," a story from the secret journals of Doctor John H. Watson, intimate friend and long-time companion of the infamous Sherlock Holmes: A most curious and instructive report of the great man's improbable fecundation, gestation, and parturition." A wonderful story, as domestic as any perfectly in-character Holmes story allows with as much patience for an unexpected yet inevitable child as one might imagine Holmes ever having.)

Basingstoke (basingstoke on LJ/DW): Rough Edges - a series, so far composed of three four stories - complete in themselves - with a promise of more to come (Stories one and two are crossovers between Sherlock BBC and Black Books. Sherlock/John...vaguely. "Sherlock Holmes and Bernard Black: cousins. The rest of the family: terrifying." A cracky-yet-believable look at the extended Holmes family, as seen through the eyes of John. Clever, funny, and sometimes bordering on you'd expect)

Basingstoke (basingstoke on LJ/DW): the "Yes Yes Yes" series, with two parts so far: the very short "Touchy, Feely" ("What Sherlock will and won't work on.") and the not-at-all-short "Indecorous" ("In which John learns to balance a kinky girlfriend, an asexual boyfriend, a ten-inch cock, his sister, the neighbours, his friends, and his blog. Some are more balanced than others."). (Sherlock BBC. Threesome: Sherlock/John/Mary - although not the Mary you might be expecting. *g* Very engaging!)

beautifulside: "An Evening With Mycroft" (ACD Canon. "Post "The Empty House", a troubled Watson is visited by Mycroft Holmes." Believable . . . and touching.)

bendingsignpost (bendingsignpost on LJ): "Behavioural Modification" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Whatever it took, he was going to make this work." An Asexual@Sherlock in a relationship with John, except...apparently nobody bothered to tell John he was in a relationship. As the tags say: "extreme misunderstandings." Very interesting Sherlock pov.)

Beyond Insane (xbeyondinsanex on LJ): "Sine Qua Non" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "In order to help John get over his grief, Mrs. Hudson brings by a box of Sherlock's things for him to sort through. The items trigger feelings, memories, and a few eavesdropped-upon conversations with Sherlock's headstone." Touching and honest and wonderfully in voice. Potentially spoilery content information: yes, it's a reunion story, in case you were worrying.)

BlackEyedGirl (black_eyedgirl on LJ): "Minds Like Ours Dream Up" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "John can't write up the case until he finds out why. He needs to write their story true. An utterly perfect coda to "The Reichenbach Fall")

blue_eyed (blue_eyed_1987 on LJ): "Seizures of the Heart" (BBC. Lestrade/OFC, Lestrade/Mycroft. "He watched Lestrade, watched the way his hand moved without the ring – it was still awkward, like he was getting used to his hand without the weight of it." A believable progression in the course of a possible relationship. Nicely written.)

Boeshane42 (boeshane42 on LJ): "Mental" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Sherlock Holmes is a patient in a closed psychiatric ward. John Watson is his new psychiatrist." A very cleverly conceived and executed story, which moves seamlessly from character-centric AU to casefic and back again. Potentially spoilery content information: as the author's notes say: "everything you'd expect to find in a closed ward, i.e., issues of mental illness, discussion of suicide, drugs, restraints, etc.")

branwyn (cesario on LJ): "The Skeleton Winter" (BBC. Sherlock/Girl!Watson. ""Joanna knows that enlisting as the only recruit in Sherlock's private army isn't going to make her less damaged. But Sherlock puts her damage to good use. Joanna thinks that is by far the best thing that could have happened to her. It may, in fact, be the only thing that could have saved her."" I've mentioned elsewhere that genderswap fic is usually not my thing, but this may have been a game changer for me. Smart and engaging. Note: the excellent sequel to this story - "Let Sense Be Dumb" - is now complete, and is the second part of the series: Compatible Damage)

brbsoulnomming" "Parallel" (Sherlock/John. "Written for a prompt over on sherlockbbc_fic: There's a case at a secondary school/University, some series of threats or string of bizarre murders that has the entire campus shaken. In the course of the investigation, Sherlock and John meet two students. One is well liked if not popular, athletic, intelligent without showing off, involved only because they were close to a victim or witnessed something important. The other is a loner with no regard for social norms, an insufferable genius, always in the chem lab, and involved because everyone, including teachers/professors, think they're behind everything. Sherlock and John are responsible for these two meeting. And, because they both want to help with the investigation, they get to watch them become friends and fall a little in love. And that makes them feel things about themselves that they've been working very hard to not feel, thank you." Really smart and engaging. A great deal of emphasis on the OCs' story, but somehow that works to illuminate the story of Sherlock and John as well.)

bwblack: "Diet Pills" (BBC. Lestrade/Mycroft. "Lestrade finds diet pills on Mycroft's desk, confrontation ensues." Stories dealing with Mycroft's weight are strange in the BBC Sherlock, considering how not heavy Gatiss's Mycroft is, but this story - set during episode 1.01 - is worth reading if you're intrigued by Sherlock's comments about Mycroft's weight.)

Candle Beck (candle_beck on LJ): "The Narrator" (2009 movie. Holmes/Watson. "Between the two of you, you think, there might be the makings of one half-moral man. You suffer your plagues and he suffers his, and neither of you is interested in being healed. " Is 'second person' a warning? If so, consider yourself warned. This is a really wonderful {if occasionally bloody} tale, narrated by a Watson who is - for reasons that will soon become apparent - not quite the Watson we meet in the ACD stories.)

Candle Beck (candle_beck on LJ): "The Other Way of the World" (RDJ Films. Watson/Holmes. "A long night in a vicious city." This begins with a mystery surrounding Holmes' recent behavior, and the tale that follows is wonderfully evocative, with a Watson who not only knows Holmes' methods: he knows Holmes)

Candle Beck (candle_beck on LJ): "Space Travel" (Sherlock BBC. Sherlock/John. "The night the aliens came was the first time John understood the extent of his predicament. " Wonderfully written. It's hard to imagine two more perfectly/bizarrely suited people.)

Candle Beck (candle_beck on LJ): "A Terribly Poor Understanding of Love" (RDJ Films. Watson/Mary, Watson/Holmes. "Two wrongs don't make a right; it takes at least three." Watson has married and Holmes is...having a difficult time adjusting; thank goodness for this [preternaturally] insightful Mary.)

cimorene: for england, home, and beauty (ACD book canon, although based directly on the Jeremy Brett version of "The Bruce-Partington Plans" Holmes/Watson. "I felt some reflection of his elation in my own mind, for I knew well that he would not depart so far from his usual austerity of demeanour unless there was good cause for exultation. All the long November evening I waited, filled with impatience for his return. -the B-P Plans".)

cj_ludd18 (paisley_pie on LJ): "Sonata Form" (Sherlock-BBC. Mycroft-centric gen. "Mycroft Holmes has always revolved his life around that of his little brother, whether he wishes to do so or not." Mycroft, who's wonderful and almost sympathetic, and Sherlock's relationship - difficult and tense and yet strangely more honest than [almost] any other either is likely to have - is perfect here. An excellent look at at a pair of quite uncommon siblings)

Cleo2010 (cleo_2010 on LJ): "Correspondense" (BBC. John/Sherlock. "Sherlock's been spirited away on a case for Mycroft. Part of the deal was that he and John could communicate via letter until the case was completed. Maybe the cliche is true, absence does make the heart grow fonder. Or perhaps something is growing on the feet in the fridge. " Set after series one. Sometimes sweet, sometimes, funny, and nicely in character, even when Sherlock's notes are out of character, they're really in character. *g*)

coloredink: "In Love, In Faith Unbroken Dwell" (BBC. Gen. John, everybody Sherlock helped. "There are so many things about Sherlock that he didn't know. So many things that he might never have known, if they hadn't started meeting like this." Gentle and quiet and lovely.)

coloredink: "Unconventional Decor" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Sherlock makes a list of all the things in his room that might be causing John to not want to sleep there. It is very long." An established relationship story that's rather sweet - for Sherlockian values of 'sweet' - and one which makes excellent use of Sherlock's powers of deduction...or tries to. *g*)

cyerus (cyerus on LJ): "Gone Is My Past" (BBC. AU. John, Sherlock, Mycroft. "John is an army bomb detection dog who has been turned into a human." So, yes...the author's summary is exactly right, and the thing is, the only way to write a story from this sort of prompt is to not treat it like 'crack,' but to take the premise absolutely seriously, which the author has done...and quite brilliantly. Potentially spoilery content information: self harm, and a rather pet-appropriate moderately Dom/sub sensibility)

dear_monday (dear_monday on Dreamwidth): "In Plain Sight" (BBC. John, Sherlock. "Sherlock thinks he's a sociopath. John knows he isn't, because he's one himself." Mostly gen, and Sherlock should consider himself lucky it is. Heed the author's summary: this isn't a John that I'd ordinarily buy, but here, in this story, accepting the "what if" premise is very rewarding.)

e (etothepii on LJ): "I Used to Live Alone Before I Knew You" (Fusion with Good Omens. John/Sherlock. "Where Mycroft is an angel, Sherlock is a demon, and John is still John." This is, as the author's notes say, a fusion, not a crossover. So...imagine Sherlock as Crowley, and Mycroft as Aziraphale, and John. Wonderfully conceived and executed.)

e (etothepii on LJ): "Show Me How to Stop Running" (BBC. Sherlock/John, Lestrade. "John gets turned into a werewolf during Afghanistan, and it sucks, but then he moves in with another werewolf, and it gets better." One of those really clever AU's where you're thinking "wow, this characterization is excellent," and then you laugh to yourself, because, yeah, John and Sherlock and Lestrade aren't, canonically, werewolves. Except...if they were? They'd be these werewolves!)

