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Mar. 23rd, 2010 04:57 pm
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Please note that most of these story recommendations were made before I reconsidered my warnings policy (i.e., before I decided to include warnings). Generally speaking, there's little of a dark or violent nature to warn for in these stories, but...caveat lector.


Basingstoke. Game, Set,. (Gen...House and Cuddy come to an agreement. Pre-series.)

Branwyn (cesario on LJ): no less a devil for that. ("A girl and her principles". Listed by the author as House/Cameron, but the story actually reads more like Cameron-centric gen. Excellent characterizations. Stalking theme.)

Cori Lannam: Surcease. (House/Wilson. ' House can get through the day without the pills, but how does he get through the night?")

Dira Sudis: Last Rites. (Gen. Cameron, Chase, House. "House has some bad news for Chase, and a surprise for Cameron.")

fourteencandles (fourteencandles on LJ): "The Body Found" (House/Wilson. As the summary says, "Wilson goes missing." An occasionally overwrought H/C piece - although perhaps understandably, given the aftermath of Wilson's disappearance - but smart and engaging.)

ironcladotter: All the Effects of Intoxication. (House/Wilson. "This only happens when they're drunk.")

Ironcladotter: Leave This Harbor For the Sea. (House/Wilson. "House was never the kind of friend who'd help you move, even when he'd had two good legs, not to mention two good arms perfectly capable of lifting boxes.")

Isagel: A Differential Diagnosis for Green Silk. (House/Wilson. Wilson's women never used to bother him. He'd mock him for them, certainly, but it was done in passing, a few comments here and there, a running joke between friends. This time, he's been going straight for the jugular, over and over again.)

Isagel: Side Effects. (House/Wilson. It was only the second time House actually fucked him, but Wilson was rapidly gaining a new understanding of addiction. A crash course, but when had Greg ever taught anything else?)

Kass (kassrachel on LJ): "Knot" (House/Wilson/Cuddy. Cuddy has a request.)

Kass: Tipping Point. (House/Wilson. It was just an ordinary Thursday.)

Laura Smith: Slide. (House/Cameron. "... one could argue I'm just acquiescing because I've no choice.")

Laura Smith: Something For the Pain. (House/Wilson. They've got a relationship that's most easily described as complex and most commonly called impossible to understand. But he understands Greg and Greg understands him and, somewhere in the middle, it all seems to work. Except it's not working any more.)

Milkshake Butterfly: Defensive Strategies. (House/Wilson. Wilson needs a sign; House is happy to oblige.)

Milkshake Butterfly: Trivial Pursuits. (Wilson/House. "Because relationships are all about asking those important questions.")

Miriam Heddy: Name that Tune. (Gregory House/James Wilson. Because really? Yes.)

Mistress Mab: Litmus. (House/Cameron. Or possibly Cameron/Cane. Post "Role Model")

shalott: Maryland. (House/Wilson. James gets an offer, but it's possible that Greg has a better offer to make.)

shalott: Pathogenesis and Intervention. (House/Wilson - wrapped around a case story)

Syal: Blow the Candles Out. (House/Wilson. It's Wilson's birthday, his wife has spent forty-five dollars on a cake, and guess who's coming to dinner.)

Violet (violet_quill): Pain and Magic. (Crossover with House. House and Snape. Mostly gen. House is asked to see a new patient, but the case seems too boring for him until he hears the patient thinks he's a wizard.)

Wintertime: The History of the World. (House/Wilson; references to m/f. "You can't dance around someone for years without stepping on their toes a few times")


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