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Please note that most of these story recommendations were made before I reconsidered my warnings policy (i.e., before I decided to include warnings). Generally speaking, there's little of a dark or violent nature to warn for in these stories, but...caveat lector.


Alanna, Kass, and Starfish: Parental Guidance

Alex51324 "First One Thing, Then The Otter" (Fraser/Kowalski. " When the guys find signs of a sea otter living in a Chicago pond, Fraser is strangely reluctant to investigate." A bit of a case story and a bit of a relationship story and honestly? The frankly adorable images this story conjured in my mind while reading made it all worthwhile. Was it deep? Not particularly, and yet - potentially spoilery content information: Fraser's a were-otter! Then Ray becomes a were-otter! How could there be any bad there? *g*)

Allison: "Romance is Romance". (Fraser/Kowalski. Vecchio's back from Las Vegas, and...not that he thinks the queer thing is normal, you understand, but for Benny's sake, he'll try to help Kowalski in the romance department. Funny thing is, Kowalski doesn't seem to need his help. Good insights.)

Andeincascade (andeincascade on LJ): "Ublarpassik" (Fraser/Kowalski. "There is no glimmer of sun on the horizon. There has been no sunrise for thirty days." it's Benton and Ray's first year living together in Inuvik and...not everything is easy. A smart and insightful and loving story.)

Anna S. (eliade on LJ): Seamless. (Set after "Doctor Longball")

AnneZo: Stepping Out (a series of 5 short-short stories. Scroll down to Due South) REC LINK

Aral Griffen (arallara on LJ): In Which Ray Kowalski Embarks on an Adventure ("Call of the Wild, pretty much a PWP. Ray gets nervous, then he and Fraser have sex. ")

Ardent (ardent_muses on LJ): High Speed Chase

Aristide and Bone: How Ray Got His Groove Back

Aristide and Mairead Triste (cimmerians on LJ): "Haven" (Fraser/Kowalski. A post-CotW story as they used to be. Long and rich, with a strong emotional impact. The ending seemed to come a bit abruptly to me, but even with that caveat, a lovely story.)

Atra (atrata on DW/LJ): "The Train Goes Slow" (Fraser/Kowalski. "Ray is patience fucking personified, and he hasn't wanted to punch Fraser in days. " Perfectly canonical and perfectly original, all at the same time. Ray's voice is particularly wonderful here, in all its jittery frustration, and Benton...god, yeah, that's him entirely. Oh, and did I mention 'hotness?' because if I didn't, I should have. Two thumbs up...and possibly more *g*)

AuKestrel: Belong

AuKestrel: Coming to Terms

Aukestrel: Likewise

Aukestrel (aukestrel on DW): "Men on the Moon" (Fraser/Kowalski. The author calls this story - which was started long ago and only recently finished - "Post-CotW derivative schmoop," but while post-Call of the Wild stories are well-trodden ground in the F/K side of this fandom, the way Fraser and Kowalski's coming together is approached here is insightful, loving, and often original. Charmingly old school, but it feels no less new for all that.)

AuKestrel: Three Christmases (and the Near Wild Heaven trilogy that follows: Losing My Religion, Sweetness Follows, and Near Wild Heaven)

Bone (thisisbone on LJ): The Better Angels

Bone (thisisbone on LJ): The Course

Bone (thisisbone on LJ): Layers.

brooklinegirl: Half a Chance. (Fraser/Kowalski. "Ray found that, over time, he had developed deep and meaningful feelings for Canada. Not just because of the blowjobs, but that was definitely part of it.")

Carmen Kildare: Skin Hungry.

Carmen Kildare: Slice (with bonus recipes) REC LINK

Cherry (cherryice on LJ): Bury It With You. (BF/RK, RK/RV, RV/SK, mention of RK/SK. Ray Kowalski knows Vecchio, Stella knows Ray...)

Cherry (cherryice on LJ): Shells: Nothing But Blue Skies remix. (Fraser-centric, with F/K in the background. "Days like these are few and far between." A remix of pearl-o's "Shells")

Cherry (cherryice on LJ): "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot". (Fraser/Kowalski. Wonderful details A little sad at moments, but ultimately, just right.)

china_shop: Hearts and Flowers.

china_shop: Leaving Normal.

china_shop: Speculation. ("If I was gay, Ray thinks, I’d want to fuck Fraser.")

china shop: The Sweet Hereafter. ("Aside from the lack of communication, now that I’ve had a chance to experience death I find it not so very different from living in Canada." A very novel bodyswap story, in which Bob Fraser . . . well, that would be telling, wouldn't it?)

china_shop: The Vecchio Problem.