e (etothepii on LJ): "they tell me their secrets (will you tell me yours too)" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "In Afghanistan, the supplies tell him when they're running low, and the cars always, always tell him when strangers have touched them, and John gets known as having a knack (paranoia, his men call it, but he's never missed a single car bomb) for keeping his men safe. " A wonderfully original premise, handled extremely well.)

e (etothepii on LJ): "Your Moral Crisis is Stupid" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Sherlock is asexual. John is not. Possibly, Sherlock should have told him this before they had sex." In many ways, this is essentially a pwp, which ordinarily I wouldn't be a fan of, but the pov - a Sherlock who is seriously romantically involved with John, but is still negotiating the waters of the early stages of their sex life together when he, personally, has zero interest in sex - is excellent.)

earlgreytea68 (earlgreytea68 on LJ): "The Empty House" (BBC. Sherlock/John, Mycroft/Lestrade. "As it says on the tin: Sherlock Holmes comes home." The 13th part of the long Mycroft/Lestrade-centric Scotch series, which has already been recced independently of this story. Smart and engaging and John is a complete action man...until Sherlock takes over and John turns to jelly. *g*)

earlgreytea68 (earlgreytea68 on LJ): "Experiments With Tequila" (BBC. Mycroft/Lestrade, Sherlock/John. " Another re-rec of sorts, here at part 15 of the Scotch series. Honestly, I just like this series so much that I'll probably keep reccing every two or three times a new story pops up. *g* Anyway! The primary interaction here is actually gen, between Lestrade and Sherlock...and it's very excellent. If you haven't read any of this series though, you might as well just start from the beginning.)

earlgreytea68 (earlgreytea68 on LJ): the "Scotch Series" in ten-plus parts. (BBC. Mycroft/Lestrade, eventually. "...a detective in the process of solving a mystery" Post-Reichenbach, and Lestrade is starting to observe. The first part of the series is almost a prologue, but a good set-up for the main plot that begins in part two. Good insights into all of the 'players' in this game. Note: like so many series in this fandom, rumors of its completion were, apparently, exaggerated *g* In other words, as of March 2012, it's actually still in-progress.)

eight_demands (eight_demands on LJ): "Strange Game" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "John is a soldier in the war against vampires. A vampire happens to be his newest patient." An excellent Vampire AU - smart and well written. *glares at Moriarty*)

eight_demands (eight_demands on LJ): "Their Whole Life Through" (BBC. John, Sherlock, background Mycroft/Lestrade. "If his patient thought he was the first person to ever try to intimidate John Watson, he was sadly mistaken. John sometimes considered, in his own head, the subtitle of his Afghanistan years to be "Arseholes with Guns who Love to Yell." If anything, being verbally abused by a haughty git who was bleeding all over him brought back a rush of warm nostalgia." A wonderful, gennish AU, in which Sherlock and John don't meet in the usual way, but instead they get to know each other when Sherlock comes in as a patient to the surgery where John's working. The dynamic is mostly what we seen in canon, but John's slightly more...pushy. *g*)

entanglednow (entanglednow on LJ): "A Little Competition" (BBC. John, Sherlock, Mycroft. " "Still, John, a ghost story at Halloween, during a power cut, in a thunderstorm. The terribly predictable cliche of it all." Sherlock slides down in the chair until his chin touches his chest. " It's raining, John returns to Baker Street soaked to the skin only to find Mycroft there with Sherlock. And then the power goes out, leaving the three men with nothing to do but share...ghost stories. And, okay, so here's the thing: this story veers from really original gen to slash about 3/4 of the way through and maybe it needn't have done? It's not that I didn't like the John/Sherlock interactions - I did - but I was quite happy reading an entirely different story. Despite that, I'm still reccing this because the gen part of the story is so perfectly in character and so smart.)

entanglednow (entangled_now on LJ): the "Thermodynamics" series (BBC. Sherlock/John. Starting with "The Second Law of Thermodynamics" - In which there's no heating and there's a dead owl in Sherlock's bed." This John - long-suffering, protective, caring, and infinitely aggravated by Sherlock is entirely recognizable in this story, and so too is Sherlock, who turns out - eventually - to be both asexual and not terribly romantic, but apparently still very interested in a relationship with John.)

entanglednow (entangled_now on LJ): "Undercurrents" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "There, that's it, perfect, shut your eyes and don't move - and don't speak." Possibly 'disturbing' and possibly 'erotic,' depending on your tastes; I lean toward the latter - and with Sherlock and John, you might very well call this 'true romance.' Potentially spoilery content information: pseudo-necrophilia)

esama (esama on tumblr): "Whispers in Corners" (Crossover between Harry Potter and Sherlock (BBC). Harry Potter/Mycroft Holmes. "Everything started with a stumble - his new life in a new world as well as his surprisingly successful career as a medium." I'm pretty sure very few people could have imagined a pairing like Harry/Mycroft working, but work it does. The story could benefit from slightly more proofreading, but apart from that, it's well written and original. Creative use of the Deathly Hallows from HP, and the way the characters from the two universes intersect is very well done, although the way "the Great Hiatus"-era Sherlock characters are presented might come as a bit of a surprise for some LJ/DW readers. Very clever stuff! Note: as you might deduce from the author's summary, supernatural themes are at the heart of this story. )

esteefee (esteefee on LJ): "Jack-in-the-Box" (2009 film. Watson/Mary/Holmes. "After Holmes returns there are recriminations. And then changes, subtle and insidious. There may even be a plot afoot. If only Holmes were more of a detective." Mary and Watson are perfectly loving - toward each other and toward Holmes - Holmes confused. Quite lovely.)

esterbrook: "Stay" (BBC. Future!Fic. Sherlock/John. "Retirement wasn't quite what they'd expected. For one thing, they hadn't been in the same room for two years." Sherlock's gone to the country to raise bees, John's in London...and eventually the two men 'catch a clue.' A lovely story.)

Fabula Rasa: A Medical Man (ACD Book Canon. "Holmes engages in a little medical reading, with which he takes issue.")

falling_voices (nuitdenovembre on tumblr): "The Grand Tour of Europe" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "In the afternoon of May 20th, 2015, Sherlock Holmes starts down the steps of the British Museum and walks neatly into the arms of a dead man." Written before season two, a reverse-Reichnenbach story, with John the one to disappear at the falls and Sherlock left behind to deal with the repercussions - emotional and otherwise - and with Moriarty. Wonderful echoes from canon, although put here to new purposes. smart.)

FayJay (pandarus on LJ): "The Case of the Unwelcome Owl" (Sherlock-BBC/Harry Potter crossover. Sherlock, John, Luna. ""So," said John, feeling out of his depth once again. "An owl." It was the same mild, politely curious tone of voice with which he had previously found himself uttering such things as: "So – three bags of frozen AB negative," and "So – a selection of human ears." / "Goodness, John, with deductive prowess like that you'll soon be putting me in the shade," Sherlock said tartly. "Can't sneak anything past you, can w" A charming crossover. Luna's place in the Holmesian universe makes perfect sense.)

feverishsea: "The Real Meaning of Idioms" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "After two weeks away, John finally texts Sherlock. He doesn't expect Sherlock to respond. He doesn't expect Sherlock to keep texting him. And he really doesn't expect things to spiral out of control so rapidly." Post-Reichenbach, and John and Sherlock really don't want to be apart from each other. Charming and...inevitable.)

fitofpique (fitofpique on LJ): "What You Wanted" (Ritchie!Verse. Holmes/Watson, Gladstone. "Watson stood in the doorway and stared incredulously into Holmes' room. It looked as though a small, extremely localized cyclone had recently passed through, but that was typical and not what had captured his attention. The high bed was untidily made and not one but two individuals were deeply asleep, sprawled across the coverlet and sharing one pillow." Sweet and funny and...strangely believable.)

flawedamythyst (flawedamythyst on LJ): The Art of Seduction series (BBC. AU. Sherlock/John, with some Lestrade/Mycroft in the background. "Sherlock ran a website called The Science Of Seduction, on which he gave advice on the best ways to get laid, wrote blog entries detailing the results of his various sexual 'experiments' and generally contributed to the stereotype of 'every gay man is a sex-mad playboy'. John avoided the thing like the plague." The summary is for part one of this three part, 82,000 word series, which...okay, I have to admit I thought it was a ludicrous premise when I first saw it, and so I put off reading it for months. But the story - which owes some of its foundational structure to Queer as Folk, if you're familiar with that show - is engaging and smart and pretty astoundingly in character. Content information: some rather graphic torture during the Moriarty sections I need to warn for a great deal of sex talk/action, considering the summary? *g*)

flawedamythyst (flawedamythyst on LJ): "Resurrection" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Coming home isn't as easy as Sherlock thought it was going to be." A slow and sometimes heartbreaking post-Reichenbach journey to a point where Sherlock and John can start to make things right.)

flawedamythyst: "Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace" (BBC. Sherlock/John, John/Mary. "Unexpected revelations at a wedding." I don't know whether this is sweet [with my Sherlock/John glasses on, I'd definitely say 'sweet'] or not-at-all-sweet [if I were a John/Mary shipper, I'd be voting for not-at-all-sweet] What it is, though, is honest...and Lestrade absolutely agrees with me.)

