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Please note that most of these story recommendations were made before I reconsidered my warnings policy (i.e., before I decided to include warnings). Generally speaking, there's little of a dark or violent nature to warn for in these stories, but...caveat lector

Aashby (theatresm on LJ): Brave New World (Snape/OFC)

Aashby (theatresm on LJ): Chaos is Come Again. (Snape/Hermione. If you're looking for a traditional romance with a traditional happy ending, this isn't the story for you. However, if you're looking for something smart and adult and in-character and long, then look no further. And as the author writes: "...those enterprising enough to slog through the Footnotes page will [now] find a surprise at the end.") REC LINK

Abby (rhosymedre47 on LJ): The Other Side of Darkness and its sequel Survivals and Remembrances (Snape/Hermione)

Abby (rhosymedre47 on LJ): "The Price of Freedom" (Snape/Hermione. Hermione works towards Stan Shunpike's release with Snape's begrudging help. Wonderfully written.)

Abby (rhosymedre47 on LJ): Rondo Veneziano (Snape/Hermione)

Abby and Domina: The Fire and the Rose (Snape/Hermione . . . bodyswitch!) REC LINK

Amanuensis (amanuensis1 on LJ): Love's Appalling Adverbs (Hermione/Snape. Sort of.)

Amy McWilliams (McAmy): A Matter of Honor (Snape/Hermione. "In book 1, Hermione completes an honors project in her seventh year at Hogwarts. The subject is Potions, the advisor is Professor Snape. " And then there's a book 2 and a book 3! Written long before the HP series was finished, the story is extremely AU by this point, but it's still very worth reading) REC LINK

Anguis_1 (anguis_1 on LJ/IJ): "Below the Belt" (Dudley Dursley/Millicent Bulstrode. "All Dudley wanted to do was deliver the letter and return to his perfectly normal, relatively pleasant existence. Luckily for him, fate and Millicent Bulstrode intervened." Clever set up and a lovely relationship, with two extremely under-used characters)

Anguis (anguis_1 on LJ): " Fair Is Fair, and Life Is Not (Though Tea Helps an Awful Lot)" On LJ (Filius Flitwick/Pomona Sprout. " Although their students might sometimes be oblivious to it, teachers have lives, too. Fertilized with dung and watered with tea, Filius Flitwick and Pomona Sprout cultivate a love slowly bubbling along behind the scenes. " So perfectly real. )

Anguis_1 (anguis_1 on LJ): "Sod Off” Means “I Love You" (Severus Snape/Millicent Bulstrode/Dennis Creevey "It begins and ends with the camera. Snapshots of life, and the living thereof." Just what hp_beholder was created for: three wonderfully unattractive characters who find a home together. Lovely. Cross-recced in slash and het)

Anonymous: "By the Numbers" (Rufus Scrimgeour/Minerva McGonagall. "Minerva learns that all the old stories about love were wrong." Smart and utterly believable.)

Ariadne1 and Anastasia (ariadne1 and ttfs on LJ): " Once Upon A Time" (Snape/Hermione. "A worried Headmistress McGonagall begs Hermione to return to Hogwarts to investigate several disappearances: something is calling the older Muggleborn witches into the Forest; all but one have returned apparently unharmed. Hermione, now Care of Magical Creatures Professor at Durmstrang, has no wish to return even in memory, let alone in person, to the scene of the Final Battle, but she feels she must. " Sharp and bitter and original and ultimately...hopeful. )

Arsenic (arsenicjade on LJ): Best of Intentions. (Ginny/Draco. Ginny's plans for Draco go awry. Note: this story is a prequel to Intrinsic Charm, which is Snape/Luna - and also well worth the read.)

Arsenic (arsenicjade on LJ): Body of Knowledge (Snape/Hermione) REC LINK

Arsenic (arsenicjade on LJ): "Collateral" (Snape/Hermione. "Hermione needs some help fixing herself. Severus isn't entirely sure why he's volunteered. Neither is she." A richly detailed plot that unfolds at a perfect pace. This Snape and Hermione are brilliant and imperfect and real...and the secondary characters - original ones included - are wonderful.)

Arsenic (arsenicjade on LJ): "Lines Undrawn" (Snape/Hermione. "Snape unknowingly does Hermione a favor" The plot develops behind the scenes of Snape and Hermione's slow building relationship. Smart and never sentimental.)

Aurette: "The Caretaker" (Snape/Hermione eventually, but other pairings including Hermione/Ron. Post-DH, but AU in that Snape has survived. "Ron saves Snape's life after the Battle of Hogwarts, invoking a new life debt, and something else" The author describes this as a "soap opera," and to a certain extent it is, with its love and infidelities and angst and passion, all within a magical context. But in the end, labels are irrelevant when a story is as engaging as this one is.)

Aurette "Practical Solutions" (Snape/Hermione. "Hermione doesn't have time for a relationship. Snape doesn't have the patience. It's a good thing they are not having one" The author calls this a "romp," and indeed it is! Sexy, funny, light without being fluffy, and even occasionally in character [that was said tongue in cheek because I <3 this story] Good fun.)

Bambu (bambu345 on LJ): "Morning Has Broken" (Snape/Hermione. "Hermione accidentally encounters her former teacher several years after the war has ended. Something about his behavior is strange, and she cannot help but investigate." Smart hurt/comfort, including an interesting use of magical remedies.)

Bambu (bambu345 on LJ): "Harbinger" (Snape/Hermione. "Severus Snape has been pardoned by Ministry decree, but not everyone is pleased that he has returned to teaching at Hogwarts." A long and engaging mystery, in which all the relationships - not just the developing one between Snape and Hermione, but the friendships and family dynamics - all read as true.)

Bernice Russell (iibnf on LJ): Fancy a Fuck? (Snape/Hooch)

Bloodcult of Freud (bloodcult on LJ): Broken Ravens and the Art and Science of Regret. (Young!Snape/Molly)

Bloodcult of Freud (bloodcult on LJ): "In Budapest" (Snape/Hermione. Long after the war and long after they once shared a relationship. Much has changed.)

Bloodcult of Freud (bloodcult on LJ): Tyger! Tyger!. (Hermione/Snape . . . and two-plus generations of life in the wizarding world. The story starts as a "Marriage Law" response, set at a time after Voldemort has been killed, but while some of his Death Eaters are still at large and of great danger to many: particularly a certain young Muggleborn witch. Very interesting portrayals of Hermione and Snape, especially as the story progresses.)

Bluestocking (bluestocking79 on LJ): "The French Connection" (Snape/Hermione. Post-DH [but without taking the epilogue into account], this is a romantic tale, set in a Paris that is most assuredly for lovers - especially lovers such as Hermione and Severus prove to be...and with wonderful architecture and art and fine cuisine along the way!)

Bluestocking (bluestocking79 on LJ/IJ): "Wholly to Be a Fool'" (Tobias Snape/Eileen Prince, with a hint of Snape/Draco. "At the age of 65, Eileen Prince Snape is as surprised as anyone to find that she's finally developed an interest in being anybody's wife or mother." Wonderfully crafted and charming, with a believable - and optimistic - ending.)

Cardigrl (cardigrl on LJ): "As Time Goes By" (Rufus Scrimgeour / Augusta Longbottom "In the midst of war, unlikely alliances may form. Sometimes, they become more." Political and romantic and always believable. Very strong characterizations.)

Casira: In The Turning. (Hermione-centric. Some Hermione/Remus) (*)

cathedral_carver (cathedralcarver on LJ):: "It's Elemental, My Dear Snape" (Snape/Hermione. "Everything has been figured out, except how to live. Pay attention – there's a test later." After DH and Severus Snape is...not gone? Clever and with a dreamlike quality, but moving.)

cathedral carver (cathedralcarver on LJ): "Piss Tank" (Young!Snape/Lily. " Sometimes a storm comes on quickly, and when it’s over, everything has changed." Harsh and moving and utterly believable.)