C.L. Finn (trixiesfic on LJ): The Easiest Choice. (futurefic. Eleven years after Call of the Wild, Fraser reflects on choices he has made, and Ray makes a choice of his own.)

C.L. Finn (trixiesfic on LJ): Indelible (Fraser gets a tattoo. Ray follows a caribou up a cliff.)

Colleen (traveller on LJ): Penny Serenade

Denise Raymond (rattlecatcher on LJ): All the Comforts of Home

Deputychairman: "Your boots in the middle of the floor" (Fraser/Ray. "Ray’d slept next to Fraser on the ground lots of times. Also in the car a couple times, and down the hall from him in the empty Canadian Consulate that one time. So it shouldn’t have felt different to have him here in Ray’s apartment. But hearing Fraser brush his teeth from behind the bathroom door made something twist in his chest that he knew he was better off not thinking about." Post "Good for the Soul" and Ray's pretty sure he shouldn't have left Fraser to fight the good fight by himself, so he tries to make it up to him a little. Wonderful voices and the most perfectly tentative reaching for a relationship - on both their parts.)

Destina (destina on LJ): Twice Descending

Dira Sudis (dsudis on LJ): Sunday's Child. (Fannie/Kowalski, Fraser/Kowalski.)

Estrella (estrella30 on LJ): Dearly Beloved. (F/K. "Not that it seemed like it at the time, but looking back on it now, Ray realized that maybe they should have just - sat down and talked about it.")

Estrella (estrella30 on LJ): The Other Side of Snow. (Fraser/Kowalski. "I know that you're never gonna believe me, you know," Ray says quietly. Post- CotW)

gurrier: In The Water. (Fraser/Kowalski. " which Ray learns to swim.")

the Hoyden: Academic Punk (AU)

Isis (isiscolo on LJ): "(Not) Being Ray Vecchio" (Fraser/Kowalski. Ray has an identity crisis.)

Laura JV (jacquez on LJ): Un-American

Jaime Arundel: "The Baseball Series" (In The Ballpark, Batting 1000, and Out of the Ballpark) REC LINK

Journey: Family Portrait. (AU)

Kalena (imkalena on LJ): Surface "Fraser wants something bad. Ray finds out what that is.")

Kass (kassrachel on LJ): Five Scars Ray Kowalski Might Have. (A life in five drabbles.)

Kat Allison (katallison on LJ): Heavy Bag

Kat Allison (katallison on LJ): Executor (*)

Kellie Matthews (kelliem on LJ): A Thousand Words

Kellie Matthews (kelliem on LJ): (and me *g*): Like A House On Fire

Kellie Matthews (kelliem on LJ): Somewhere Else to Be (AU)

Kellie Matthews (kelliem on LJ): Turning

kindkit: "Waiting for the Weird". (Fraser/Kowalski. "Dewey's wedding is perfectly normal so far, which is why it's making Ray nervous." It looks like it's going to be too sweet, but the sweet is quickly over-shadowed by the smart in this story about what's freaky and what's not in this world)

Lalejandra: Look way up to the sky. (Post CotW.)

Lalejandra: Third (time is the charm...). (Fraser/Kowalski. Ray's sure once he gets back to Chicago, everything's going to be great.)

LaT (latxcvi on LJ): Buzz

Laura Kaye (laurakaye on LJ): O My America

Lyra Sena (lyra_sena on LJ): Across That Wire. (Fraser/Kowalski. Post-CotW and post-adventure: "Calling is always the hardest part.")

Maxine Mayer: A Little Voodoo and Black Cat Romance (AU)

Miriam Heddy (miriam_heddy on LJ): Shades of Ray

Miriam Heddy (miriam_heddy on LJ): Unassuming

Moonloon (maryavatar on LJ): "Finding the Point of No Return" (Fraser/Kowalski. Set during CotW: a not-quite-first-time story...but definitely not through lack of trying where Ray's concerned.)