Gingertart (gingertart50 on LJ/IJ): "The Fourth Deathly Hallow" (Snape/Harry, Draco, Sherlock Holmes, John obviously a crossover - HP/ACD book canon. "From the private journal of John. H. Watson MD; not intended for publication. Being an account of the strange case of the Fourth Deathly Hallow; in which Dr John H. Watson and Mr Sherlock Holmes save a life, discover the true secret of Professor Moriarty, unravel a time loop or two, encounter a femme fatale, imbibe potions, break into and out of a wizarding mansion, hide in a male brothel, go shopping, track down a magical artefact, almost attend a ritual sacrifice, fail to be Obliviated and totally ignore the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy of 1692, all in the company of a lank-haired, irascible but secretly besotted schoolmaster, a bemused aristocrat and an increasingly perceptive and enamoured young hero." A wonderful blend of the two universes, with excellent characterizations all 'round and a near seamless plot. Cross-recced in Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes)

giraffeontherocks (giraffeontherocks on tumblr): "So Easy in the Evening" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Sherlock tries to conform for John over dinner, and John despairs" A deceptively simple 'first time' story, set amidst the question of what constitutes 'normal.')

greywash (greywash on LJ/DW): "the sensation of falling as you just hit sleep" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Love is a much more vicious motivator." Post-Reichenbach. Long, smart, tense, sometimes tender, and extremely well written. Plot spoiler, with commentary: Caveat: what I'm about to say is my issue, and my issue alone. Some people can't read incest and some can't read infidelity and some can't read...I don't know, a guy wearing white socks during sex, but I personally have a huge problem with friends/partners/lovers keeping important information from each other, especially when it leads to one or both of the characters being miserable. So. A substantial portion of the first third of this story has everybody and their brother knowing that Sherlock's alive, but not John. More to the point, John suspects Sherlock's alive, but everybody who knows the truth - including Sherlock - is keeping it from him and keeps lying, over and over again. That's not the whole plot, obviously, but it's a particular plot element that drives me crazy, even though it's very common [i.e., the romance novel misunderstanding pairing separation angst convention], to the point where I almost couldn't continue to read this story. Don't get me wrong, I ended up loving it - and was thrilled that I did, because the issue of trust is a significant focus in the story as a whole - but I have to admit that I only carried on past the first few chapters because so many of my friends had recced it already. Note: the first chapters of an extremely hot new story in what is now a series, has just been posted as of this recs update: "in deed accomplish our designs")

greywash (greywash on LJ/DW): "Pornography" (Sherlock/John. "Sherlock has a case. John has a cold. Mycroft's done paying the rent, Mrs. Hudson is still not their housekeeper, and there's a box of one-eyed monsters under the bed. Not quite just another Wednesday in 221B, but nearly." Let me state for the record that the title is not a red herring *g* Sexy and sweet.)

greywash (greywash on LJ/DW): "What Meager Amends" (BBC. Lestrade, John, Mycroft, with undercurrents ofMycroft/Lestrade and John/Sherlock. "t's over and done with, the lot of it, but that doesn't mean Greg has no regrets." Post-Reichenbach and all that involves, with John and Lestrade sharing a flat that is most definitely not on Baker Street. One of those perfect sort of case stories where - if you know anything about canon - you can predict the trajectory of the actual investigation, but the story somehow manages to remain suspenseful. Excellent character voices. Definite two thumbs up.)

gyzym (gyzym on LJ): "An Avalanche of Detour Signs" (BBC. Molly/Sherlock [unrequited], Molly/Moriarty, Molly/Lestrade. "In which Molly Hooper gets a job, gets a degree, breaks a heart, has her heart broken, falls in love, keeps a secret, saves a life, runs a morgue, falls apart, pulls it together, and finds exactly what she didn't know she was looking for--not necessarily in that order." A smart, engaging - and long - story that brings all the background characters front and center and gives them lives of their own. Pre and Post-Reichenbach.)

holyfant (holyfant on LJ): "Before the Snow" (BBC. Lestrade, John, Sherlock. Gen. "Sometimes Sherlock is hard to handle. No one can take it like Lestrade can, and when he can't do it for a minute, there's always John." Simple and perfectly in character.)

holyfant (on LJ): "A Chronology of Unfinished-ness" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "A lifetime of things that were never quite finished, but were still complete." What could have been a contrivance built of narrative repetition ("...another interruption!") turns, instead, into a perfect picture of Sherlock and John's life together. Wonderful post-canon world extending, and really lovely. Potentially spoilery content information: canon character deaths, but neither of the main pairing.)

holyfant (holyfant on LJ): "The Fabric of Life" ( BBC. John/Sherlock. " The fabric of life rearranges itself around the re-emergence of Sherlock." Emotionally honest and very well written, with a pretty great cast of believable OC's. And long! Potentially spoilery content information: 'on-screen' violence, discussions about death and grief with John’s “survivors group”, suicidal ideation)

holyfant (on LJ): "Mozart" (BBC. Sherlock & John. "John doesn't want to be, but he's worried." Gen, for all intents and purposes - and a very believable look at living with somebody with Sherlock's canonical past. a good friend. Potentially spoilery content information: mentions of substance abuse.)

holyfant (on LJ): "Thirty Six Minutes and Then Some" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "In the thirty-six minutes it will take John to come home, Sherlock tries to think about what he will say." Half thought piece and half negotiation. Very insightful look at Sherlock's often effed-up and more-confused-than-he-understands thought processes. Potentially spoilery content information: some bloody and/or violent thoughts, but only thoughts.)

htebazytook and vulgarweed: "The Bone Fiddle" (BBC. John/Sherlock "Appalachian AU! In November 1973, Vietnam vet John Watson returns to his family's old home in Arthel County, West Virginia, deep in coal country. His low expectations include recuperation and boredom. Instead he finds a ruined landscape, a series of grisly murders, and one of the world's weirdest neighbors." Completely fantastic AU, with a perfect sense of place and time. )

hyacinth_sky747 (on LJ): "A Conversation Held with the Lamp Switched Off" (BBC. Sherlock/John, John/Mary. "Twenty plus years, three weddings, some funerals, elephants, rats, a wet cat, a very lumpy cake and criminals. Or, John Watson, a life well-lived. ." Really nicely conceived and executed, with some extremely touching moments. The Ritchie!verse has quite a lot of stories that show how Sherlock could be included in John's marriage - whether polyamorously or not - but this is a rare example of that sort of story in the BBC Sherlock universe. Content information: Character deaths.)

hyacinth_sky747 (on LJ): "Seven Hours in the Sun" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Sherlock likes to look but not be touched." I read this, mouth agape, although whether that was an expression of sheer pleasure at the progression of the relationship or complete disbelief at how patient and/or long-suffering John is with Sherlock, I just don't know. Either way, this story is engaging and sexy and well worth your time.)

hyacinth_sky747 (on LJ): "Torchlight" (BBC. Sherlock/John, past John/Mary. "Sherlock is back after three years of being dead." A moving pre-season 2 take on the fall-out from Reichenbach and Sherlock's return. Content info: Mentions of Mary's death and suicidal ideation. )

igrockspock (igrockspock on LJ): "The December War" (Sherlock/John, Mycroft. " Sherlock's never been good at Christmas." Sweet and a little sad, as Sherlock tries to 'get it right' for John.)

ImpishTubist (impishtubist on LJ and DW) & Canon_is_Relative (canonisrelative on LJ): "The Final Proof" (BBC. Sherlock/John, Lestrade. "The Woman may be gone, but the chaos that she left in her wake remains. There's a distance between John and Sherlock now; one that John isn't sure how to bridge, one that Sherlock doesn't believe can be bridged." Very believable, given this...potentially spoilery content information: an asexual, but not an aromantic Sherlock.. Bonus: a very nice friendship between John and Lestrade.)

ingridmatthews (ingridmatthews on LJ): "Nothing So Ordinary" (Ritchie!Verse. Holmes/Watson. "A trip. A sit. A waltz." Watson is uncharacteristically frustrated, Holmes is uncharacteristically sensitive, and the story saves itself from plunging off the Treacle Precipice by being Just Right, romantically speaking.)

Irene Adler: Absurdly Simple and its sequel An Ideal Husband. (ACD book canon. Holmes/Watson. ""olmes is investigating a blackmail case and won't tell Watson who the client is; Watson does a little digging and finds out a lot of stuff he really should have known already.)

Ivyblossom: "The Progress of Sherlock Holmes" (Sherlock/John; John/Mary. "Sherlock is head over heels for John, but you wouldn't know it by looking at him. First-person present-tense series of short scenes from Sherlock's point of view, borrowing heavily from Arthur Conan Doyle's stories." It took me four starts to read past the first few paragraphs for some odd reason and I considered abandoning the story, but once I fell into a rhythm, I couldn't put it down. Literally. Really excellent view of Sherlock's thought processes - and a well-paced development of the Sherlock/John relationship. Warning for infidelity, if that's a concern of yours when reading fiction.)

jessikast (jessikast on LJ): "Better Than Wine" "Like the rest of my life with Holmes would prove, my wedding night was far from a calm affair." (Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes.)

Jupiter_Ash (jupiter_ash on LJ): "A Study in Winning" (BBC. John/Sherlock. "John and Sherlock are professional tennis players and it’s Wimbledon. One is a broken almost was at the end of his career, the other an arrogant rising star tipped for greatness. It should have been a straightforward tournament. It really should have been. How were they to know that a chance encounter would change everything?" This sort of AU - which takes known characters entirely out of their usual milieu - can sometimes stray so far from the canon setting that even the characters are no longer recognizable, but that's absolutely not the case with this story. This John and this Sherlock - and most of the ancillary characters besides - are perfectly themselves. As for the tennis: while I don't know how the match commentary would read to somebody with no knowledge of the game at all, for anybody who ever spent hours glued to a television broadcast of a great Grand Slam event, the games we see in this story are not only believable, but some are actually thrilling. This story is complete, but as I write this rec, there are in-progress follow ups in what is now the Tennis series)

justwolf (justwolf on LJ): "Nor Ever Chaste" (BBC. Sherlock, Mycroft, Holmes parents, John. "The skull belongs to his father. But it's not his father's skull. Sherlock and Mycroft have both been sexually abused by their parents. They respond in different ways" Written for a prompt on the kink meme, but the incest in this story is absolutely not presented as a 'kink.' Not at all my usual thing, but I couldn't stop reading it. Sad - painful at times - but hopeful.)

juxtapose (caughtfire on LJ/je_suis_loser on tumblr): "In Which Lestrade Has Observation Powers of his Own (Or, "I Think Lestrade Filmed You on His Phone")" (BBC. Lestrade, Sherlock, John. "John and Sherlock through the eyes of someone you may not have known was really watching." As the summary suggests: Lestrade's pov. Simple and insightful.)