Chazpure (chazpure on LJ): "Charming a Prince" (Eileen Prince/Tobias Snape "Tobias had been sent away from danger into a strange world he'd never known, where he met a most unusual girl." How odd to think in terms of wonderful world building when the world the author's building is our real world. Fantastically conceived and executed, with an excellent pov.)

Chazpure (chazpure on LJ): "The First Footer". (Snape/McGonagall. Post-HBP. It's New Year's Eve, and time for new beginnings.)

Cilla (somigliana on LJ): "The Indigo Shadow" (Snape/Hermione. "In the complacent, post-war lull, Snape senses a new threat, and he needs to convince the Ministry to take it seriously." Just this side of dystopian, with the possible relationship between Snape and Hermione taking a temporary back seat to concerns about the political future. Not particularly gloomy, but...troubling. A really smart and interesting read, however.)

Cilla (somigliana on LJ): "The Traveller" (Snape/Hermione. "Hermione has deviated from an obvious life. She has moved down a challenging and divergent, but ultimately lonely, path. She meets Severus Snape by chance one day, and she has some difficult choices to make." A story about time and fate and possibly even quantum physics. The plot fits in perfectly with canon, in a number of very surprising way, and the characterizations are utterly believable, including the way Snape and Hermione come together)

Claudia: Wings (Snape/Hermione)

corianderpie (corianderpie on LJ): "Caramel" - requires simple site registration (Snape/Hermione. " Is there such a thing as a harmless crush? Over the course of a year, two people experience the perils of wanting what they just can’t have." Spoiler/Content/Warning(skip)Much sex - both of the fantasy and reality varieties - and Hermione is under 18 and a student in this story. Not a particularly happy romantic ending, for a variety of reasons. Part romance and part heartbreak. Check the warnings if you must.)

corianderpie (corianderpie on LJ): "Traps & Arrows" (Snape/Hermione. "Minerva takes a break, Hermione takes a new post, Severus takes up the cudgels, Neville takes a risk, Filius takes his chances, and Rolanda takes bets on the outcome." A post-war, 'back to Hogwarts' tale featuring Hermione as the Muggle Studies instructor, whose attempts to introduce elements of Muggle culture - "sophisticated" and otherwise - are first fought and then used as part of Headmaster Snape's arsenal in his campaign to...well, that's for you to discover, isn't it?)

Dahlia: A Thousand Miles (Snape/Hermione)

DeathOfMe (death_ofme on LJ): " Pomegranate Seeds" (Snape/Hermione. "Upon discovering an ancient potion, Hermione travels to the Underworld in search of the martyred Severus Snape, and also in the hopes of being able to demolish the barrier between life and death. She soon learns the world is not what she expected, and neither is the man." Evokes the idea of an Orpheus, but one who, having sung his song, simply sits down beside Eurydice and takes her hand. A very different sort of tale.)

Deeble: What E'er Therein Is Promised. (Snape/Hermione. Hermione signs a contract with Professor Snape — and gets more than she bargained for.)

Deeble: Wandless Magic (Snape/Hermione)

Delphi (atdelphi on LJ/IJ): "The Art and Science of Change" (Snape/McGonagall. "Minerva begins a new life amidst memories of the old." Wonderfully written, with a bit of the flavor of a fairy-tale. Satisfying and...magical.)

Delphi (atdelphi on LJ/IJ): "In Memory of Sigmund Freud" (Snape/McGonagall, Snape/Moody. "Severus Snape spends his first summer holiday away from teaching cloistered at a remote house in strange company, not least his own." Wonderfully strong characterizations and very powerful.)

Delphi (atdelphi on LJ/delphi on DW): "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning" (McGonagall/Snape. "Six vignettes set when the whole wide world is fast asleep." So incredibly lovely. Side note: honestly, I sometimes think I should just create a separate page on my recs journal labeled "Delphi" and on the page it would just say "go read everything she's written. Someday, I just might. *g*)

Dido (trickofthedark on LJ/IJ): "Fruiting Bodies" (Firenze/Trelawney, Hooch/Slughorn, Krum/assorted. "Love is in the air. Also spores." A lovely, funny story accompanied by original and altogether charming art. Cross-recced in het and slash)

Djinnj (djinnj on LJ/IJ): "A Game of Fox and Hounds" (Snape/Skeeter. "Her unauthorised biography of Harry Potter was at the top of Flourish and Blotts International's best seller list for eighteen weeks. There's only one story that could beat that, and she'll get it or her name isn't Rita Skeeter." Excellently voiced and characterized...and very clever.)

Djinnj (djinnj on IJ/LJ) "Rosemary and Blue Heliotrope" (Snape/Tonks. "Snape has a one night stand with Tonks. It lasts more than one night." The author says this is an AU, but it's so perfectly interwoven with canon that it could easily be the true story behind the story. Wonderful characterizations and thoroughly engaging.)

Dolores Crane: "In Loco Parentis" (Hermione-centric, Hermione/Harry, Snape/Harry, Hestia/Tonks, Others. "Hermione is back at school after a summer in the Muggle world, and everything is changing. But getting closer to Harry doesn't get her any closer to the war - until she's unexpectedly enrolled in the Order of the Phoenix, and meets Hestia Jones, the founder of Mud Pride." Utterly fantastic Hermione pov, and an excellent looooong story about love and family and politics and all the prejudices, large and small, that inhabit our world(s). Spoiler/Content/Warning(skip)Underage sex, and an abortion. Cross-recced in het and slash)

Dueltastic (dueltastic on DW): "All the Days That Led to This" (Snape, McGonagall...or possibly Snape/McGonagall. A no-nonsense look at the development of McGonagall and Snape's relationship as colleagues and, perhaps, friends. Very smart. Cross-posted in gen and het)

dueltastic (duelatastic on DW): "Happy Christmas, I Wish It Were (Or, Visiting With The Ghosts of Christmas Past)" (Snape/McGongall. "It was a quiet evening: cold and dark outside, with snow falling against the windows." Gentle banter, and...bittersweet.)

Dueltastic (dueltastic on DW): "The Transfiguration Professor" (Snape, McGonagall...or possibly Snape/McGonagall. Utterly believable. Cross-posted in gen and het.)

Duniazade (duniazade on LJ): "The Thin Man" (Snape/Luna. "Trust Luna to marry someone who doesn't exist." Wonderfully detailed and clever, both in the creation of magical flora and fauna, and in the presentation of the surprisingly low-key and believable relationship between Severus and Luna)

Dyce: "Survivors" (Snape/Hermione. "After the war is over, lives must be rebuilt. Hermione sets out to help someone who nobody else will, and winds up helping herself as well.")

Eeyore (eeyore9990 on IJ/LJ): "The Caretaker and the Cat Lady" (Argus Filch/Arabella Figg. "After giving testimony at young Harry's trial, Arabella goes to the Leaky for a bit of something to soothe her nerves. There, she meets a man who does nothing but unsettle them" An unexpected pairing that works just perfectly. How could it not? They both like cats!)

Elise Wanderer (elise_wanderer on LJ): "A Mournful Rustling in the Dark" (Snape/Hermione. "Turning your back on the past can have unexpected consequences, whether you do it voluntarily or not." A post-war "maybe he knows, maybe he doesn't" amnesia story, with a well-constructed secondary mystery plot to go along with the amnesia-cum-relationship tale. A really interesting look at the way the past shapes the future.)

Ella Bane (ella_bane on LJ): "But Can She Do Maths?" (Minerva McGonagall/Viktor Krum. "Viktor Krum needs a date. Where's Hermione Granger when you need her? " I've never subscribed to the popular stereotype that Viktor Krum is a bit...dim. This Viktor is more like it...and certainly bright enough to appreciate an older witch. Funny and smart.)

