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I am so not catching up...although in my defense, I'm right in the middle of marking final papers and writing final exams. A bit of a mixed bag - i.e., not just the Avengers - but still very Clint Barton centric.


boombangbing: "Flew Away or Started Sinking" (Avengers. Bruce/Jane. "Bruce comes back to New York eight months after Tony dropped him off at a ferry terminal, with a nasty cough, no money, and nowhere to stay. Jane answers his shot in the dark phonecall, and suddenly he's helping to build wormholes while S.H.I.E.L.D. are quietly watching his every move." I'd absolutely never thought of this pairing before, but it works. Jane and Bruce are in character and...they're adults - even if both spend part of the story being silently chastised by Selvig)

deadonarrival: "The Marble Arch" (Avengers. Phil/Clint. "Clint deals with the aftermath of the final battle and discovers he has some pretty strong allies in places he least expected. But can they really solve his biggest problem?" Heartbreaking. At least for a while.)

GilesFarnaby: "In Like a Lion" (Avengers. Clint/Phil. "There are some side effects. Not all of them are bad." Post movie and...the things that belong to Phil are no longer a perfect fit. Especially Clint.)

haipollai: "let's save our lives from the coming tide " (Avengers. Clint/natasha, Clint/Natasha/Phil. "The first time Phil meets Clint Barton, he’s in handcuffs. He looks exhausted, there are bags under his eyes and he slumps in the hard metal chair. “The FBI wants you hung out to dry.” Phil drops the file on the table in between them. Clint looks at the file and then slowly tilts his head up to look at him. / “You look like FBI.” / Phil smiles dryly. “My organization prefers to hide in plain sight. Looking like the FBI serves that purpose.” Barton snorts, it might even be a laugh. / “And what organization is that?” / “Classified.”" A nicely paced and smart coming-together story for this trio.)

Hakaisha: "One Tin Soldier" (Avengers. Steve, Team, Bucky/Natasha, Clint/Natasha. "The five times the Avengers accepted Steve as their leader, and the one time they followed without question." An honest and very real character study of Steve Rogers. Plus...pretty perfect characterizations for the whole team. )

hegemony: "Matryoshka" (Avengers. Bruce/Natasha. " She finds space inside herself for him. / Alternatively titled, And Clint's Like 'Just Fuck Already!'" Great characterizations, perfect pacing, and extremely erotic.)

JeziBelle: "Safe and Sound" (Avengers. Clint/Phil. "See? Nothing to worry about. Clint's swath of destruction hadn’t had any impact on anyone he cared about at all, especially not his significant other who he hadn’t seen since his will was controlled by an otherworldly god of chaos and trickery." Just about the best way Clint could learn that Phil was "dead." )

marchingjaybird: "Tumblr Crushes" (Avengers. Phil/Clint. "Phil uses the Internet as stress relief. So naturally, it turns on him and introduces romance into his life." Believable? Oh, hell no. *g* But charming and sweet. )

qwanderer: "Hulk Knows" (Avengers. Hulk, Bruce, Tony. "Hulk watches through Banner's eyes, when he can, when Banner isn't pushing him down, blocking him out." The Avengers movie from the Hulk's pov. A very rare perspective. *g*)

second_skin: "Philophilia" (Avengers. Clint/Phil, Natasha. "Phil and Clint go to the beach. It's basically a hostage situation. " Set pre-Avengers movie. Phil takes a chance and sees if he can change his and Clint's relationships, and Clint is - believably - anxious.)

Sirona: "i am ready, i am fine" (Avengers Clint/Phil/Natasha, in various combinations. "Post-Avengers OT3 Fix-it fic." Just a vignette, set at the moment of Phil waking. Gentle and touching.)

James Bond

beederiffic: "Jagged Little Pill" (Skyfall. Q/James Bond. "Q's first impression of Bond isn't particularly favourable. It's bound to change." I haven't really jumped on the fandom Q/Bond bandwagon, but if all Q/Bond stories were like this, I'd be right there at the front of the wagon.)

paperclipbitch: "so you were never a saint" (Skyfall. Q, Eve Moneypenny, Bill Tanner, James Bond. "I think Bond’s trying to be your friend,” Eve tells him. / “…well,” Q says slowly, “this is a new and disturbing development.”" A clever, hip, mostly perfect story about friendship. All sorts of friendships.)

Sherlock Holmes

kazvl: "Intimacy Issues" and "The Dating Game" - the latest two in the "Fire and Ice" series. (Sherlock BBC. Mycroft/Lestrade, Sherlock. "An out-of-practice forty two year old man starts to date the most difficult man in London. Naturally, it goes splendidly." Set pre-canon, and just what you'd hope to see from these two...and just what you'd expect to see from Sherlock.)

The Unusuals

k8andrewz: "Lies to Buy Myself some Time" (Unusuals. Jason/Allison, Jason/Casey "Crime happens. The perps are strange. He's got a thing for his partner. He keeps it a secret." With this show, I'm pretty firmly in the Jason/Allison camp, but in this story, Jason's relationshp with Casey grows organically and at just the right pace. Just what we could have seen in a future season, if we'd made it past episode 10.)

As I've noted before, I will clearly never catch up with old stories. If you have a favorite story (your own or somebody else's) that you think I might have missed and it's in a fandom that I've recced before (see my main recs page, which includes links to all the individual major fandoms and a miscellaneous fandoms page). Most loved at the moment are stories from one of the following fandoms: Avengers, Discworld, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lewis, Sherlock Holmes in all varieties, or White Collar (feel free to leave a link below), but everything is welcome.
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