Katie Forsythe (katieforsythe on LJ): 'Four Minor Interludes for the Solo Violin' (ACD book canon. Holmes/Watson. At the very start of their partnership, with Watson far more affected by his time in Afghanistan than is generally shown. A wonderful look at the development of their relationship, both professional and otherwise. The story as a whole is rated NC-17, but if you are of a no-Sex-for-Holmes persuasion, part one can be read as a lower-rated standalone. Note: a direct sequel to this story - "Hallowed Be Thy Name" [also recommended!] - can be found here)

Kate_Lear (kate_lear on LJ): "Messages Unspoken" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "A look at Sherlock and John in the immediate aftermath of the Hounds of Baskerville case, with particular attention to John's knowledge of Morse code." A [recently?] established relationship story with a fiercely protective John amidst much love...and much heat! Warning for Mentions of bipolar disorder, and passing reference/implication of suicidal ideation.)

Kate_Lear (kate_lear on LJ): "The Mind Has Mountains" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "When first encountering Sherlock’s ‘black moods’ then John was entirely unprepared, army training be damned." Oh, what hard work Sherlock would be, even if one was in an established relationship with him. Very true to life. Potentially spoilery content information: References to bipolar disorder and potentially distressing.)

KazVL: "Puppet on a String" and "Wasteland" (BBC. Lestrade/Mycroft, Sherlock. Set before Sherlock meets John, these first two stories from the "Fire and Ice" series are a fantastic look at how a man - Lestrade - goes through the end of a marriage and then, slowly, works his way through the intricacies of starting a new relationship for the first time in decades - especially when that relationship is with the most difficult partner ever.)

KazVL: "Intimacy Issues" and "The Dating Game" - the latest two in the "Fire and Ice" series. (Sherlock BBC. Mycroft/Lestrade, Sherlock. "An out-of-practice forty two year old man starts to date the most difficult man in London. Naturally, it goes splendidly." Set pre-canon, and just what you'd hope to see from these two...and just what you'd expect to see from Sherlock.)

KCS (kcscribbler on LJ): "Even Doctors Have Bad Days" (BBC. Sherlock, John. "Written for this prompt: 'Watson seems the cheerier, more optimistic of the Baker Street duo, but when he has a depressive spell it makes Holmes's black moods look a pale shade of grey by comparison.'" Engaging and strangely believable. Sherlock is so wonderfully unobservant about his own inner emotional sensibilities. He's awkward and stiff and his actions are simultaneously well meant and selfish...just perfect.)

KCS (kcscribbler on LJ): "In the Forests of the Night" (John, Mycroft, others. "When Sherlock Holmes dies, he doesn’t just take Jim Moriarty and half of London’s biggest crime syndicate with him – he takes the battlefield. And John does miss it; so much so that he re-enlists and is re-deployed to Afghanistan, under Mycroft Holmes’s recommendation, as an army sniper. Still coming to terms with his loss, he encounters another lieutenant who’s recently lost a commanding officer, and unwittingly forms the most dangerous comradeship of his life. War is not a study in black and white, and loyalties are not so easily defined – especially when the most dangerous man John has ever met is working each and all from behind the scenes." A post-Reichenbach Fall story, written long before RF aired, yet eerily canon compliant in many ways. Excellent spider!Mycroft, 'helping' John recover from the loss of his friend.

keelywolfe (keelywolfe on LJ): "Strays" (BBC - AU. John/Sherlock. "His mother had told John once, years ago, that he had an affinity for strays." A really interesting story, but...let's go straight to the spoilers, shall we? Potentially spoilery content information: John - here 22 years old - is still a medical student, busy with his internship, when he meets a very young Sherlock during the course of his work. Sherlock has i.d. that says he's 18 years old, but since the age of consent varies for readers of different countries, it's important to note that he's actually only 15 when the two first meet and still only 16 when they have sex, so...caveat lector.)

Lady T (lady_t_220 on LJ): "Give Me The Quiet Things" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "John had never been afraid of asking "What's the worst that can happen?" He was pretty sure he'd already seen it. " Frustration and longing and pain and...honestly, I should really just say "John has amnesia" and let you learn the rest for yourself. Bittersweet, but not at all hopeless, so there's that! Really excellent.)

Lanning (lanning at LJ/DW): "26 Pieces" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Mycroft gives Sherlock the apparently simple task of solving a puzzle box containing a stolen microchip. It isn't simple." Plotty and shippy and utterly excellent, with a little bonus BAMF!Mycroft.)

lantean_drift (also lantean_drift on LJ): "The Velveteen Doctor" (Sherlock BBC. John/Sherlock. "A series of events that show John just how real he has become to Sherlock – like a bright, brilliant flash of colour in an otherwise greyscale world." Smart and touching and often funny...and it's not just John who becomes real in this story.)

Laura JV (jacquez on LJ): "Nine Cigarettes" (BBC. Gen: Lestrade, Sherlock, others. "How Sherlock Holmes acquired a number of Lestrade's cigarettes." Pre-canon - mostly. An excellent look at Sherlock from DI Lestrade's pov.)

Laura JV (jacquez on LJ): "The Wrong Tree" (BBC. Sherlock/John...eventually. "He didn't see why John wouldn't be interested, but John was peculiarly picky about some things (such as firing guns in the flat and going on dates with people who were not Sherlock), and he did not have enough data to know for certain whether John was, perhaps, only interested in burly men, or blond men, or non-sociopathic men. (On the other hand, John found shooting people pleasant and steadying, so he didn't have any room at all to object.)" This fandom is [understandably] rife with asexual!Sherlocks and virgin!Sherlocks; here, instead, is a clever, amusing tale of a believably sexual!Sherlock...for some values of 'sexual' *g*)

lavvyan (lavvyan on DW): "Finger Exercises..." (Ritchie!Verse. Holmes/Watson, Watson/Mary, Mary/OMC. "A love story told in seven much-beloved fanfic tropes." Utterly recognizable moments without being a bit cliched - and for the exclusively Holmes/Watson shippers...potentially spoilery content information: the Mary issue is 'solved' without recourse to her death.)

Lin/linpatootie (lin on LJ): "A Thousand (and John doesn’t want any of them)" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "One day John Watson comes home and finds a dead man in his living room." The first conversation post-Reichenbach, post-'Hiatus" - and utterly believable.)

Lin/linpatootie (lin on LJ): the "Two Coffees One Black One with Sugar Please" series (BBC. Sherlock/John. "A somewhat pointless experiment on Sherlock's behalf leads to John having to re-evaluate pretty much his entire life." How many stories in this fandom start with the premise of 'an experiment?' So many! And yet, when they work, they work - as this one does, particularly when it comes to revealing the intricacies of Sherlock and John's personalities and the dynamic of their relationship as it reveals itself to be something other than 'just' a friendship. Funny at times, at other times sad, sexy, touching...basically runs the gamut - and if you have a thing for John telling Sherlock what to do and Sherlock occasionally just obeying, well....)

Lin/linpatootie: "Unlikely Connections We Make" (BBC. Mycroft/Lestrade. "Greg's life has gone to the dogs. In a spectacular show of really bad judgement he tries to improve things by hitting on Mycroft Holmes." Oh my god, but this Mycroft is hard work in a relationship...but completely believably so.)

ljs: "Studies in Power" (BBC. Mycroft/Anthea. "You know power when you see it, and Mycroft Holmes is the most tempting thing you've ever seen." Really well done: Anthea's backstory, her attraction to the power - and near-infinitesimal vulnerabilities - of Mycroft, the work dynamic between the two and the push-and-pull tension of their non-work relationship all ring true.)

Llwyden (llwyden on LJ): "Incalzando" "On the anniversary of Mary's death, Holmes reflects on his relationship with Watson." (ACD book canon. Brief and bittersweet)

longtimegone: "Mary Magdeline" (BBC. Molly, Sherlock, others. "Tomorrow Sherlock will be gone, and Molly Hooper will have to start mourning him with everyone else." Believable and smart post-Reichenbach story, with Sherlock staying with Molly for a few days after his...death. Good characterizations.)

Machshefa (machshefa1 on LJ): "Touchstone" (Sherlock BBC. Sherlock/John. "On John Watson’s sixth birthday, his mum gave him a flat wooden box to hold his wish stones" A lyrical and beautifully imaginative (in all the right ways) look at how separation and connection intertwine, and how love - quite literally, at times - is written on the body. Canon, through a prism of magic realism.)

Mad Lori (madlorifics on LJ): "Alone on the Water" (BBC. Sherlock&John. "Sherlock is diagnosed with a terminal illness." I put off reading this for ages because I wasn't in the mood for the angst-fest I knew it would be. And then...I read it, and yes, it was incredibly angsty, but definitely worth it. Warning for Sherlock's death.

Mad Lori (madlorifics on LJ): "The Blog of Eugenia Watson" (BBC. Sherlock/John, many others. "I like to think of this not so much as a blog but as the first draft of my inevitably best-selling memoirs. My Life In an Unconventional Family. How unconventional? Well, I live with my divorced parents and my dad's husband. How's that for starters? Trust me, it gets weirder.My name is Eugenia Watson, but you can call me Genie. I'm sixteen. This is my life." A lovely blend of two of my favorite not-so-guilty pleasures: kidfic and outside!pov. Great original characters.)