Emma Grant (emmagrant01 on LJ): "Out of Focus" (Snape/Lilah Morgan...crossover with Angel. Wolfram and Hart sends Lilah to England to make an offer to Lord Voldemort; luckily for her, she makes contact with Severus Snape first. Cleverly done; the two worlds blend seamlessly.!)

Eonone (eonone on LJ): "Mirror, Mirror" (Ron/Pansy. These are teenagers, not sophisticated adults in slightly-miniature bodies. And there's voyeurism. And the story's funny. And hot.)

fandomme (fandomme on LJ): "Engineered Collisions" (Snape/Hermione. A complex and intriguing look at the interplay between magic and memory. Why Snape is still alive so many years after DH is at the heart of the plot. Wonderful characterizations, especially as regards Snape and Hermione, who are fully realized in this story, flaws and all.)

Feather Quill (featherxquill on IJLJ): "Apart" (Draco/Rita Skeeter. "After the war, Draco doesn't know who he is apart from the mark on his arm. Rita is unlike anyone he's ever known and her difference aids him in discovery." A wonderfully thoughtful look at what seems to be an unlikely pairing (with a particularly interesting future plotted out for Draco). Is it a romance? Possibly. *g*)

Feather Quill (featherxquill on LJ): "Experimental Potions" On LJ (Poppy Pomfrey/Severus Snape. "Two students are petrified and the mandrakes are months away from maturity. In the interim, Poppy and Severus work together, attempting to create an alternative draught to re-awaken them. " If all we ever saw of this relationship was how their friendship works, it would have still been an excellent story!)

Feather Quill (featherxquill on IJ/LJ): "An Interesting and Difficult Woman" (Ollivander/Muriel "After his rescue from the Malfoy dungeon and his stay at Shell Cottage, Ollivander finds himself waiting out the war with five of the Weasley clan at their Aunt Muriel’s. Their hostess is a difficult woman, but as he learns more about her, Ollivander begins to find her interesting as well. " Two minor characters, fully realized here, in a perfectly paced story.)

Femme (femmequixotic on IJ/LJ): "Awakening" (Snape/Narcissa, in the wake of Lucius's [future] Kiss from the Dementors. Set primarily at Spinner's End. Wonderful mood and rich with details.)

Femme (femmequixotic on IJ/LJ): "Drown Me In Your Reign" (Snape/Narcissa. "Sometimes, what you want may actually be what you need." A beautifully written tale, set a year after Lucius has died.)

Femme (femmequixotic on IJ/LJ): " Monna Innominata" ( Narcissa/Lucius, Snape/Narcissa, Snape/Narcissa/Lucius. "Lucius returns from Azkaban" There's anger and love and fear and wanting, all bubbling up and spilling over in these characters, because here, in the last days of the struggle between light and dark, they''re all just too damned exhausted to keep their feelings submerged any longer. Peaceful and heart-wrenching in turns...and a very smart story.)

Femme (femmequixotic on LJ): "Ode to Broken Things" (Millicent Bulstrode/Viktor Krum "Krum's in town," Harry says finally. "I just thought you should know." Can I just say "It's Femme," and leave it at that? A wonderful - and tender - story of love, familial and otherwise.)

Femme (femmequixotic on LJ/DW): " Something Less Than Something More" ; On LJ (Millicent Bulstrode/Harry Potter, Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley. " Tonight she wants to pretend the lies are true. Tonight she wants to believe that a girl like her could actually end up with the hero." Never a pairing I'd considered reading before, but Femme can make any pairing - and certainly any pairing featuring Millicent - work. A very real relationship.)

Femme (femmequixotic on IJ/LJ): "Tequila Shots" (Snape/Hermione...with a clever, slashy Draco floating in the nightclub-setting background. Very well written and creative and oh-so-hot. Added bonus: Aggressive!Hermione.)

firefly124 (firefly_124 on LJ): "Lost Time" (Snape/Hermione. "Rose has her hands full keeping Hugo out of trouble. His latest stunt brought them face to face with someone believed long dead, someone who seems rather different than the man she'd pictured from Uncle Harry's stories." Rose's p.o.v. throughout, which adds a wonderful - and clearly intentional - "unreliable flavor" to this story about a legend who isn't exactly gone and a mother who's still a know-it-all, in the best possible way)

Flora Hart (florahart on LJ): "Records are for Keeping" ; On LJ (Irma Pince/Silvanus Kettleburn. " There is no spell to account for people trying to take things from the library unnoticed. Irma sets out to fix that " Irma is so incredibly three-dimensional here and such a heroine, even if in the end...well, read it and see!)

GatewayGirl: Blood Magic (Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco, Snape, Lupin. Technically Gen, but elements of Slash and Het. Long) REC LINK (Note: You'll also want to read "Blood and Choices", a late sequel in the "Blood Magic" universe)

Gingertart (gingertart50 onLJ/IJ): "Out of the Shadows Came a Rose" (Hermione/Ron, Hermione/Severus/Lucius in various combinations, Harry/Ginny. "Molly interferes, Ron is a twit but gets over it, Lucius is reformed (well, a bit), Draco grows up, Ginny is a good friend (apart from recommending the shoes), Harry is a hero and Hermione has fun and spends a lot of time in a library. Snape, meanwhile, considers that he is getting his usual shit deal from fate, although to be fair, he never expected to find a family of his own. " Does the author's summary include mpreg? Because if it doesn't, it should. *g* A very smart, very touching, very long story.)

grinnifer: "Atlantis is Sinking" (Snape/Hermione. Azkaban, a pensieve, and honestly, there's not very much more I can say without giving everything away. Not a fluffy story. Absolutely worth reading.)

Halrloprillalar: The Curious Vengeance of Draco Malfoy (Draco/Cho, Draco/Harry)

Halrloprillalar: Summer Thing (Hermione/Fred+George)

Hannah1888 (hannah_1888 on LJ): "The Diary of a Nobody" (Snape/Hermione. "A year in the life of a nobody called Severus Snape — all in his very own words." Part parody in the style of Bridget Jones's Diary and part serious examination of a surviving post-DH Severus Snape who has decided, against expectations, that he'd really like to have a life. The author acknowledges the possibility that it's just a smidge *koff* out of character, but there's something very real about this story regardless. There's also some extremely perceptive interactions between Snape and his aged and fading father.)

Hayseed: Getting the Hang of Thursdays. (Snape/Hermione. "A good day goes bad and then gets far worse than Severus could ever have imagined. Again and again and again." Think Groundhog Day Note: When you get to the final chapter. . . hit 'refresh.').

Hayseed: Ordinary People (Snape/Hermione)

hydaspes: "Doth Spice the Day". (Blaise/Luna. It's the year after HBP, and Hogwarts has changed for everyone.)

iamisaac (iamisaac on IJ): "Beautiful" (Arthur Weasley/Molly Prewett Weasley. "From the moment he saw her, Arthur knew there was something special about Molly Prewett." A charming and honest story - and an excellent look at a canon pairing through the years of their lives)

idea of sarcasm (idea_of_sarcasm on LJ): "Across the Divide" (Katie Bell/Marcus Flint. "As Voldemort gains power, Katie and Marcus start to learn there is more to life than Quidditch" Not a pairing I'd ever considered reading before finding this recced elsewhere, but it's an exceptionally well done story, with utterly believable characters - especially the wonderfully foul-mouthed Marcus.) (Note: story temporary unavailable)

Isis (isiscolo on LJ): Mischief and Madness (Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, Snape/McGonagall, etc. Think "A Midsummer Night's Dream")

Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea on IJ/LJ): "An Unusual Quittance" (Snape/Luna. "Luna discovers Severus before he can take his leave, and both of them find it rewarding." Post-DH...and while Snape isn't quite dead, he needs the kind of support that only Luna can provide. Sweet and smart...and Neville makes a cameo appearance)

Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea on LJ): "Living History"
(Snape/Tonks. "History lives at the Albus Dumbledore Museum and Archive of Pensieve Historiana." The story is told from multiple perspectives, layered one on top of another, in an extremely creative and original way. Plus? It's got a very unusual ghost.)

Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea on LJ): "Reading Season" (Snape/Hermione. "Severus and Hermione's budding romance is interrupted by cultists." A wonderfully clever crossover of HP with Lovecraft's "The Dunwich Horror", creepy and sweet and funny by turns. And while knowledge of Lovecraft adds the layer or two to the reader's understanding, this story can absolutely be read with only the vaguest understanding that Lovecraft writes horror and squid-like creatures factor into his works *g* )

Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea on LJ): "Truth in the Keeping of Stones" (Snape/Luna. "Severus and Luna are bound by something more than loneliness." Touching and magical and even a little uncomfortable, but in a way that works. Note: Luna's sixteen in this story, for those who care.)

JenAdamson (jenadamson on IJ/LJ): "such a beautiful blank (but smooth it)" (Harry/Ginny. "Ginny picks a rose, and her world spins out of control." Tam Lin meets Groundhog Day. Smartly conceived and intricately woven.)

Josan (josanpq on LJ): Homecoming. (Snape/ various house-elves and babies. The fourth - and last - of the 'Man of Property' series. Utterly charming.)

Julie Fortune: A Memory of Ashes. (Snape-centric tale about the surfacing of forgotten memories. Note: there's some not-insignificant Snape/OFC interaction, but this relationship isn't the actual focus of the story.) (This story is not currently avaiable online)

JunoMagic (juno_magic on LJ): "The Scent of Magic" (Snape/Hermione. "Hermione Granger and Severus Snape enjoy a cordial working relationship, specialising in an exclusive branch of magic as journeywoman and Master of the ancient alchemists' guild. When a secret obsession interferes with Hermione's goal of reaching her Mastery and Lucius Malfoy takes an interest in her, her relationship with Severus is put to the test ..." Let me spoil part of this for you: the ancient art that Severus has mastery of and that Hermione is studying at the journeywoman level is the art of perfume making. Now, for somebody like me, whose attention span when it comes to sensory descriptors is somewhere between small and non-existent, a focus on the olfactory world would ordinarily lead to a loss of interest, but in the hands of this author - still anonymous at the time I'm writing this - nothing could be further from the truth. This is an altogether evocative and beautifully crafted work)

Kalina (kalinalea on LJ): The Buried Life (Snape/Hermione)

Kalina (kalinalea on LJ): The Last Word (Snape/Hermione)

Kalina: Still Here, followed by Survivors and Homecoming. (Snape/Hermione. Post-war: the rebuilding of Hogwarts - and the rebuilding of the lives of those who lived within its walls. Angsty, but in a good way.)

Kass (kassrachel on LJ): Enough. (Hermione/Remus. "Hermione's the only one who knows he's here. She takes a leap.")

Kaycee (kaycee on LJ/IJ): "Freaks, Geeks And Post-War Resolutions'" (Dudley Dursley/Luna Lovegood. "Dudley feels out of place at Harry's party until a sweet girl asks him to dance." Charming, sweet, and believable.)

KazVL: Falling Further In (Snape/Hermione. The other exception to the "no WIP's" rule.) REC LINK

KazVL: Who By Fire (Snape/Hermione)

Keladry Lupin: "Wolfsbane" (Snape/Hermione. With serious consequences for himself, Severus protected Hermione during the war, but even that couldn't keep her safe forever. Now she needs something that only he can provide...but is there only one thing that she needs from him? Very good characterizations and a slow, believable build-up to their inevitable coming together.)

Kelly Chambliss (kellychambliss on LJ): "Gifts" (Snape/McGonagall. Dumbledore. Sprout. "On the day of Snape's return to Hogwarts as Headmaster, he settles some old scores and makes some offerings." Not entirely without hope, but heartbreaking for all that. And utterly believable.)

Kelly Chambliss (kellychambliss on LJ): "The Lesson" (Snape/McGonagall. "War is hell. And in it, even teachers have lessons to learn." Set during Snape's tenure as Headmaster. Very dark and disturbing...and very believable. Warnings and/or enticements - highlight to view (may contain story spoilers): (skip)Non-con/Rape. Please leave a comment if you believe anything should be added here

Kelly Chambliss (kellychambliss on LJ): "'My Journal About My Life and Stephen and Miranda' by Adela" (Snape/McGonagall. "Adela Edwards is a 12-year-old Muggle girl who wants to be a writer. When a mysterious couple named Stephen and Miranda moves into the house next door to her, she decides to keep a journal about them. Bewitched meets Harriet the Spy. Post-DH" Wonderful narrative voice and absolutely honest and funny and truthful throughout. Note: also read the wonderful sequel to this story: "'Now That I'm Older' by Adela")

Kelly Chambliss (kellychambliss on LJ): "'Now That I'm Older' by Adela" (Severus/Minerva. " Adela Edwards has turned 13, and now that she's so much older, she sees the world and Stephen and Miranda a little differently from the way she did last summer. AU (Severus lives)" A charming sequel to Kelly's wonderful "'My Journal About My Life and Stephen and Miranda' by Adela".)

Kelly Chambliss (kelly_chambliss on LJ): "Witness " (Severus Snape/Minerva McGonagall. "Many years after Voldemort is finally overthrown, a Bulgarian former refugee comes forward to help answer one of the great mysteries of the wars. " Smart and insightful as Kelly's stories always are, with a wonderful p.o.v.)

kribu (kribu on LJ): "Coming Home" (Snape/Harry/Hermione. "The battles are over and the healing can begin." Very enjoyable and very engaging. The author does a fine job of making this triangular relationship amongst relatively inexperienced adults believable. Cross-recced in het and slash)

Kribu (kribu on LJ): "Turn To Dark" (Snape/Hermione. "Some days, waking up is different." Ordinarily, the sensibilities of Science Fiction and Fantasy - the category to which HP obviously belongs - are so very different as make a fusion of the two genres almost impossible, but this story pulls the HP world firmly into an SF setting and makes it work My only real 'complaint' is that it feels as if far more of this story could be told, but to the author's credit, the tale ends in a good place...if too soon.)

labrt2004 (labrt2004 on LJ): "Emissary" (Snape/Hermione. "A father recounts a series of meetings with black-robed emissary." A novel - and completely believable - point of view, one that offers not only a new perspective on Snape but also on Hermione.)

Lady Rhian (lady_rhian on LJ): "Sage" (Snape/Hermione. "For nearly thirty years, Hermione and her family have lived in peace and prosperity. When the unexpected occurs, buried secrets of a time long forgotten vie to make themselves known. Confronted by her daughter, Hermione allows herself to remember her past. What she doesn’t expect is to come face to face with it." Believable and realistic and touching. Takes all of the Epilogue into account, and yet....)

Lariope (lariopefic on LJ): "Advanced Contemporary Potion Making" (Snape/Hermione, Ron/Hermione. "Twenty-one years after the war, Hermione Weasley sends her second child off to Hogwarts. Her husband suggests she take a class in her new-found spare time. That class might change her life forever." Let me get the warning out of the way right now: this is, as you might have guessed - given the Snape/Hermione pairing - a story with infidelity at its heart, but its done in a very real, very believable way. There are no 'bad guys' here - and no easy choices.)

Lariope (lariopefic on LJ): "Dark Santiago" (Snape/Hermione. "Magical and Muggle worlds collide when two displaced survivors of the Second War meet in an unlikely place." The original prompt for this story - which includes Snape in America, working as a psychic - makes it seem as if the resulting story would have to be crack!fic, but instead it's smart and moving, with some wonderfully original ideas about magic and the magical world).