Munchkin (The Wild Mole): Complicated Shadows, Gasoline, and Throwing Fire at the Sun REC LINK (note: some security programs are issuing possible warnings for this site)

omphale23: "Hockey Night In Chicago" (Fraser/Kowalski. Ray loves hockey. Ray hates hockey. Ray loves hockey. Smart and hot!)

Otsoko: Homologated, part one and Homologated, part two REC LINK

pearl-o: how many ways and its sequel merry bells keep ringing. (Fraser/Kowalski. A kid's life in conversations, photographs, and memories.)

pearl-o: the outline of a circle.

pearl-o: Thirteen Facts About Ray Kowalski. (Backstory and . . . frontstory. Seamless.)

Penelope Whistle: What We Talk About When We Talk About Wolves. (As the notes say: "from stake-out to make out.")

Pollitt: Blizzard. (With the Vecchio family home taking the place of the Canadian shack. *g* A very warm 'holiday special' kind of story.)

Punk: Verse, Chorus, Verse. (Fraser/Kowalski. "The beginning of the end and the end of the beginning" - and oh, so good.)

Purna (purna on LJ): Five Things to Say

Purna (purna on LJ): Palimpsest (AU)

Resonant (resonant8 on LJ): Broadway Hotel

Rhi Marzano: Beguiled.

Riverlight: "Things to Do in Juniper at One O'Clock in the Morning" (Fraser/Kowalski. A smart and wonderfully detailed coda to the series. If I have any complaint, it's that there should be more story.)

Rustler: Moving REC LINK

Sandy Steiner: Voluble

Shrift: Excitable

Sihaya Black (sihayab on LJ): Two Men in a Boat, or Adventures on the African Queen (AU)

slidellra: "Cognitive Dissonance" (Fraser/Kowalski. Ray thinks Fraser can't keep his hands off of him; Fraser believes nothing of the kind. Smart and very in character.)

Speranza (cesperanza on LJ/DW): Double Negative (Fraser/Kowalski), which is a not-at-all-gen sequel to her gen story A Rare and Genuine Gratitude (Young!Ben, George Fraser, Martha Fraser.)

Speranza (cesperanza on LJ/DW): Eight Sessions.

Speranza (cesperanza on LJ/DW): Enduring Distance

Speranza (cesperanza on LJ/DW): Next of Kin. (Fraser/Ray Kowalski. Fraser/Stella Kowalski. "I don't have to tell you never to speak of this.")

Speranza (cesperanza on LJ/DW): Ten Things To Get Used To

Speranza (cesperanza on LJ/DW): With Six You Get Eggroll (Text-only version here)

Sprat: Recompense. (In which an exchange of letters from the 1940's plays a pivotal role.)

Sprat: "The Best Parts of Lonely." (Fraser/Kowalski. Fraser's away, work's going well, and Ray's getting twitchy. A 'growing awareness' tale that's just right!)

Starfish (the_star_fish on LJ): Wildly Courteous Ways, followed by Working on Forever and Any Other Way

Starfish (the_star_fish on LJ): Rain Down on Me. (Funny and sweet, but...beware the killer squirrel!)

Starfish (the_star_fish on LJ): The Way That We Used To Be, followed by On My Feet Again and What You See ("The Bar AU")

Sue Castle: Differences. REC LINK

TrueEnough: From Afar.

Zen (vagabondage on LJ) & nancy: The Politics of X

zelempa (zelempa on LJ): "Upon Close Inspection" (Fraser/Kowalski. ""Can we try to be normal?" said Ray. "Just for a day. For like, two hours. I'll be Ray, and you'll be Ben, and that'll be Dief, our dog." / From the doorway, Diefenbaker whined. / Ray pointed at him. "You, suck it up. Take one for the team."" Kid!fic without the kid, as a post-series Fraser and Ray prepare to be interviewed about adopting a child. About as close to sitting in their house in Canada and watching them interact as I could possibly imagine. Extremely good voices...funny and touching.)

zelempa (zelempa on LJ): "Volcanic Geranium" (Fraser/Kowalski. "Fraser raised his eyebrows thoughtfully. "Lipstick colour names can be rather obscure. I assume it's a metaphor to describe something fragile and lovely but also dangerous and potentially capable of raining hot destruction upon an unsuspecting citizenry. On the other hand, it may refer to the fact that this particular coral shade is common to molten lava and geraniums. Don't lick it." / "It tastes like Jujubes," Ray reported. / "Nevertheless, resist the urge."" Cross-dressing is not my kink - or rather, it wasn't, but after reading this clever, funny post-"Strange Bedfellows" story, I may have to reconsider. Lovely work, in character - not ignoring or excusing Ray's stalkerish tendencies - and perfectly in voice, with an excellent blend of snark and gentleness.)