Mad_Lori: "Performance in a Leading Role" (Sherlock/John. "Sherlock Holmes is an Oscar winner in the midst of a career slump. John Watson is an Everyman actor trapped in the rom-com ghetto. When they are cast as a gay couple in a new independent drama, will they surprise each other? Will their on-screen romance make its way into the real world?" As you can tell from the author summary, this is very much an AU, which - quite honestly - crosses over the line of feeling like an RPF AU more than once. It's...Sherlock AU, certainly, but it points out some of the similarities between the BBC characters and the careers, at least, of the actors who play them. That aside, this story - very much a classic, old school romance - is well written, very engaging, and incredibly smart when it comes to insights about Hollywood and the nature of art and celebrity...and love, regardless of how unexpected that love might be.)

Mad_Maudlin (fic journals on LJ and DW - 10leaguesbeyond /wideworldsend ): "#imwithsherlock" (Sherlock - BBC. Gen. "It started with rumors, and a hashtag." Post-Reichenbach combined with timely, clever 'net meta.)

Magnetic Pole (magnetic_pole on LJ): "A Life of Crime" (Sherlock BBC. Gen. Mrs Hudson, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson. "How innocently it all starts." A quite wonderfully - and unexpectedly - insightful look at Sherlock through Mrs Hudson's eyes. Clever and funny and surprising.)

marmosette (marmosette on tumblr): "Tea" (BBC. Mycroft/Lestrade. "Mycroft has a meeting with Greg over tea at Fortnum & Mason's. A waiter puts his foot in it, and Mycroft explains to Greg his definition of "consequences."" Really no more than a simple conversation over tea before the two men really know one another, but the conversation is layered and the negotiations are certainly more than work-related. *g*)

marysutherland (marysutherland on LJ): "Double Cross Purposes" (BBC. Mycroft-centric, then Mycroft/Lestrade, Sally Donovan, others. "A secret operation has gone wrong and Mycroft needs someone to pin the blame on." A perfect companion piece to 'Study in Pink,' especially given what hints we have in canon of Mycroft's far reach - and occasional ability to get things spectacularly wrong. More character studies than shipper fic and very insightful.)

marysutherland (marysutherland on LJ): "MI Sex" (BBC. Mycroft/Lestrade "A man in the Secret Service naturally keeps a lot of things hidden." Mycroft with an actual sexual past (so uncommon for fic about most versions of Mycroft, including the BBC one), and yet no less unhappy or alone. Good thing Lestrade was on the case.)

marysutherland (marysutherland on LJ): "Normal for Bridgewater" (BBC. Lestrade-centric. "Lestrade is trapped in a love-filled marriage. Spoilers for A Scandal in Belgravia" Gen and Queer and Shippy, all three, wrapped in a Lestrade backstory.)

marysutherland (marysutherland on LJ): "Perseverance" (BBC. Mycroft/Lestrade, Sherlock, John, others. "Greg Lestrade is a very patient man. Just as well, when it's so hard to get together with Mycroft Holmes." Actually, they're both very patient men, Greg and Mycroft, in this story that starts before canon and ends up just before "Reichenbach." It also, it should be noted for those of you reading exclusively for sexual shenanigans, that this quite long story takes us to the brink, but no further...and yet that kind of ending - in the context of this relationship dynamic - makes a great deal of thwarted-reader sense *g*)

marysutherland (marysutherland on LJ): "You cannot libel the dead" (BBC. Mycroft/Lestrade...although mostly gen, with just hints of a future interest. "Mycroft's hiding in the Diogenes Club after Sherlock's death, but someone's coming to get him." 90% of this really smart, really insightful post-Reichenbach story could be the first scene of the first episode of season three. Please note, though, that I'm writing this long before season three airs. *g*)

Maybe Amanda and OneMillionAndNine (see maybe_amanda on LJ): "Sustain (or Concerto for the Famished in D Minor)" (BBC. Molly/Sherlock, John/Sarah. ""So now you're behaving like a six year old 'cause he didn't take you along on his honeymoon?" Lestrade said. "Grow the hell up."" John and Sarah are married and have left the country for some time, which leaves Sherlock at loose ends. Molly - over Sherlock as far as she's able to be - and suffering her own losses, is thinking it might be time to make some changes in her life, including having a child. What's the last thing you'd imagine Sherlock to offer? Yes, he does...and it makes for an excellent story! Note: there's already a very good sequel here and a third - and final? - story in the series on the way, but I'm reccing now as the first 'Sustain' story is complete)

MaybeAmanda and onemillionenine (maybe_amanda on LJ): "Sustain III: Obbligato" ( BBC. Sherlock/Molly, John/Mary, Mycroft, others. AU from the end of The Great Game, and seriously, you probably should have read Sustain I and Sustain II before this for context, even though III is complete unto itself. This story, part kidfic and part case fic, has some really fascinating ideas about the Holmes family dynamics, even if some of them - especially the sections including the parents - aren't particularly supported by canon, although they don't contradict canon either. Potentially spoilery content information: on-screen violence and threats to children. And if you haven't read the first two stories, you need to know that Molly's child, Edmund, is also Sherlock's.) )

Melandria (rhapsodious on LJ): "Negative to Positive" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Tis the season and Sherlock has decided that he must show John what he means to him. The problem is that he doesn't understand what that is, least of all how to show it. He is so out of his depth that he decides to enlist Mycroft's help: cue mischievous brotherly teasing, poor John being ridiculously confused, tinsel on Sherlock's violin, a shopping trip to Harrod's, and copious amounts of Christmas fluff." Sweet and nicely written, although really, this is a self-indulgent rec, for the story contains not only one of my perennial favorite fic tropes, i.e., an exchange of gifts, but also the far more rare 'quality time' between Mycroft and Sherlock.)

Meredydd (meredydd on LJ): "Just Breathe" (BBC. Mycroft/Lestrade. "...meeting the parents." An established relationship story, with a really nice look at family dynamics and class differences. Not 'issue-y')

mermaid (deepbluemermaid on LJ): "the Higher than Reason series" (BBC. Gen, then Sherlock/Various, then Sherlock/John. "This 'verse follows Sherlock through his childhood and university days, and then jumps to John's return from Afghanistan and his readjustment to civilian life." Really intriguing backstories - especially for Sherlock - with both men very believable.)

MerryArwen (lalaietha also on AO3): The "Clever Woman, Doctor's Wife" series. (Ritchie!Verse. Mary/Watson, Sherlock, other permutations. "" A smart Mary Morstan-centric story that begins in her childhood, moves through her early days with John Watson, and then...Mary brings Sherlock Holmes into the mix. Technically incomplete, but enough stories have been added to the series at this point to give it a sense of wholeness.)

Mirith Griffin (mirith on LJ): "Control, Alt, Delete" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "If you could delete everything except what was really important, would you? Sherlock and John explore the question and each other." Smart, funny, sexy, bantery, clever, original...all good stuff. I will say this, though: Potentially spoilery content information: halfway through the story, when I was loving it, John had a reaction to something Sherlock had done before they met that I thought was over the top and, honestly, a little ridiculous. I'll admit my pleasure in the story faded a bit, but I forced myself to get over it, and thank goodness, because I was rewarded wildly for keeping with the story. So...there you go. *g* Additional note: ultimately. we're presented with a [believably] submissive Sherlock and a [believably] Dominant John, so if that's not your preferred dynamic...)

Miss Pamela (misspamela on LJ): "that thing you like" (BBC version. Sherlock/John. "Happy Christmas, etc. etc" John is invited to spend the holidays with the Holmes family, and...yes, this is definitely Sherlock's family. A first time, long after everybody thinks a first time took place.)

Morgan_Stuart (on AO3, morganstuart on LJ): The Sofie Series (BBC. Lestrade, Sofie Lestrade, Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Mrs Hudson, others. "A series centering on an OFC, i.e., Lestrade's daughter Sofie" Well written and engaging, with just the right balance of canonical plottiness and feelings. Especially recommended for those readers who, like me, love to see Sherlock, in particular, interact with cool, smart kids. And yes, Sofie is a bit 'wise beyond her years," but she's really great, so... Potentially spoilery content information: If you are exclusively a Sherlock/John shipper, this might not suit you. The relationship between the men is perfectly canonical, but the subtext of the series - especially in the sequel chapter - is entirely heteronormative. Sherlock is unpaired, but he's the only one.)

mresundance (mresundance on DW): "Unusual Symmetry" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "John understands Sherlock." An asexual Sherlock and a sexual John, involved with each other in a serious relationship. Romantic - for Sherlockian values of 'romance' - and smart. Warning for brief mention of sexual assault.)

Mundungus42 (mundungus42 on LJ): "The Curious Case of the High Lama" (BBC Sherlock and Doctor Who crossover. Sherlock, Doctor (11), others. "Two men, both presumed dead, seek enlightenment and absolution." Precisely how the meeting of these two men would go. Probably. *g*)

Nemo_the_Everbeing (nemo_everbeing on LJ): "It's Not About Pasta" (Sherlock BBC. Sherlock/Lestrade. "John has another date, and Sherlock is left wondering why. He goes to the only other normal person who will speak to him to find out." What could have been pure cliche transforms into something believable and real.)