Lariope (lariopefic on LJ): "Killing Time" (Snape/Hermione. "In between too much time and not enough, there is a bathroom." Severus recovers from Nagini's bite - eventually - and for a variety of reasons, temporarily moves into Grimmauld Place - in the room next door to Hermione. Severus is wonderfully prickly, assigning the worst motivations to everybody and projecting his own petty feelings to whomever crosses his path - at least at first. A psychologically smart and engaging story.)

lash_larue: "As You Say" (Petunia Evans Dursley/Severus Snape. "After Lily's death Snape and Petunia are drawn to each other in an attempt to find something of Lily in the other. Neither of them is really sure what they find, but they find that they need it." A completely believable developing relationship, set within the confines of yearly visits to Lily's grave. Wonderful voices.)

Laura Smith: Forever After. (Remus/Hermione, with a side of post-OotP Remus/Sirius. How accurate is the old story of "Little Red Riding Hood?")

L C Darius (l_c_darius on LJ): "In December as in May" ; On LJ (Mr. Ollivander/Merope Gaunt, Tom Riddle/Merope Gaunt. " Captivity leads Ollivander to re-examine the choices he’s made. " A wonderful filling-in-the-blanks look at the backstory to HP canon. Very creative.)

LdyMusyc (ldymusyc on LJ/IJ): "Dragon's Blood and Meadowsweet " (Draco Malfoy/Millicent Bulstrode. "Draco Malfoy takes an apprenticeship with a potions master after the war, and discovers the way to make a brew he never expected with a component he never considered. Side effects may occur; results may vary." Neither Draco nor Millicent stray too far from their canon characterizations and yet they are both believable as young adultsm each possessing strengths and flaws - and the ability to love and be loved.)

Leela (leela_cat on LJ): "Moon Frog Soup (Omit the Shrivelfigs, Mandrake Noses, and Bowtruckle Fingernails)" (Snape/Luna. "Princely Things was more than just a shop. It was also Eileen Prince's way of helping some of the children who couldn't help themselves." My gift in the 2010 Snuna Exchange, and so pretty much made to order for me. Post-DH, although AU to the extent that Snape's still alive, with just the right balance of real world concerns and whimsy.)

Leni Jess (leni_jess on LJ): Binding Rituals. (Hermione/Snape. Once upon a battlefield, they shared something - but that was long ago.)

Leni Jess (leni_jess on LJ): Cheat the Devil (Snape/Hermione) REC LINK

Leni Jess (leni_jess on LJ): "Human Kind." (Snape/Hermione. When Hermione is caught and brought in by Death Eaters, Snape finds a way to keep her alive. But is she the only prisoner?)

Lilith Morgana (lilith_morgana on LJ): "Our story is how still we stood" (Snape/Hermione in a "Bleak New World," where each encounter is always the last time. Powerful and intense.)

LizBee (aka, Liz Barr): Girl Most Likely. (Gen - mostly. Harry, Snape, OFC [and a damned good one]) and its prequel One Step Too Far (Snape-centric, m/f. Cross-recced in het.).

lizzyann (littlelizzyann on LJ): "Same Time, Next Month" (Remus/Luna...with Luna neither mad nor quite normal, and Remus neither a doormat, nor a cliched Alpha!Wolf. Lovely work.)

Loten (loten on LJ, but that journal is mostly unused): "Chasing the Sun" (Snape/Hermione. "Hermione only wanted to learn Healing; she discovers that Professor Snape is a human being after all, and his actions dramatically shape the course of the war as events unfold." AU after Order of the Phoenix,'s so interesting how much can change - for the better - when Dumbledore isn't allowed to hold back so much information. Long and really engaging. Note: Severus and Hermione's relationship doesn't get underway until she's technically of age, but caveat lector if you're very cautious about underage issues.)

Loten (loten on LJ, but that journal is mostly unused): "Post Tenebras, Lux (After Darkness, Light)" (Snape/Hermione. "A chance meeting ten years after the war may not be just a coincidence, and may prove to have very far-reaching consequences. A story of many things, but primarily of healing." Smart and engaging, with a believably perceptive Hermione, and a wonderfully [unattractive] Snape who eventually softens a bit, but who's never soft.)

Luthien: Teeth (Snape/Hermione - or should I say Snape/Flint/Hermione?) REC LINK

Machshefa (machshefa on LJ): "As to a Portrait, Gently Drawn" (Snape/Luna. "Snape patrols, and finds Luna precisely where she is not meant to be. Bathed in light, chalk in hand." A wonderful - and ultimately hopeful - story, set during Snape's year as Headmaster. Canon compliant, but...mind what I said about this being "hopeful")

Machshefa (machshefa on LJ): "The Essence of Sunset" (Snape/Hermione. "My chambers are dark, lit only by the glow of the midnight moon. The castle creaks with rawness of stone and antiquity of magic, filled with the power welling up from beneath the mountain and the fire of intention fuelled by our four vibrant streams of magic, combined. It is nearly impossible to recognise this expanse of land from just six months ago: pristine grasses as far as the eye could see, cresting on a tidal wave of green, the shadow of grey stone a skeleton underneath. A spider's web holding together an enterprise that, tonight, feels like folly. I had expected to feel exultant." A really fantastic take on a 'parallel universes' prompt from the sshg_exchange. An unexpected, yet immediately recognizable version of Hermione and a Snape who's only just learning that not everything has to be the way it's always been. Plus, a wonderful look back into the time of the Founders.)

Machshefa (machshefa on LJ): "There, Where I Can Never Find You" (Snape/Hermione. "You disappear into a moon lit night, and I imagine I might have seen you go if only I'd been paying attention." A story about love and memory, set partly in the Muggle world. Really smart characterizations - Mature Auror Ron is a welcome surprise - and filled with emotional honesty.)

Machshefa (machshefa on LJ): "To Ride the Rising Sun" (Snape/Luna. "The first one announces itself with a screech and a thud." Somebody's seeing to it that magical creatures appear on Severus Snape's doorstep. Could his former student, Luna Lovegood, be responsible? Well written, engaging, and really rather sweet.)

Machshefa (machshefa on LJ): "Tree of Life" (Snape/Hermione. "Voldemort is dead and gone, but the wizarding world bears more than the usual scars of war. Severus and Hermione find themselves in the middle of what they hope will be the solution that will keep their world from unraveling." The use made of magical theory/practice in this story is excellent, as is the coming together of Snape and Hermione. Long and smart and creative.

Maya: A Distinctly Different Manner of Finding Prince Charming (McGonagall/Flitwick) REC LINK - Note: all Maya's stories have now been taken offline.

Maya: Draco Malfoy, the Amazing Bouncing . . . Rat?. (Draco-centric. Some Draco/Hermione. Cross-posted in het and gen.) - Note: all Maya's stories have now been taken offline.

Melisande (melisande88 on LJ): "The Devil in Devonshire" (Snape/Hermione. "In the dead of winter, something frightening and unknown seems to be targeting the less savory members of wizard society. Ministry of Magic employee, Unspeakable Hermione Granger, joins the hunt with questionable assistance from Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy." One of that rare breed of story which gets its start with a crack!fic suggestion, but somehow transforms an odd notion into something original and engaging.)

Melisande (melisande88 on LJ): "Judging Books By Their Covers" (Snape/Hermione. Book repair, Snape in the cafe, wonderful books, insecure Snape, Hermione swayed despite herself)

Melisande (melisande88 on LJ): "Preparation is the Key" (Snape/Hermione. "Snape requires a large sum of money, and a loan from Gringotts is the very last thing he wants, but there's nowhere else to turn. When the goblins assign Arithmancer Granger to monitor their investment full-time, sparks fly. Hermione uncovers much more than potions work at Spinner's End. There are troublesome buttons and an even more troublesome journal. The only one who seems to know what's going on is the cat, and she's not telling." Excellent pacing and a wonderfully surly Snape.)

