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Please note that most of these story recommendations were made before I reconsidered my warnings policy (i.e., before I decided to include warnings). Generally speaking, there's little of a dark or violent nature to warn for in these stories, but...caveat lector.


afrai: Living Arrangements.

afrai: Sparks. (Pepper/War)

Aja (bookshop on LJ): Everything That Rises Must Converge. (Crowley/Aziraphale. Fence sitting.)

Aja (bookshop on LJ): "The Last Most Beautiful Day in the World." (Crowley/Aziraphale. There have been many beautiful days in the history of the world. A story of contrasts...and hope. Wonderfully written and a lovely relationship between C and A.)

Daegaer: A Helping Hand

Daegaer: Bright With His Splendour. (Crowley/Aziraphale. Wars above, wars below. Very moving.)

Daegaer: Eight Nights. (Crowley/Aziraphale. Oh look! A yuletide challenge story that's not about Christmas. *g*)

Daegaer: The Firstlings of the Flock. (Aziraphale & Crowley. In which Crowley - quite inadvertently - does a very bad thing indeed.)

Daegaer: Home is Where the Heart Is (Dogma/GO crossover. Aziraphale goes to America, Crowley joins him . . . and who should they meet but Loki and Bartleby?).

Daegaer: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Daegaer: Ordinary People (AU "Ezra Fell and Tony Crowley were just two ordinary people")

Daegaer: Seven Circles To Leave Your Lover In (The Pandaemonium Remix). (Hastur/Ligur. "Hell has special punishments for every sin. Hastur isn't used to seeing them from the wrong end of the pitchfork." Very funny. A remix of Lovely Zelda's "Seven Circles To Leave Your Lover In")

Daegaer: The Best Days of their Lives. (Sequel/AU to Louise Lux's Baby Snakes)

Daegaer: The Sound of Omens (Parody. A Crossover with the Sound of Music)

daughtersofisis: "Great Are The Myths" (Crowley/Aziraphale. "It's Thursday, and Aziraphale wants to get a few things cleared up; for example, now what?" Now what, indeed, after the almost-Apocalypse; Crowley would like the answer to that question as well. This is a long and wonderfully written and really pretty damned amazing story.)

e (etothepii on LJ): "I Used to Live Alone Before I Knew You" (Fusion with Sherlock BBC. John/Sherlock. "Where Mycroft is an angel, Sherlock is a demon, and John is still John." This is, as the author's notes say, a fusion, not a crossover. So...imagine Sherlock as Crowley, and Mycroft as Aziraphale, and John. Wonderfully conceived and executed.)

Giddy Geek: A Precise and Accurate History of Monday, Eleven Years Later (Crowley/Aziraphale. Long and good.)

Grindylowe: Twofish. (Crowley/Aziraphale. Crowley buys a fighting fish.)

irisbleu: "Wishes and Words to the Wise" ( Shadwell/Tracy, Aziraphale/Crowley, Newt/Anathema. And we mustn't forget the International Express Delivery Man, because as the summary says, "Somebody has to deliver the presents in the Universe's grand gift exchange." Cleverly done. Shadwell, in particular, is a delight.)

KA Rose: One Big Happy Pantheon. (cross-recced in Dogma and Good Omens. Gen/Slash. The son of Satan meets the daughter of God. Crowley, Aziraphale, Loki, Bartleby . . . others)

KarotsaMused: Ears. (Gen. And a kitten.)

lady_oneiros: "Antigen." (Gen...mostly. "Why exactly was Pollution chosen as Pestilence's replacement? Pestilence summons Pollution so that he can clear the to speak." Smart.)

Louise Lux: Baby Snakes (mpreg...of a sort)

Louise Lux: Naked and Unashamed

Louise Lux: Presents

madsciencechick: "Apple." (Crowley/Aziraphale, implied Adam/Pepper. "Normal boys don't give presents at their own weddings. Unfortunately for Aziraphale and Crowley, Adam Young has never been a normal boy." Sweet and sexy.)

magicicada: "Until the End that is to Come" (Newt/Anathema, but so much more than that. Hope and terror and sweetness and tension war in this story of what the end really looks like. Includes a fantstic set of demons - Crowley included - for the demonically inclined amongst you.)

magpie: Cumulative effort

Mary: Christmas mixer. (Cross-recced in Dogma and Good Omens. Gen - although with some Crowley/Aziraphale subtext - and a perfect Metatron voice.)

Musegaarid (musegaarid on LJ): "Don't Know Much About History" (Adam, Crowley/Aziraphale, and DEATH! "Adam learns why the thirteenth century wasn't quite as boring as the fourteenth." Funny and charming.)

Musegaarid (musegaarid on LJ): "Falling Without a Parachute" (Crossover with James Bond. Bond/Crowley. In the summer of 1955, Bond is on a train to Zurich when, by chance, he shares a table in the dining car with a dark-haired man wearing sunglasses. Excellent voices and a perfect blending of the two universes.)

Nny (villainny on LJ): "Wednesdays" (Crowley&Aziraphale...hinting at C/A. Now that Adam is old enough to be studying at university, Aziraphale and Crowley have temporarily found new careers for themselves. Perfectly drawn characterizations and a clever, sly look at university life. An excellent story.)

Nny (villainny on LJ): "World Without End" (Crowley/Aziraphale. "'Home' was always one of those subjective words, of course." A plotty and clever future history, that perfectly treads the line between dystopia and charming fairy tale)

Patrick Phelan: Revisited and Riding Out. (Pepper, when War comes to town.)

penknife: Comfort and Joy. (Crowley and Aziraphale and the giving of gifts. It's the thought that counts.)

Ref (refche on LJ): "Winter Burn." (Crowley/Crowley's wings. "Anyone can create a pair and start fondling them, but to touch one's core only with your fingers takes dedication." Sensual and evocative. And with wonderful illustrations!)

rinnington: "Switching Teams" (Crowley/Aziraphale. Funny and smutty and ...what more could you ask for? Well, maybe inadvertent temporary body-swapping and just a touch of voyeurism.)

Sam Starbuck (copperbadge on LJ): Devil Took the Soldier Boy. (A Good Omens/Lord Peter Wimsey crossover. Gen. And absolutely lovely.)

torch (flambeau on LJ): And When He Falls (The first Crowley/Aziraphale story on the web. Back-up file available here)

unravels: "Better Than To Receive" (Crowley/Aziraphale. A clever homage to "Gift of the Magi.")

unravels: Its Own Place. (Crowley/Aziraphale. This time, it's really the end of the world . . . and a certain angel and demon realize they're about to lose more than sushi.)

Vyola: A Hole in the Hedge (Pepper)

Vivien: The Greatest of These

Vulgarweed: "Compromising Positions." (Crowley/Aziraphale. "Seven years after the death of Christ, our heroes are in Rome, and it’s festival time. Aziraphale is mildly enthusiastic. Crowley is blasé. The Emperor is insane." Clever, literate, and...slutty! *g*)

Vulgarweed: Wrong Turn at Yesod. (Aziraphale/Crowley. Slash *and het. Very demonic.)

Waxbean (waxbean on LJ): "How Shadwell Got His Groove Back" (Shadwell/Madame Tracy, Adam/Pepper, Adam/Shadwell. If I said this wasn't just a PWP but was actually quite sympathetic, especially to Shadwell, would you believe me? Didn't think so. As the summary says: "What could happen when the Antichrist is your sex therapist." Strangely hot.)


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