Onedergirl29 (fic journal - multiplegrooves on LJ): "Getting Better" (Sherlock BBC - AU. Gen, with Sherlock/Holmes undercurrents. "Tristram Holmes dreads attending his new primary school, fearing he'll be teased and bullied as usual. Only, nothing goes exactly as he thinks it will when he finds himself with a seemingly unlikely friend in Emily Watson. " A very believable Kid!Fic, where Sherlock and John's young children meet and become friends before the men do. And there's a mystery to be solved as least one. Occasional repetitions of descriptions, but generally, very well written and engaging.)

out_there (out_there on DW/LJ): "Leave the Signs and the Sirens" (BBC. Sherlock/John...eventually. "After John's released and back home at Baker St, Sherlock still feels it. Down the centre of his chest there's an ache like a healing wound. A physical awareness of a body he usually ignores as much as he can. It's psychosomatic, nothing more interesting than that." Set directly after 'The Great Game," and with no knowledge of season 2. Long and wonderful, with a Sherlock who takes a very long time to recover from the events at the pool and for a variety of reasons finds it all but impossible to talk about, yet somehow, John knows just how to show support. Very good Lestrade and Mycroft.)

out_there (out_there on DW/LJ): "Seventeen Letters" (BBC. Sherlock/John. ""I love Sherlock," John says out loud, testing how the words feel in his mouth. It doesn't change anything. Sherlock's still the pillock who fiddled with his computer password." Generally, I default to epic-length fanfiction in my reading; this is decidedly not-epic, but instead short and sweet.)

out_there (out_there on LJ): "The Whore of Babylon Was a Perfectly Nice Girl" (BBC. Sherlock/John, Mycroft. "Sherlock walks into a room and takes all the space right out of it. He does the same inside John's head." In which John starts to think about Sherlock and sex, and then does more than think about it.'s really about so much more: about family dynamics and drugs and finding a place in the world. Great Sherlock/John dynamic - and a properly creepy/concerned Mycroft.)

paperclipbitch (paperclipbitch on LJ / giveyourlovelovegiveitallaway on tumblr): "These Things Were Promises" (Ritchie!Verse. Holmes/Watson. "Watson has had to take a brutal course in being honest with himself so nothing Holmes says will ever be a surprise." As the author notes, this story might benefit from one final beta read - although the relatively rare problems in the story would be less noticeable in a less well-written work - but generally, apart from some slightly anachronistic phrasing, this is a fantastically good story, with an interesting take on the characters. It's told from Watson's pov and he is all too aware of the fact that he's infatuated with Holmes, no matter that - for so many reasons - he's initially unwilling to say a word about it. The readers, though, can see clear evidence of Holmes' allegedly non-existent emotions and how tied in they are to his very reciprocal feelings for Watson, even before he acknowledges those feelings. Emotions can be a dangerous thing in this story - raw and painful - but sometimes they're exactly what's needed. Potentially spoilery content information: Alcohol and drug use/abuse)

pargoletta (pargoletta on LJ): "Soul By Soul And Silently" (BBC. Gen: Sherlock, John, Sarah, Mycroft, others. "Mycroft takes advantage of his position to bring Sherlock and John behind the scenes on a potential political deal. But what was supposed to be a single gala event quickly becomes a puzzle that Sherlock, John, and Sarah must unravel to expose the secrets of powerful men." A really good mystery that could easily be slotted into ACD canon. Instantly recognizable voices and excellent interactions amongst all the principals.

phantomjam (phantomjam on LJ): "The Perils of Urban Warfare" (Sherlock BBC. John/Sherlock. "The problems of acclimatising to civilian life a.k.a the travails of John, his therapist and Sherlock" A very-early-in-the-run story [i.e., right after episode one], but excellently voiced and clever.)

phosfate (phosfate on Dreamwidth) and Rosencrantz: "John and Sherlock Make a Baby (From Stuff They Find Around the Flat) " (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Jesus Christ, it's a babyfic - GET IN THE CAR. Also wrong-headedness, slurs against the Irish, general creepiness, and a roofie joke." Sheer and utter crack and completely impossible to read without laughing. If you're me. Or others!)

Pic_akai (pic_akai/b_s_n_m on LJ / ficofpic on DW): "Labels" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "When John and Sherlock touch, Sherlock feels warm and John feels relieved. There is no label for this, but they are them." Post-Reichenbach. Gentle and touching...and confusing, possibly, but only if you're John. *g*)

Pic_Akai (b_s_n_m on LJ / ficofpic on DW): " When I Am Gone, The World Keeps Turning" ( When Mycroft retires, there is no leaving party. This is how the British government copes when he is no longer the British government.) and "Thank You For Letting Me Pretend" ( Mycroft is facing either a lonely retirement or death (he hasn't yet decided) when Lestrade notices him, and gives him another option.) (BBC. Mycroft-centric, Lestrade featuring in the second story. Two stories about Mycroft's eventual retirement, both believable, but the first is rather more believable, i.e., rather more depressing. Both, though, are smart and engaging and well worth the read)

Pip (littlepippin76 on LJ): "The Empty House" (BBC. John, Mycroft, Sherlock, Lestrade. "[...the] what and why and how relating to all the lovely cliffhangers from Reichenbach" Clever and engaging. And let's say...pre-slash?)

pir8fancier (on LJ/DW): "Having Been Told" Note: there's a short prequel - "Tell Me" - that can be read here, although "Having Been Told" can stand alone. (BBC. John, Mycroft, Molly, Lestrade, Sherlock. "He didn’t believe and he believed." John in the wake of Sherlock's 'jump' and he's really not doing well at all. Emotionally wrenching and very smart. Potentially spoilery content information: A lot of self destructive drinking on John's part - and, of course, a great deal of discussion of suicide.)

Pir8fancier (pir8fancier on LJ): "Planet Sherlock" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "John and Sherlock devise a rating system for their sexual encounters." John would like to be participating in sex on a more regular basis, but Sherlock is making that impossible. Sherlock has barely any sexual experience, and decides to set out to get some more. Funny...and sexy.)

professorfangirl (lizeckhart on LJ): "Playground" (BBC. Sherlock/John. ""Sherlock’s surprisingly strong, for all he’s so willowy. But John has a lower center of gravity, so the tussle hovers halfway to the bedroom door. John shakes his head, laughing. 'Dammit, Sherlock. Grow up.' (But he really doesn’t mean it. He doesn’t mean it at all.)"" An actual laugh-out-loud beginning, and then an abrupt switch of mood, which was just shy of too 'poetic' and instead worked wonderfully to convey the way sex and love and the whole damned thing feels sometimes.)

Professor Pangaea: Sub Rosa. (ACD book canon. Gen. Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes: an epistolary tale. Caution: very graphics heavy; okay for dialup...eventually. Excellent.)

P.R. Zed (przed on LJ): "Nothing Worth Having" (RDJ Films. Watson/Mary, Watson&Holmes. "When Watson is kidnapped, Holmes and Mary must come to an accommodation." Loyal, loving, brave...and that's just Mary. Just the right tone.)

rabidsamfan (rabidsamfan on LJ): "1918" "A glimpse of a possible encounter near the end of one career and the start of another." (Post WWI, and a crossover, of sorts, with Dorothy Sayers' Lord Peter Wimsey books)

rageprufrock: "The Least of All Possible Mistakes" (BBC. Mycroft/F!Lestrade, Sherlock. "If ever a people deserved tasering, it’s Holmeses." Pre-series canon, with a female Lestrade, and...ordinarily, I have little interest in inexplicably gender-switched characters, particularly when the character in question is then presented with a few too many stereotypically 'female' traits. But! I'm pleased I gave this story a try, since it not only offers a rather lovely kinder-gentler-but-still-Mycroft Mycroft, but also sheds some interesting light on the Lestrade&Sherlock dynamic...and is, let me add, written very well. Note: I inadvertently recced this before it was complete, but new chapters keep appearing and the rec stands!)

Raina (raina_at on LJ): "The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows" (Sherlock/John. "Sherlock has been gone from Baker Street for exactly 388 days. When he returns, nothing is quite the way he expected it to be." Post-Reichenbach, but written before season 2. A little angsty, but in a...cleansing way, with everybody's responses to the reunion ringing utterly true.)

Rand (yeomanrand on LJ): "Obsession, Appassionato" (Sherlock/John. "John is late, and he hasn't called, and Sherlock works himself into a state." Post-pool in season one. Not an 'established relationship' story, but Sherlock is feeling possessive anyway. Good escalation of tension, on Sherlock's part.)

randomly_rusted (on LJ): "A Reliable Man" (BBC. Mycroft/Lestrade. "Mycroft wants to know if the people around Sherlock are reliable. Lestrade just wants to get the paperwork finished." The summary is for the first story in a nine-part series, featuring a tough - if occasionally out of his depth - Lestrade and a true puppet-master Mycroft. There's also a bonus sequel - "Footsore" - here)

Raven (loneraven on LJ): "and now, the shipping news" (BBC. John, Molly, Clara, Lestrade, Harry, etc... "After Sherlock's death, John thinks (too much), drinks (not enough) and, on a tide of sisters' ex-wives, cheese and kindness, sails on." Gen, post-Reichenbach, as John goes through the grieving processes in a very non-excessive manner. Smart and extremely honest.)

Resonant (resonant on DW / resonant8 on LJ): "Amenable" (John/Sherlock. "You certainly never forgot who you were kissing with Sherlock." A perfectly wonderful "first time" story, in which John is at least as good at 'observing' as Sherlock is.)

roane (fear_the_squee on DW): "the Defence Mechanisms series" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Made up - as of March 2012 - of "Displacement" and "Sublimation"" And note that "Displacement," in psychoanalysis, is "the transfer of an emotion from its original focus to another object, person, or situation" John should have read a few more psychology textbooks.)

Sam Vimes/copperbadge (sam_storyteller on DW): "Paper Chase" (Sherlock BBC crossover with White Collar. Peter, Neal, Elizabeth, Sherlock, John, others. "One criminal consultant. One consulting detective. One serial killer. And one perhaps inadvisable bet..." Once you handwave away the set-up that brings Sherlock and John to New York, what you're left with is a wonderfully clever tale that seamlessly blends both 'verses. Great fun.)