Meri (meri_oddities on LJ): "Endings". (McGonagall/Snape, immediately following HBP. Not quite gen.)

miamadwyn (miamadwyn on LJ): "The Marriage Benefit (or) How Granger And Snape Buggered The Ministry, The Board Of Governors, Minerva And The Entire Hogwarts Staff Whilst Finding True Love" (Snape/Hermione. "It's all about the money" Ribald and witty and angsty and hot and sweet, all at once.)

Mindabbles (mindabbles on LJ): "The News Today (Morning Edition)" (Molly Weasley/Arthur Weasley, Minerva McGonagall/Arabella Figg, Augusta Longbottom/Alastor Moody "Tell it as you see it. Expose the bastards for what they are and if everyone, on every side, hates you, you are probably doing a fine job" Funny and tender and political and chilling, all at once. An excellent look at the wizarding world at the moment of Voldemort's rise. Cross-recced in het and slash.)

Minisinoo (minisinoo on LJ): "Finding Himself" (Cedric/Hermione. An AU - as you might imagine from the pairing - and as much a coming-of-age story as it is a romance, "Finding Himself" is a smart, original, wonderfully written, and engaging novel. Set during GoF and OotP. So good that I barely noticed the fact that my boy Snape barely makes an appearance. *g*)

Miss Miah (missmiah on LJ): "While You Were Sleeping" (Snape/Hermione. "Death was supposed to set him free, one way or another, not leave him trapped in his own shattering mind and only the voice of Hermione Granger for a distraction." The final sequence could have stood a bit more development, but despite that, this is a very interesting look at how a lack of memories might help a relationship develop between Snape and Hermione.)

Miss Morland (miss_morland on LJ): "The Healing" ( Poppy Pomfrey/Severus Snape, Tobias Snape "Severus is still not well, but he will be. And when that time comes, Poppy swears to herself, he's the one who will be getting up on cold mornings to fetch tea." Comfort and care, but without the cloying sentimentality that sometimes pops up in hurt/comfort fic. An especially believable Poppy Pomfrey, and a very true-to-life backstory for the Snape family)

misstee123 (misstee123 on LJ): "Breathe" (Snape/Hermione. "Sometimes we have to go back to the beginning in order to find our way to the end." An AU in which nine year old Hermione had been the one to first meet Snape in the playground. A very novel perspective on the development of their relationship - and on the way Snape would have been seen by Hermione's mother.)

Odogoddess (odogoddess on LJ): "For The Life Of Me" (Snape/Hermione. It begins with darkness and near-madness, and ends up...let's simply say in a far less dark place. A very intriguing set-up, a smart plot, and sex used both as an expression of love and as a counteragent to...ah, that would be telling.)

PajamaPants (pyjamapants on LJ): "The Lost Chamber" (Snape/Hermione. "When Rose and Hugo Weasley are involved in a prank that sends Scorpius Malfoy to the Hospital Wing, Hermione is summoned to Hogwarts. What she finds there calls for investigation." Quite apart from the intriguing plot, the tale offers a very adult relationship. Hermione and Severus have concerns that don't involve each other (administration, scholarship, family/friends), but they also display the same sort of distractions and obsessions that people of all ages show when they're developing an interest in somebody.)

pandorajones: "Travelodgers" and its sequel "Room Service". (Tonks/Snape. "After a late night Order meeting Tonks receives some unexpected servicing." Sex and Drugs, but no Rock and Roll. Note: Erotic Elves is now a locked community, unavailable to under 18's. The author's alternate fiction site is on Checkmated and also requires registration)

Penknife: Easy. (Remus/Tonks. Post-HBP. "In which Remus shops for groceries and tries to resist temptation.")

pigwidgeon37 (pigwidgeon37 on LJ): "Bermuda" (Snape/Hermione/Lucius. Post-war. "War heroes aren't always treated as they should be. Due to a ministerial intrigue Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy and Hermione Granger are practically prisoners at a mental institution. But if one Gryffindor and two Slytherins join forces, they're able to overcome almost any obstacle. Particularly good Lucius)

pigwidgeon37 (pigwidgeon37 on LJ): "Sentimental Education" (Snape/Hermione/Lucius. "Ten years after the war, Ron Weasley dies in a Quidditch accident. Or so it seems. His wife Hermione, a high-ranking Law Enforcer, investigates her husband's death with the help of Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy. Professional cooperation leads to emotional entanglement." Get past the lurking suspicion that Hermione would sooner kill Lucius Malfoy than look at him (*g*), and you have a story about a rather unconventional threesome that's both engaging and emotionally satisfying. Cross-recced in het and slash)

pir8fancier (also pir8fancier on LJ): "Glass Half Full" (Ron/Pansy. Written for the hp10k_showcase to raise awareness of alcoholism. "Twenty years after the battle at Hogwarts, it's not happily ever after." Utterly real. And while it's painful at times, it's also very hopeful. An excellent and believable story)

poe_momm (poe_momm on LJ): "The Hunting of the Snark" (Snape/Hermione. Like a 1940's screwball comedy. Very funny.)

purplefluffycat (purplefluffycat on LJ/IJ): "The Problem With Memories" (Albus/Slughorn, Snape/McGonagall. "Horace's relationship with Albus has never been straightforward; he has always been left at once ecstatic, confused and hurt to the bone. As the two friends become reacquainted during one of the wizarding world's most trying years, what, this time, might play out differently? How might memories of times past impact upon the future, and what secrets might come to the surface? Set during 'The Half Blood Prince.'" Three-dimensional characterizations and...hope, despite the obvious HBP canon death. Long and engaging.)

purplyfluffycat: "Professor C. Binns: A Personal History" (Cuthbert Binns/Walburga Black. "" A great narrative voice from what seems to me to be an intentionally non-neurotypical Binns who fits perfectly into canon.Potentially spoilery content information: one instance of physical spousal abuse, not between the two main characters)

Rachel W: More Than Fantasy (Snape/Hermione/Remus. "Remus Lupin tells, in his own words, how things came to be between himself, Severus, and Hermione.")

Ragdoll (ragdoll on LJ): " Big Girls Don't Cry" ; On LJ (Charlie Weasley/Millicent Bulstrode, Charlie/OFC, mention of past Millicent/Theodore Nott. " When Millicent Bulstrode was found guilty of colluding with known Death Eaters, she was forced to endure two years of indentured servitude at the Romanian Dragon Reserve waiting hand and foot on Charlie Weasley. It doesn't get more draconian than that." A believable slow-build and really good voices. NC-17.)

Ramos: Unfinished Business. (Snape/Hermione. Hermione Granger dies unexpectedly, and she's not happy about it.)

Raven (loneraven on LJ): "Love Is Not Love" (Hermione/Remus. Hermione's friendship with Ron doesn't translate to happily-ever-after, but Remus...ah, he's another story. Fine characterizations. Post-OotP.)

redskyatnight (redskyatnight76 on LJ): "Dear January" (Snape/Hermione. "In the silent, snowy 'dead days' between Christmas and New Year, Hermione finds herself blissfully alone in her new house... with only a shadowy figure at the window across the street for company." The author calls this a "pwp," and on one level, I suppose it is. However, it's also a story about two people who don't quite fit in - by choice - with most of their community, and yet somehow they do fit with each other.)

redskyatnight (redskyatnight on LJ and DeviantArt): "Resurrection Man" (Snape/Hermione. "Auror Hermione is sent to investigate the appearance of a sinister creature lurking in some woods. Can Snape really be completely uninterested in the presence of an unidentified monster roaming the countryside surrounding his house?" Yes, I'm going to spoil things by saying "Braaaaaaains!" which is a selling point for some of you, and yet even those, like me, who are creeped out by zombies, can read this...mostly safely. *g* Post-DH, believable smut, wonderfully foul-mouthed Snape)

Regann (regann on LJ): "Heart over Mind" (Snape/Hermione. "Something odd about Hermione causes her to have unexpected reaction to a love potion. Only it's one which no one expected. How could a lack of reaction cause so much trouble?" Started before OotP - and thus only canon compliant through GoF - this story which was just completed in the spring of 2007 is a smart, creative, and believable romance.)