Zillah: A Passing Feeling. (Fraser/Kowalski. Futurefic. Childfic. Funeralfic. Quietly domestic and caring.)

All Pairings Other Than Fraser/Kowalski

aerye: Vecchio Unplugged (Ray/Ray and hyperlinks!)

Basingstoke: Rabbit Jumps Out the Window (Fraser, Maggie. Gennish.)

Cherry Ice (cherryice on LJ): Bury It With You. (BF/RK, RK/RV, RV/SK, mention of RK/SK. Ray Kowalski knows Vecchio, Stella knows Ray...)

Cherry Ice (cherryice on LJ): Shells: Nothing But Blue Skies remix. (Fraser-centric, with F/K in the background. "Days like these are few and far between." A remix of pearl-o's "Shells")

china_shop: "Ten reasons to hate Ray Kowalski". (Ray/Ray. Two men learning to be themselves and be together. Smart and quirky and really nice...and btw, I usually hate this pairing, but not this time.)

Dira Sudis (dsudis on LJ): Sunday's Child. (Fannie/Kowalski, Fraser/Kowalski.)

Estrella (estrella30 on LJ): The First Time Frannie Met Ray Kowalski. (Frannie/RayK. Lovely relationship development, particularly in the post-Canada section)

Hth: Sibylla ti theleis. (RayV/Stella. Absolutely brilliant and must be read regardless of whether you have any particular interest in Ray Vecchio or not. In fact, I command you to read it! Um...I mean...I ask politely? Thank you kindly.)

jamethiel_bane: "Here and Now" (Vecchio/Kowalski. "Ray Vecchio decides who he is" Almost more a character study than a relationship story. A wonderfully written and smart piece, particularly the gennish first half.)

Kat Allison (katallison on LJ): Luck (Gen. Vecchio, Victoria.)

Kat Allison (katallison on LJ): Rogue. (Fraser-centric gen. Post "Ladies Man" and very powerful! It shouldn't be in-character, is.)

Kat Allison (katallison on LJ): Roots Rain (Gennish. Fraser-centric)

Khaleesian: Jonah (Technically gen, but...) REC LINK

Kit Mason (twistedchick on LJ): Duet for Three Stooges (Ray. Fraser. Ray.)

Lamardeuse: Reset (Ray/Ray. Post-show, but with an actual reason for the two Rays to spend time together. Excellent characterizations.)

Laura Kaye (laurakaye on LJ): An Officer and a Gentleman (Frannie/Welsh)

mazily: "Fourth Floor, Dawn." (Fraser-centric, Kowalski, Vecchio. A gen piece, in letters sent and unsent. Painful and hopeful all at once.)

minervacat: that's where all of the gangsters live. (Kowalski-centric gen, with a side of F/K. "Ray loves Stella like he loves breathing, loves Fraser like he loves his tattoo, loves Chicago like he loves everything permanent in his life.")

pearl_o: "A Goose Pimple or a Scar" (Fraser/Vecchio. "Being in love is something you carry with you all the time; you can't set it down for a moment. " Thoughtful and perfectly in character.)

Shay Sheridan (shayheyred on LJ)): It Was a Very Good Year (Frannie/Turnbull)

Shay Sheridan (shayheyred on LJ): Wait Until Dim (Fraser, Kowalski. Gen.)

Speranza (cesperanza on LJ/DW): Double Negative (Fraser/Kowalski), which is a not-at-all-gen sequel to her gen story A Rare and Genuine Gratitude (Young!Ben, George Fraser, Martha Fraser.)

Speranza (cesperanza on LJ/DW): Next of Kin. (Fraser/Ray Kowalski. Fraser/Stella Kowalski. "I don't have to tell you never to speak of this.")


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