Sarah T (harriet_spy on LJ / saraht on DW): " (however improbable)" (Sherlock BBC. Mycroft, Sherlock. '"When I say, therefore, that Mycroft has better powers of observation than I, you may take it that I am speaking the exact and literal truth." But powers of observation aren't everything.' A mystery, of sorts...and wonderfully / frighteningly ambiguous)

sariagray (sariagray on LJ): "Until" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Sherlock comes back a little bit broken" Post-Reichenbach, and...see the author's summary. But...ultimately hopeful.)

sciosophia (lovingthevolume on LJ): "Don't Ever Look Back" (BBC. Molly, John, Sherlock, eventually some version of Molly/Sherlock. "Molly can feel an invisible padlock around her brain and knows that Sherlock is looking for the key." Molly's in a witness protection program and so are John and Sherlock - and somehow they end up in the same place. Written long before season two. Good voices and particularly good growth for Molly. Potentially spoilery content information: Mention of a possible suicide attempt.)

sciosophia (lovingthevolume, fic journal on LJ): "The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows" (BBC. Sally, with past Sally/Sherlock. "The real reason Sally Donovan hates Sherlock so much? They have a child he never sees." Season 2, for obvious reasons, left me antagonistic toward Sally, regardless of how predisposed I'd been to like the character originally. This story however - written before season 2 - made me much more sympathetic to Sgt Donovan's situation. Very well done! Note: there's a great little two-part future fic by lizzledpink in the comment section which is worth reading! Warning for a seriously sad moment at the end, in the wake of "The Great Game" pool sequence, although considering the author's planning sequels, maybe not as sad as it seems?)

Scoffy (sc010f on LJ): "All that You Build, All that You Break" (Mycroft/Lestrade; John/Sherlock [background]. "(Written for a prompt on the sherlockbbc_fic community). Mycroft Holmes and Greg Lestrade knew each other as children. Twenty years later, they encounter one another and everything is different." Some really interesting observations about family dynamics, class structure, and the nature of ambition.)

Scoffy (sc010f on LJ): "Mysterious Ways" (BBC. Molly/Moriarty, Molly/Mycroft. "Molly never expected Jim from IT to be a psychotic consulting criminal. But the revelation of his true nature led her to something even more unexpected than finding your boyfriend is a killer." In which Molly can be strong on occasion, and Mycroft can't quite forget to be manipulative, even when he tries. Written prior to season two.)

sevenswells (sevenswells on LJ): "Decadent" (BBC. Mycroft/John/Sherlock. "Sherlock mentions to John that he sometimes sleeps with Mycroft; they're about to have sex for the first time when Sherlock tells him." The content info is pretty much a list of things I generally don't want to read, and yet it all works perfectly - for me, at least - in this story. Plus, there's cake. Potentially spoilery content information: incest, threesome, mindfuck, dub con)

Shannon (dracunculus on LJ): "The Only Jealousy of the Brothers Holmes" (ACD book canon. Gennish. An exploration of the relationship between Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes . . . and of the relationship between Holmes and Watson. Nicely voiced and thoughtful.)

sheffiesharpe (sheffiesharpe on LJ): "At Least There's the Football" (BBC. Great Lestrade/Mycroft series, the plot of which starts immediately after "The Great Game." I love the slow development of the relationship between the two men and the introduction of some wonderful OCs, mostly Lestrade's extended family. And Anthea - i.e., Mycroft's assistant - is given a fantastic backstory here and an unexpected three dimensionality. Note: I've been wanting to rec this for ages, and so this is one of the very few exceptions to my no-wips reccing policy; this series isn't finished and I'm not certain the author has a specific end in mind - or at least not an endpoint that will be reached anytime soon. However, the series has already reached 160,000 words, and while I wish, in my heart of hearts, that it would never end, all of the later chapters provide at the very least, a good, resting point, i.e., if the series ended at any of those moments, it wouldn't be heartbreaking, which is often the risk when reading wips.)

sideris (sideris on Dreamwidth) "Working It Out" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "John discovers it's Sherlock's birthday whilst Sherlock makes a series of disturbing discoveries of his own, leading them to embark upon a relationship that was never going to be easy." Really well done. Sherlock's thought processes, especially at the start - his longing and fear and refusal to reveal his feelings - feel very honest. Potentially spoilery content information: consensual physical punishment. emotional - and other - repercussions from traumatic childhood sexual encounter [to which John is usually sensitive, although sometimes impatient], plus the usual canonical incidents of physical peril and danger)

silkmoth: "Ashes to Ashes" (Sherlock/John. "John gets to know Sherlock's father." The first story of a series. Note: I have no way of knowing as I type this when - or whether - the proposed series will be complete. This particular story, though, has an ending, although it's a bit of a cliffhanger. 'Ashes to Ashes' is...emotionally tense and fraught. Not entirely bleak - there's comfort amidst the worry and heartbreak, and love. John's love for Sherlock, in particular, is clear, although even that love, or rather, the way it's sometimes expressed, is laden with ambiguities. Not the typical representations of either of the Holmes brothers, but both Sherlock and Mycroft - as we see them in the BBC series - could absolutely be these guys. Warning for child abuse issues. )

sinuous_curve (sinuous_curve on LJ/saystheheart on DW): "Learn to Wear Each Other" (Lestrade/Mycroft. BBC - Sherlock. "Embarrassing as it is -- considering Lestrade actually is a decently intelligent and aware person despite what Sherlock insinuates at least twice a week -- he very simply does not notice someone standing in his doorway until the man clears his throat. "Detective Inspector Lestrade?" the man asks as though he already knows the answer. /"It's the name on the desk." / The man's mouth settles with a hint of a smile. It's a bit obnoxious really, the unconscious condescension he exudes; like he knows all the answers to questions Lestrade can't even begin to think of asking. "I'm here about Sherlock Holmes."" Even those of us who have a fondness for Mycroft Holmes and Inspector Lestrade as a pairing, are often forced to admit that believable portrayals of a relationship developing between the two men are mighty thin on the ground. This story though, simple and slow building, is...convincing. Good voices throughout and good insights into all the characters' psyches.)

solojones ( on LJ): "The Sign of the Four" (BBC. Sherlock&John, John/Mary, Mycroft, others " A year and a half post-Reichenbach, a damaged Sherlock Holmes returns to Baker Street. But everything's changed, leaving the friendship between Sherlock and John tense and uncertain. While struggling to adjust, Sherlock, John, and Mary Morstan find themselves on a case involving betrayal, deception, and tests of friendship. But will it make their bonds stronger or tear them apart? And will it matter if Sherlock's demons pull him under first?" 'Damaged' is the right word for this Sherlock, and yet he reads utterly true to what somebody who'd had his experiences might have become. "The Sign of the Four" is essentially Gen - with John and Mary's romantic relationship as one added element, but the focus of the story is the (re)development of Sherlock and John's relationship and that's handled perfectly. Potentially spoilery content information: Cocaine use, and not just casually referenced.) )

Sorrel: "Marriage á Trois" (2009 film. Holmes/Mary/Watson. "In the aftermath of the Blackwood case, Mary determines that if she wants to have a successful marriage, she must find a way to integrate Holmes into her relationship with John. It's a decision that will have a number of unforeseen consequences, as she becomes far closer with the famous detective than she ever could have imagined." Good, slow progression, with Mary being both more perceptive and less perceptive than everybody else.)

Speranza (cesperanza on LJ/DW): "Up Or Artistic Lush" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "12 across," John said, waving the folded newspaper. "Superficially attractive deception largely after pool with promises of payment: twelve letters." Wonderfully voiced and sexy and funny. No proper cases, but case-adjacent moments, while John is still [mostly] not gay. Very good.)

sprl1199 (sprl1199 on LJ): the "Becoming" series (BBC. Sherlock/John. Two connected stories - "Cu Sylvatica," which marries a casefic to the progression of Sherlock and John's relationship in the wake of the events of "The Great Game" and "Knot Theory," a more focused case story that starts with Moriarty turning himself in to the police, which is just the beginning of his diabolical machinations. Good tension and plotting, with a strong core of care and love between Sherlock and John, and while Moriarty often seems far too clever to be believed, so too does canon!Moriarty, so...)

stardust_made (stardust_made on LJ): the "I Know the Steps" series complete, for the moment? (BBC. Mycroft/Lestrade. "[...The] progression of their relationship..." In which Mycroft's involved in a relationship with Lestrade long before Lestrade has been informed they have a relationship. *g*)

Tangles (entangled_now on LJ): "Progress and Change" (Sherlock BBC. John/Sherlock...eventually? "John really should learn to pay attention during conversations with Sherlock." This is exactly how everything would start. Or...not.)

Tangles (entangled_now on LJ): "Thought Experiments" (Sherlock/John. "Thought experiment: an attempt to solve a problem using the power of human imagination." This is a fandom that cries out for first times in which Sherlock is initially experimenting with the idea of romantic or erotic involvements, and this story is one of the very best of that genre. In character, engaging, and believable.)

Tartan/tartanfics (tartancravat on LJ): "Folding, Unfolding, Refolding" (BBC. Molly, Sherlock, others. "Molly feels different, afterwards. She feels like she’s lost something, some part of herself that was capable of having a crush on Sherlock that, though pathetic, was at least honest and simple." Post 'Reichenbach Fall' with a perfect pov from a deceptively strong Molly in the aftermath of 2.03. Sensitive and touching.)

Taz (tazlet on LJ): "The Bee Master's Pattern" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "After Sherlock's death, Watson has retired to a cottage on the Sussex Downs." A remix of a story by coloredink Excellent characterizations and very smart - plus...wonderfully detailed where the whole "keeping bees" thing is concerned.)