Resonant (resonant8 on LJ): Bed and Board (Ron/Hermione/Harry)

Rex Luscus (rexluscus on LJ): "Traumlieder" (Luna/Snape. A what-if AU. After Luna saves Sirius's life at the Department of Mysteries, Snape falls out of favor with the Order and is soon disgraced and outcast. The only one not buying the prevailing wisdom about the former Potions professor is Luna, who knows exactly how it feels to be misunderstood.)

rhiannonofthemoon: "For All Intents and Purposes" (Snape/Hermione. A moment of inattention transports Hermione to one year after the fall of the Dark Lord, but with no way back to her own time. Her only clue is a small object that she finds between worlds. She enlists the aid of a young Professor.but he has his own plans. Creative and original, with a believably conflicted Hermione and a very believably snappish Snape.)

richardgloucester (dickgloucester on LJ): "A Fresh Start" (Snape/Hermione. "After the War, it's time for people to looks at their lives anew, and start again, if they're willing. Hermione thinks Snape could do with a helping hand." There's a longstanding tradition in fandom of stories of this type, where Character A helps Character B make himself over in order to attract somebody's attention, when all along A and B are really meant for each other; "A Fresh Start" is a very good example of that type of tale. Very sweet - without being a bit cloying- and very emotionally satisfying.)

richardgloucester (dickgloucester on LJ): "Through Silence" (Snape/Hermione. Long after the war, aided by the now business-savvy Harry, Hermione finds a new line of work and Snape...stays silent. Smart with fine characterizations [Hermione's children are particularly believable], plus the odd allusion to Phantom of the Opera.)

richardgloucester (dickgloucester or badgerfics on LJ): "The Janus Rose" (Snape/Pomona Sprout. "Pomona Sprout performs a melancholy duty in fulfillment of a promise she made to Severus years before he died." Is it a spoiler to say that despite some really lovely and even funny sections, I was moved to tears often during the reading of this story, and yet I could have done with it being even sadder, perhaps, which is rare for me. Lovely work.)

richardgloucester (dickgloucester on LJ): "A Taxing Affair" (Snape/Hermione/Lucius. "The Prime Minister needs money. It strikes him that he knows where there may be some to be found. Severus and Hermione join forces to thwart him and to protect Lucius Malfoy, who has the most to lose." Clever and charming from start to finish. Cross-recced in het and slash)

richardgloucester (dickgloucester on LJ): "Whom The Gods Annoy" (Snape/Hermione. " Ron, Harry and Hermione are due to discover the consequences of their inaction with regard to saving the life of one Chosen by the gods – or in this case, goddess. And it all becomes vastly more complicated when the school hires workmen to fix the battle damage at Hogwarts." A long, funny, and smart merging of the magical world of JKR and the world(s) of the classical gods. Initially seems as if it's going to be a "god of love makes X fall in love with Y" cliche, but swiftly becomes so much more. Wonderful.)

Riley: Ridiculous Thoughts (Snape/McGonagall)

Rilla (fallenprose on LJ): "Fleeting Moments". (Remus/Lily/Severus...set during their school days. Lily is particularly wonderful - simultaneously aggressive and sensitive, and a perfect 'match' for these two young men.)

Rilla (fallenprose on LJ): "To Live Is to Be Slowly Born" (Snape/Hermione. Not even Snape can hide forever. Smart and adult.)

rinsbane: "These Fruited Boughs" (Minerva/Tom, Minerva Augusta, Minerva/Albus, Minerva/Severus. "People she's loved, people she's been wrong about, and, finally, people she's been right about. ")

Sam Starbuck (copperbadge/sam-storyteller on LJ): Amid My Solitude (Remus/Tonks)

Sam Starbuck (copperbadge/sam-storyteller on LJ): "The Lens of Years" (Remus/Tonks, Remus/Sirius implied. "Beginning in 1981, the chronicle of Remus' uneasy relationship with the Tonks family, and "that kid Nymphadora," in particular." Blends seamlessly with canon.)

Sam Starbuck (copperbadge/sam-storyteller on LJ): Rhapsody in Blue. (Remus/Tonks. In which Tonks learns how to . . . dance.)

Sam Starbuck (copperbadge/sam-storyteller on LJ): "Three Galleons" (cross-recced in slash. Snape/Hermione/Remus. "After the war, Hermione has settled into a quiet if unorthodox life with Severus -- until a small problem in the form of a refugee spy calls for an even more unorthodox solution." Angsty and funny and touching in turns...and altogether lovely.)

Scattered Logic (scatteredlogic on LJ): "Never Too Late" (Snape/Hermione. "Waiting for death, Hermione meets an old friend she never knew." It's superfluous to give a death warning to this story, when the author has done it for me, but this isn't a sad tale. Hermione has lived a long and full life. There's just one thing that never quite happened - for her and for Severus. Nicely written...and with an excellent epilogue)

Scoffy (sc010f on LJ): "Half Life" (Snape/Hermione. "Nothing out of the ordinary ever happened to David Harper. Until he died and awoke as Severus Snape." An original take on a number of tropes - amnesia, portrait fic, etc. - which works perfectly. Friendship more than romance for the time being, but as you read, you sense that this state of affairs might well change in the future. )

Senjy (senjy on IJ/LJ): "The Comfort of Friends" (Snape/McGonagall. "When Severus Snape returns to Hogwarts as a teacher, Minerva cannot fathom what Dumbledore is thinking. However, when she finds her sympathy for the troubled young man growing, she decides that there are a few more lessons she can teach him." An honest and often-powerful story, with excellent characterizations of both Snape and Minerva.)

Setissma: Don't Stand So Close To Me and its sort-of sequel Love In The Afternoon (Remus/Hermione)

Shadowycat (shadowycat on LJ/IJ): "Taking a Chance" (Alastor Moody/Amelia Bones. "Two old friends have dinner together." A pairing that shouldn't work...but does. Wonderful job of conveying not just the potential for romance, but the sense of a true friendship between Bones and Moody.)

shairi11 (shairi11 on LJ): "Not Knowing What To Do" (Snape/Hermione. "What happens when a socially inept Snape Does Not Know What To Do. If at first you don't succeed, then try again... and again... and again..." Ridiculously over-the-top tale about Severus's decision to propose to Hermione, but funny and romantic and even touching.)

Shiv (shiv5468 on LJ): Big Name Death Eater. (Snape/Hermione. Humor. No Dark Revels here: just a bunch of disgruntled low-level minions and overworked/under-appreciated teachers.)

Shiv (shiv5468 on lj): "Seven Types of Ambiguity" (Snape/Lucius/Hermione. Lucius is out of Azkaban, Snape has a trial, and nobody's dissed except Scrimgeour. Sweet, smart, and wittty.)

Shocolate (shocolate on LJ): "Hermione's Advice" (Ron/Hermione. I'm absolutely sure that this is the first RW/HG story I've ever been able to read from beginning to end. It's just a simple little story, but it's funny and sweet and has excellent characterizations: Ron's adorable, and I love this Hermione.

Slytherincess (adjudicated on LJ): "Heartsease" (Lucius/ an homage to Lolita. Well-written, sensual, and extremely wrong in just about every way one might imagine.)

Sophie (sophierom on LJ): "The Fifty-Third Tuesday" (Snape/Hermione. Well written and utterly realistic. The Snape and Hermione in this story are not a romance novel's hero and heroine, just two imperfect, lonely, believable people who are at the crossroads of their relationship.)

