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Some non-yuletide recs to tide you over until the yuletide reveals. Note: I've put my initial, still-anonymous yuletide recommendations here on my journal for the time being.

As for these? Lots and lots of AU's and animal transformations, for some reason! And there are still over twenty recs to be made in the queue.


Bandearg_Rois: "Bridged" (Avengers. clint/Darcy, Tony/Pepper. "Clint's never been very good at being 'Normal.' Thankfully, neither has Darcy." A multiple time zones. And as a warning, if you - as I - are used to stories in which certain deaths never really happened, this is not one of those stories. )

DevilDoll: "Rule Number Nine" (Avengers. Steve/Darcy. ""Darcy was right, Steve admits to himself later that day. He never has a date for anything." In which Steve and Darcy go on Not Dates and more." Steve and Darcy are both really lovely...and their non-relationship exists in the midst of the real world, which is the best thing. Note: mostly written before the Avengers movie, so some events may not match with canon.)

fuckitfireeverything: "flying in the face of science " (Avengers Phil/Clint, Steve/Tony, Steve/Peggy. "Four years ago, Steve Rogers was the only returning crew member of the Ares I expedition, a research mission to Mars gone wrong. Half of his crew died, and he left two of them -- James Barnes and Peggy Carter -- behind so he could return to Earth and get help. The day he got back to Earth, Phil Coulson began planning a rescue mission, the Ares II. This is the story of that mission." NASA-style AU, smart and original. )

hannahrhen: the "Ice and Dust and Light" series (Avengers. Tony/Loki. "Loki and Tony Stark negotiate a relationship after an accidental pregnancy." Yes, mpreg - or maybe in Loki's case it's not exactly mpreg. Loki is just what you'd expect - kind of an ass, although not always a particularly murderous kind - but his relationship with Tony - and especially with his kids is pretty perfect.)

kellifer_fic: "99 problems (and the dice ain't one)" (Avengers. Tony/Steve, Phil/Clint, Bruce/Darcy. "Tony's life is almost perfect. He lives in a converted warehouse full of friends (and one frenemy), has a job that leaves him plenty of time to think about other things and a regular Friday night campaign. If his best friend, Steve Rogers, hadn't moved away to New York and left him behind, then perfection would've been achieved." Everybody's so perfectly in character, despite being, you totally different situations. Funny, touching, and smart. Also? Absolutely great art.)

lasergirl: "Environmental Control" (Avengers. Phil/Clint "Phil works for Stark Industries (Medical), and has his life down to a fine science. But meeting a bike messenger named Clint shakes things up for him." An AU, obviously, with a Deaf Clint and a Phil dealing with pretty serious OCD, and I really wish the author had written more in this universe.)

LinguisticJubilee: "Something Fishy" (Avengers. Phil/Clint. "The one where Coulson gets turned into an octopus." This should absolutely not work as a story, but it does. I'd love to read a SEA-quel to this someday.)

melannen: "If They Ever Put A Bullet Through Your Brain (I'll Complain) " (Avengers. Bruce/Betty, Tony/Pepper, Tony/Bruce, Bruce/Betty/Tony/Science. "Bruce Banner doesn't dare stay in one place very long, especially Manhattan. If he'd really wanted to get lost, though, he probably shouldn't have let Tony Stark give him a new phone. It's hard to be lost and alone when Tony keeps telling people to call you." A really cleverly wrought epistolary tale, with just the right touches of humor and a Bruce characterization that couldn't be more believable.)

perpetfic: "There's a Dog-Related Pun in There Somewhere (Don't Worry; Tony's On It) " (Avengers. Phil/Clint. "Phil gets turned into a corgi. There are emotions involving Clint. That's literally the entire plot." Yes, yes...I'm reccing a story in which Phil's turned into a dog, but seriously, he's the best dog, Clint's the best dog minder, and Jasper Sitwell is made of friendship and dickishness *g*)

rivalmagician: "Second Time Around" (Avengers. Phil/Clint. "Phil Coulson and Clint Barton both died before their time. Ten years later Philip and Clint become best friends without a clue of who they used to be. They're just two pre-teen Avenger fanboys who find themselves on SHIELD's radar." An AU, obviously...and Phil and Clint are just perfectly drawn kids here. Note: the sequel, which is still in progress, is introducing more Marvel characters, including a number of Young Avengers.)

Selenay: "Kissing Under the Mistletoe (and Other Christmassy Activities) " (Avengers Phil/Clint. "Phil stared. "You're actually volunteering to spend Christmas pretending to be-" /"Your boyfriend." Clint nodded. "I've had worse assignments." / "Fine." Phil pulled up a website and began hunting for flights. "Remember, you volunteered for this."" an oldie, but a goodie where tropes are concerned...and one which works perfectly here.)

Tawabids: "Ring around the Roses" (Avengers. Phil/Clint, Tony/Pepper. "Tony Stark wants Agent Coulson to live in the tower with the rest of the team. But Coulson has responsibilities they don't know about: caring for his partner Clint Barton, an ex-SHIELD assassin irreparably damaged after a mission that went wrong several years earlier. / Tony wants to help. Coulson wants to keep everyone happy. Clint just wants a garden and for the Avengers to piss off and let him grow weed in peace." A very difficult AU, with an ending that's hopeful, but which is never going to be perfect.)

telm_393: "Red Angel" (Avengers. clint/Natasha "In the end, it really all boils down to one question. What does Natasha Romanoff want to be when she grows up?" A high school AU, which is really not the sort of thing I typically read or rec, but this is really well done. Both Clint and Natasha - whose pasts are dark and difficult, even if not in exactly the same ways as in canon - are independently taken in to be fostered by Phil. And that's where it starts...)

uofmdragon: "Sometimes on Fourth Down, You Just Have to Go For It" (Avengers. Phil/Clint. "Sports have always been a part of Clint's life from those rare peaceful moments with his father to watching a game with his new friend, Phil and football has always been a favorite of his." A college football story...but not an AU. A very original take on the trajectory of Clint's relationship - working and otherwise - with Phil)

websandwhiskers: "Star-crossed" (Avengers. Jane/Thor. "A vignette taking place during "Avengers", after shawarma, before Thor returns to Asgard with Loki. Thor and Jane have their reunion, and discuss their future." The conversation I'd like to have seen between Jane and Thor after the Avengers.)


frackin_sweet "The Night Visitor " (Pre-Skyfall. James/M. "M's holiday plans didn't include a voicemail breakup, or Bond showing up unannounced by way of the window." James being compassionate in a way that's perfectly in character...and he has excellent taste.)


htebazytook and vulgarweed: "The Bone Fiddle" (BBC. John/Sherlock "Appalachian AU! In November 1973, Vietnam vet John Watson returns to his family's old home in Arthel County, West Virginia, deep in coal country. His low expectations include recuperation and boredom. Instead he finds a ruined landscape, a series of grisly murders, and one of the world's weirdest neighbors." Completely fantastic AU, with a perfect sense of place and time. )

As I've noted before, I will clearly never catch up with old stories. If you have a favorite story (your own or somebody else's) that you think I might have missed and it's in a fandom that I've recced before (see my main recs page, which includes links to all the individual major fandoms and a miscellaneous fandoms page). Most loved at the moment are stories from one of the following fandoms: Avengers, Discworld, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lewis, Sherlock Holmes in all varieties, or White Collar (feel free to leave a link below), but everything is welcome.
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