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Please note that most of these story recommendations were made before I reconsidered my warnings policy (i.e., before I decided to include warnings). Generally speaking, there's little of a dark or violent nature to warn for in these stories, but...caveat lector.


Abby (rhosymedre47 on LJ): "The Next Great Adventure" (Crossover with Discworld. Snape, DEATH {so...technically a death story. Excellent voices for both fandoms and very insightful.)

afrai (bravecows on LJ): Curtain Call (Vetinari/DEATH)

afrai (bravecows on LJ): Whose Names Are Death. (cross-recced in Discworld and Sandman. Death of the Endless in the realm of DEATH. Poignant.)

akamarykate (akamarykate on LJ): "The Uninvited Guest" "Death wasn't cut out to be a godparent." - or so the summary goes; personally, I think he does a fine job, with Esme Weatherwax's help)

astro_knight: "Saturday For No Luck At All" (Otto Chriek/William de Worde. "For the prompt: “William de Worde isn't sure how to tell his father or co-workers that he's married to Otto Chriek and not Sacharissa.”" Awkward and charming and funny and extremely sweet.)

athena_crikey (what_we_dream on LJ): "Protector of the King's Peace" (Vetinari, Vimes, Sybill. ""As Protector of the King’s Peace, you would be expected to give a proper obeisance to the throne." Vimes pits principle against fact." A smart look at the behind-the-scenes political maneuverings in Ankh-Morpork, set sometime after Going Postal)

book_hobbit: "Trouser Legs" (Ponder/Rincewind. "Rincewind get shunted down the wrong trouser leg of time. Typically, things don't go the way he was expecting" Cleverly conceived and executed...and unexpectedly sweet.)

Donna Immaculata (donnaimmaculata on LJ): Mostly Human. (Gen. Susan Sto-Helit pays a visit to Lord Vetinari. And there's a card game!)

Fabrisse: "Of Empires and Education" (Gen. Vetinari, Vimes. "The future of Ankh-Morpork is discussed." Just a simple conversation between two men, but one which I think I'd really like to happen somewhere in the 'real' Ankh-Morpork.)

firebird5: "The Prince Of Ur" (Hwl, tomjon, Vitoller, plus...DEATH. "Hwel writes a patriotic play - that is, it talks about killing foreigners (who deserve it) - but certain critics still aren't satisfied. And sometimes, late at night, Hwel wonders if he's writing the play or the play is writing him..." A brilliantly constructed dramatic/comic fusion of Discworld and Shakespeare. Spoilers for Wyrd Sisters)

Fyrie: "The End of the Road" (Mort/Ysabel. No anniversary goes exactly as planned for the Duke and Duchess of Sto Helit. Bittersweet...and I suppose a DEATH warning is in order.)

gillianinoz (gillianinoz on LJ): "What Money Can't Buy" "It's nearly Hogswatch and Sam Vimes searches for the perfect gift for Young Sam." (Utterly sentimental and tear-inducing, and yet completely in character at the same time).

Kahvi (kahvi on LJ): "At the End" (Once again, DEATH has business to attend to, so Susan takes his place...and this time, it's Granny Weatherwax she encounters. A few typos to sort out, but an extremely clever and funny tale.)

Karanguni (karanguni on LJ): "Ho ho ho" "Sometimes, students from the Academy visit the Patrician." (Tiny, Vetinari-centered, um, Christmas story. *g*)

Lynnmonster (lynnmonster on LJ): An Old Dog (Vimes, Vetinari)

Mercator (mercator1 on LJ): Possession (Vetinari. A young girl. Perhaps a romance)

Mercator (mercator1 on LJ): The Seamstress Series, which is composed of Say Yes, Conspiracy of Beers, Vetinari in Absentia, and His Lordship Had a Little Lamb. (All stories feature Vetinari and Hanna, who's a . . . seamstress. Het.)

Merlin Missy: A Hogswatch Carol (DEATH-centric)

Merrymoll: A Night on the Tiles. (Lord Vetinari, Mildred Easy. Mostly gen. Follows the events of Feet of Clay.)

mistress_scarlett: "The First Thaw of Spring" " ("To start with, the little figure with the scythe isn't who she's expecting at all." Death - or something quite like it - comes for Esme)

musyc: "Decision" (Maladicta/Polly. "I made this decision a long time ago. You can see what forever is like, Maladicta. I can't." Spoilers for Monstrous Regiment. Very smart about both love and mortality.)

Nimori (nimori on LJ): "Death Insurance" (DEATH/Vetinari, Sam, Sybil. "Flowers, fine dining, and murder in dark alleys. Ah, love is in the air in Ankh-Morpork. Hold on. those are fumes from the river. You didn't breathe too deeply, did you?" Charming and funny...and against all odds, a believable romance for DEATH.)

Panjianlien (panjianlien on LJ): "The Birthday of Eternity" (Gen. In which Death has a Very Difficult Client and appeals to Nanny Ogg for assistance. Ah, those witches! Excellent characterizations and cleverly written.)

perryvic and shewhoguards: "This Is How The Universe Ends" (Crossover with Torchwood. DEATH/Captain Jack Harkness/Universe. "EXCUSE ME, he said, not impolitely. BUT YOU ARE HOLDING UP THE END OF THE UNIVERSE." The end of time comes, but DEATH isn't quite finished. The irresistible force meets the immovable object - and the result is both funny and angsty.)

Serenissima (serenissima on LJ): "He Kindly Stopped For me" (Death/DEATH. Love, Death, and Curry. Crossover with Neal Gaiman's Sandman. Sometimes the only one who can really understand is another personification. Ah, love.)

Sophia Prester / sophia_prester : "A Place Called Home" (Drumknott, Vetinari. "One of Drumknott's filing systems may be in need of some revision." A perfect look at Drumknott with his family...before he goes home. Very sweet and very believable.)

Wasuremono (eiviiaru on LJ): "Beginnings" (Gen. Death strays outside his comfort zone. As sweet a moment as one could find in DEATH's typically unsweet world.)

woldy: "Tea and Octarine" (Rosie Palm/Esk Smith. "Transporting weapons is a dangerous job. Especially when you're wearing high heels and there's an Unmentionable behind you." Yes, sexy...but also a great perspective on courage and the intricacies of Time.)

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Hello! I'm always happy to find good Discworld recs, thanks very much!

I think you might enjoy these stories, too:

Sam_storyteller a.k.a. copperbadge has written a lot of good Discworld fic, focusing largely on Vimes and/or Vetinari. An index to his stories is here:

If you'd like a suggestion to start with, I especially love Room Vith a View, which is about Vetinari and Margolotta's first meeting (an educational experience for both):

For a lovely Vetinari character study, I recommend Gogol's "Havelock Vetinari, Flamingo and Boy."

For epic angst, you might like Schildkroete's "The End and What Follows" (Story focusing on Vimes, Vetinari and Death. AnkhMorpork has been destroyed and the end of the world is near. Fortunately, some men are very interested in stopping that from happening. Unfortunately, they’re dead already.):

Also, Nomad's Multifandom Gen Recs has a nice selection of Discworld stories and crossovers.

Hope you enjoy some of these! Thanks again for sharing your recs :)


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