Sophie (sophierom on LJ): "The Janus Thickey Ward" (Snape/Hermione. " On the Janus Thickey Ward, Hermione learns that imperfection is good enough." Post-war. I love the beginning of Hermione's reclaiming of self every bit as much as I love the development of her relationship with Snape - and all in the midst of a fully populated world!)

Spyke Raven: Levels of Comfort. (Snape/McGonagall. Loving - and just a little bit shivery.)

Spyke Raven: Sixty Mondays (Snape/Hermione) REC LINK

Stellamaru: Unbroken (Draco/Luna. "Slytherin pranks, lost power, fathers and children, and a moment of impossible possibility between Draco and Luna.")

Subversa (subvers on LJ): "Improbable Felicity" (Snape/Hermione. Snape and Hermione marry...ah, but it's not all hearts and flowers *g* Wonderfully horrible portrait characterization of Eileen. Nicely paced.)

Subversa (subvers on LJ): "This Time" (Snape/Hermione. "After the fall of Voldemort, an inexplicable illness plagues the surviving Death Eaters. Albus Dumbledore has a plan to save Severus Snape-but how, exactly, is Hermione Granger involved?" An old-school 'Snape is hidden in plain sight as a young man' story, emotionally gripping and cleverly written. And long, for those of you who - like me - see that as a major selling point *g*)

Sushi (wikdsushi on LJ): "Time and Again" (Snape, Harry, Ginny, Albus Severus. You'll just have to read this really excellent post-DH story to see if there are pairings! Note: I'm cross-reccing in all three categories)

The Real Snape (therealsnape on LJ): "Black Knight Moves Forward" (Minerva McGonagall/Severus Snape. "Harry The Giant Wizard Chess is meant to protect the Philosopher’s Stone. But, as Severus finds out, there’s more to it than meets the eye." This Minerva absolutely understands Severus Snape, but avoids the pitfall of being too "nice." PG-13.)

The Real Snape (therealsnape on LJ): "A Story of Warnings and the Ignoring Thereof" (Slughorn/Pince. "Horace has a strange story to tell. A story that might even surprise his old friend Albus. A story involving Irma Pince. And then Albus had to go and die in that highly dramatic fashion. But Horace is not a man who lets a mere trifle like the Veil stop him. When he has a story to tell, he tells it." Much more than just the story of Horace's developing relationship with Irma, this is also a story of who Horace is, at heart, and who his late lamented friend might be, since...who really knows Albus Dumbledore? Excellent narrative voice from Slughorn.)

Tetley (tetleythesecond on LJ): "Ombra mai fu, Being the Beginning of the Very True Story of Minerva McGonagall and Elphinstone Urquart" (Minerva McGonagall/Elphinstone Urquart. "Did you read the latest biographical essay on Minerva McGonagall? Well, the author certainly got a few basic facts right, one has to give her that. Alas, there are those who say that her interpretation of them leaves to be desired, and this writer tends to concur. So let us begin setting the accounts right by telling the beginning of the very true story of Minerva McGonagall and Elphinstone Urquart ..." A wonderful tale, perfect in its historical setting, that deals with gender [in a completely non 'issue-y' way] and which makes the almost-OC fully as three-dimensional and real as Minerva herself. Note: includes Pottermore 'canon.' Cross-recced in het and slash.)

The Treacle Tart (thetreacletart on LJ): Dense Takes a Holiday. (Percy/Tonks...of all pairings. *g* " Take one uptight workaholic. Add one colorful Auror. Place on an island. Stir vigorously." Note: due to LJ difficulties, this story only appears on a locked community, unavailable to under 18's)

The Treacle Tart (thetreacletart on LJ): "Implausible, Irrational, Preposterous, Peculiar, and Just Plain Luna" (Snape/Luna. "Everyone needs rescuing at some point. What happens when your knight in shining armor is Luna Lovegood?" Sweet and sad and hopeful and altogether dreamlike.) REC LINK

The Treacle Tart (thetreacletart on LJ): "Skin Deep" (Snape/Tonks. "She needs something. He needs something. It was to be a simple trade." A bitter Snape and an unhappy Tonks. Not a romance...and yet, there's something between them.")

Ubiquirk (ubiquirk on LJ): "Conspiracy Theory" (Snape/Hermione. "Working as the Ministry's new Keeper of Records turns out to be not quite what Hermione Granger had in mind. It's . well, dull, dull, boring, and possibly - no, very definitely - dull. She has a mountain of information at her fingertips - a log of everything officially recorded in the Wizarding world - and most of it's, yes, dull. Then one day, a filing cabinet sticks, and her busy brain notices the smallest clue, one that will have her and Severus Snape struggling to uncover a conspiracy that, if true, will tarnish the Wizarding world's golden post-war view of itself forever." A very well constructed mystery and extremely engaging - plus, some insightful glimpses at Snape's feelings about his childhood.)

Vanityfair (vanityfair00 on LJ): "Two Week's Notice" (Snape/Hermione. Hermione has lost her [Ministry] job after a scandalous article in the newspaper. But work as a clerk in [Snape's] bookstore might turn out to be more than she bargained for. Cleverly written.)

Victoria P (musesfool on LJ): The Most Gorgeously Stupid Thing (Lily/James/Sirius/Remus. James and Sirius share everything.)

Victoria P (musesfool on LJ): The Only Truth That Sticks. (McGnagall/Snape, immediately post-HBP. "She feels like a foolish old woman, taken in by a man who had probably been laughing up his sleeve at her the whole time.")

Victoria P (musesfool on LJ): Sometimes Salvation. (Remus/Hermione)

Violet Quill "The Fluid Form of Sonnets" (Bill/Tonks, Remus/Tonks, Remus/Bill, Bill/Remus/Tonks. People transform. Relationships transform. Somehow, it all works out in the end. Cross-recced in slash and het.)

violet_quill: Secrets Best Kept. (Snape/Hermione. Studying occlumency with Snape, Hermione realizes there are things in her mind she would rather he not see.)

Vissy (vissy on IJ/LJ): "Playing for Keeps" (Young!Snape/Eileen Prince. "Eileen Snape, former Captain of the Hogwarts Gobstones Team, is losing her marbles." Wonderful characterizations of a teenaged Snape and his mother. Warnings for incest and dub-con)

Warded Portal (cavalaxis and shiv 5468 on LJ): "Canvas and Paint" (Snape/Hermione. "The former potions master is now Headmaster of Hogwarts and his apprentice has decided it's high time she made her move." Well written and engaging.)

Wartcap: "Pumblechook" (According to the summary, the characters include a "...Dementor with chronic depression ...], a schoolgirl with a dream, a professor who locks his feelings away in a diary and a ghost who lingers in the U-bend." Technically, this is a Snape/Hermione story, but the wonderful portrayals of Dementors really set this story apart.)

Witchy Woman (hogwarts_91 on LJ): "All You Need is Love" (Snape/Hermione. "Hermione despises flight; Severus excels at it. Neither can resist a challenge. Can Hermione convince Severus to help her overcome her fear of flying? And what will he do when the cheeky witch promises to take him on the ride of his life?" A clever, engaging, and often funny combination of believable sexual attraction and the beginnings of a developing relationship that's about more than sex)

Xylodemon (xylodemon on IJ/LJ) Last Transfiguration. (Snape/Lily, with impending Lily/James. " She doesn't want to have this conversation, and she shouldn't have to -- he made his position clear enough at the end of last term.")

Xylodemon (xylodemon on IJ/LJ): "Things We Lost (and Found) in the War" (Snape/McGonagall. "Two people, two wars, and a few of the things they learned along the way." Wonderful (albeit non-linear) story telling. This is a relationship between equals - and more importantly, between two people who know each other very well.)


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