Telanu: Leaving ("Holmes and Mary have it out, Victorian style; set shortly before "The Final Problem."") and Left ("Sequel to "Leaving," from Watson's POV.") Both ACD book canon)

thesardine: "Action Man" (BBC. Gen. Mycroft, Sherlock, etc. "He’d known long ago that Sherlock would never see forty. It was written all over him." Post-Reichenbach, but most of the story is Mycroft's childhood pov, considering Sherlock. Touching, but...bleak.)

thirdbird (thirdbird_fic on LJ/thirdbird on DW): "Comfort in a Whirlwind" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "A reverse-POV remix of Kate_Lear's "The Mind Has Mountains": Sherlock's black moods, from Sherlock's perspective." Perfect read of Sherlock's demons and his associated capacity for self-sabotage - and John's near endless patience)

thisprettywren (thisprettywren on LJ/DW): "Someone Else's Heart" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "A crime scene, a rainstorm, and something they both should have known all along." A deceptively simple post-Hounds story [although written well in advance of season 2] with a particularly good Holmes voice.)

thisprettywren (also thisprettywren on LJ): "A Matter of Perspective" (Sherlock BBC. Sherlock/John, but more gennish. "Sherlock is sectioned, but it appears the hospital staff may not have his best interests at heart." Is what's happening to Sherlock real or a series of hallucinations? Either can be a harrowing journey - and scarily believable. Very well done.)

tristesses (also joyeuses on LJ): "You Play the Cards You're Dealt" (Sherlock BBC. Gen. Sally Donovan p.o.v. "Sally counts the reasons why she despises Sherlock Holmes." Quietly angry and righteous. And no, I can't say I blame her at all. 800 words.)

tweedisgood (tweedisgood on LJ): "To a Doctor's Wife" (ACD. Married!Watson, Asexual!Holmes. "Watson writes a letter, because people talk." This story - along with its sequel "Frail Memorial" - is wonderful, perfectly voiced, and so very the very best of ways. Potentially spoilery content information: major character death, i.e., Holmes; this isn't the point of 'To a Doctor's Wife' or 'Frail Memorial,' but it is foregrounded in both stories)

tyleet (tyleet on DW): "Second Verse, Same as the First" (BBC & Ritchie!verse. Sherlock/John. "A hundred years on and a world away, and nothing much is really changed." Parallel timelines, with a single conclusion...and both perfectly in character.)

Unloyal_Olio (unloyal_olio on LJ): "Off On the Wrong Foot" (BBC. John/Sherlock. "John and Sherlock aren't flatmates. Instead, John gets a job in Bart's morgue, and Sherlock attempts to abscond with body parts. Which is just not on." A very different kind of meeting, with a rather tougher John, overtly at least - and some great, i.e., creepy, interactions between Sherlock and Moriarty.)

unovis (on DW): "Undressing" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Clothes on, clothes off: John sleeps badly, Sherlock may be a modest man. Contains buttons, mint, and a substance that may be tar." Smart, insightful, and clever. Alternating povs, with both men trying to say more than they're able and occasionally trying to keep from saying anything at all. Somehow, though, an understanding of sorts is still reached)

vangoghaway: "Self Defense in Advance" (BBC. CisWoman!Mycroft, Sherlock, Holmes parents, Lestrade, Anthea. "Mycroft was seven the first time she worried about Sherlock, a tiny pink ugly thing he was, so soft, and quite suddenly she was very aware of all the dangerous things in the world. All the things that not only could harm, but were intent upon doing so. She's thirty six when she first notices the effect this stress has on her. Mycroft is Atlas, of sorts, a government, a sphere of lives resting on the space between her shoulder blades. In the mirror, the sag and sallow of her face alarms her the moment she pauses to study. She looks...old. She at once looks fifty and thirty two, more lines and pronounced gray hair the only things properly missing. She has perhaps always looked this age, somewhere between young and old, for years now, but it's only just now she properly pays attention to it. Mycroft lets her hand drift across her cheek for a second longer before popping open the medicine cabinet and carrying on." A really smart genderswap story (and character study), in which Mycroft is - and has always been - a woman. Mycroft is, for all intents and purposes, asexual in this fic, but... Potentially spoilery content information: there's some interesting interactions - potentially romantic if the series continues - between her and Lestrade. Note: there's also a mention of suicide, drugs, and overdosing - the latter two, canonical - in the fic.)

verityburns (verityburns on LJ): "The Green Blade" (BBC. John&Sherlock. "As a serial killer hits the headlines, the police are out of their depth and the next victim is out of time. With faith in Sherlock Holmes at an all time low, this is a case which will push loyalties to the limit." Set after season one. A really clever and intriguing case fic with an almost perfect dynamic between Sherlock and John. By the way, this John is smart and perceptive and able - within his own areas of expertise - to deduce things just fine, thank you, and all without becoming some unrecognizable Sherlock Jr. Good OC's, too.)

verityburns: "The Heart in the Whole" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Events after 'The Great Game' leave Sherlock dependent on his best friend and colleague. But John has a secret of his own..." This was written long before season two, and...let me start with a warning for Traumatic Brain Injury, i.e., a sniper's gunshot, grazing Sherlock and leaving him briefly in a coma and then blind, although to find out whether that's also temporary, you'll have to read the story. Moriarty is still alive and dangerous in this story, although in the background for most of the story. The focus is on the developing relationship between John and a very inexperienced Sherlock, in conjunction with Sherlock's recovery. Honestly? Even though I liked the final chapters, the story itself felt as if it had reached a natural end at least two chapters before it finally finished, but even that is a fairly minor criticism in a very long, very engaging story)

vulgarweed and htebazytook: "The Bone Fiddle" (BBC. John/Sherlock "Appalachian AU! In November 1973, Vietnam vet John Watson returns to his family's old home in Arthel County, West Virginia, deep in coal country. His low expectations include recuperation and boredom. Instead he finds a ruined landscape, a series of grisly murders, and one of the world's weirdest neighbors." Completely fantastic AU, with a perfect sense of place and time. )

what_alchemy (what_alchemy on LJ/DW): "Battle Stratagem for the Domesticated British Male" (Sherlock/John. BBC. "Age happens. This is not Sherlock's area." Decades in the future, and Sherlock and John have been together all those years. Is everything peaceful and rosy? Hah! This is Sherlock and John we're talking about. Such a good sense of the passage of time and the concerns associated with aging, but the two men are absolutely still themselves.)

what_alchemy (what_alchemy on LJ): "An Affinity for Lignin " (BBC. Sherlock/John. "I can do it, John. What Mr. Norbury did. Only better, I think." Clever and domestic and loving. A coda, of sorts, to the Embers series, just below, I need a warning for babyfic? Perhaps in this particular series I do.)

what_alchemy (what_alchemy on LJ/DW): the 'Embers' series (BBC. Sherlock/John. "Regular people, normal people, people like good, warm, tea-making, hair-stroking John, they have visible pulses, pulses that slow and quicken, pulses tied to their emotions and their brains and their life forces. Pulses attached to whatever animates them. Sherlock has no such time-keeping." So...the summary is for the first story in the series - "Tremolo" - and there are two other stories that follow ["Dismantle the Sun" & "Centuries of Nerve"], so as of today's edit of my recs page, makes the series complete. In 'Embers,' Sherlock say he's something akin to Pinocchio is to make light of the premise, I think, but suffice it to say that he was created, not born, yet you need to know this series is no parody. Really smart, very original, and very moving. It's a 'Reichenbach'-centric story, in some ways, but ultimately, it's far more than that.)

what_alchemy (what_alchemy on LJ/DW): "A Symphony of Chemical Reactions" (BBC. John/Sherlock. “Cooking’s just chemistry and time management." An original and engaging narrative style...a perfect Sherlock pov - and often very funny, which is something I don't typically associate with his thought processes.)

what_alchemy (what_alchemy on LJ/DW): "The Syntax of Things" (Sherlock/John, Mycroft, 'Mummy.' "When John looked at him, Sherlock felt whole, felt like he was who he was meant to be. Not a freak, an oddity, or a monster in-between." An emotionally true - sometimes heart-wrenching and sometimes soul-satisfying - story. Includes issues surrounding transphobia.)

what_alchemy (what_alchemy on LJ): "Thirty-Two Years " (BBC. Mycroft/OFC. "When Mycroft Holmes lost his virginity at age sixteen to the groundskeeper’s rough-hewn daughter while home from Eton for the summer, it came as rather a surprise. / Thirty-two years in an unconventional romance." Raw and real and dirty - in all the best ways - with a side of class issues. Another coda to the Embers series [see above], but Mycroft-centric.)

wordstrings (wordstrings on LJ): "The Death and Resurrection of the English Language" (Sherlock BBC. Sherlock/John. This story is about as close as one can come to being lodged somewhere inside Sherlock's head, and lucky, lucky Sherlock that he has John to not be utterly terrified of the prospect.

zauzat (zauzat on LJ): "The Third One" (BBC. Lestrade-centric gen. "Lestrade has no idea what he meant to Sherlock. " Post-Reichenbach. One of those 'tipping point' moments, where you can see somebody's thought processes start to move down a new path. Really nicely done.)

Zombie kitten (xzombiexkittenx on LJ): "Read our futures in the rising steam" (BBC. Sherlock/John. "As the author writes: "case!fic sexy-tiemz between a straight man and an asexual man, now with added Big Brother Mycroft, cocaine, and vivisection!" " Post-Hiatus and Sherlock's pretty much a complete disaster, which is to say perfectly in character - and brilliant as always. And John? He's a BAMF, as 'the kids' say. Potentially spoilery content information: Drug use, post-mortem descriptions of rape/murder victims, non-graphic torture)


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