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I have something like 40 recs in the queue at the moment - almost all of which are Avengers - and I was idiotic enough to just bookmark them and not actual format any of them for the recs page - and of course, by now, I've forgotten what I meant to say about all of them. *sigh* So...I'm going to post a dozen or so recs every few days until I catch up.


BlackEyedGirl: "like catalysts, we make things happen" (Avengers. Bruce/Tony, background Tony/Pepper and Bruce/Betty, with all parties informed. "Bruce is counting time. Tony is making a graph. None of this can be plotted in three dimensions but that doesn't mean it can't be understood." Reads like Gen, might not always be? Excellent interactions between Bruce and Tony, in which tony learns when not to poke and Bruce learns - maybe - when not to run)

haipollai: "buried" (Avengers. Clint/Phil. "All he has is a voice in his ear. It draws him away from the gnawing panic in his gut and the pain in his leg. His arm is pinned under his body and he can't move. The panic flares again but the voice continues and the words finally make sense, triggers some half forgotten training and he makes himself breathe, fighting through everything until the words in his ear make sense." Honestly? The author's summary is almost as long as the story, but this is just a nice little piece about being talked through a crisis." Warnings for claustrophobia, if that's triggery for you.)

heartequals (savvygambols): "You'll Know How Good You Are " (Avengers/Thor. Darcy-centric Gen, Team. "Darcy’s got a summer internship with Agent Coulson at SHIELD." Total wish fulfillment - because...if you were Darcy, everyone would think you were great too, right? - but charming and fun. Coulson's the best boss!)

lanyon: the "i've got your blood under my fingernails" series (Avengers. Clint/Phil. "In which Barton and Coulson gradually get a clue, get together and get stuck into life in SHIELD. Also known as The One With The Weapons-Grade Cock-Blocking." Just a really charming, multi-part coming together story, mostly sweet and funny, but some sections are superhero-violent - and have appropriate warnings attached - so caveat lector)

MarieLikesToDraw and Sidney Sussex: "Old Man Shoes and Scientist Heart" (Avengers. Bruce-centric Team Fic. "“There is love in me the likes of which you've never seen. There is rage in me the likes of which should never escape. If I am not satisfied in the one, I will indulge the other.” -Mary Shelley, Frankenstein" A really excellent character study of Bruce, with good relationship dynamics between him and everybody, including the rarely mentioned Jasper Sitwell. Note: there's a great piece of accompanying art embedded at the top of the story, which you must see.)

MaySoFarAway (circusbones on tumblr): "Someone You've Yet To Meet" (Thor/X-Men crossover. Darcy/Wolverine. "Agent Lewis does a favor for an old friend, and goes up to the frozen North to try and talk sense into a man who's made a painful mistake." An unexpected pairing that works amazingly well. Engaging and smart, with good voices for both Darcy and Logan.)

Morgane (smilla840): "The Evolution of Clint Barton" (Avengers. Clint-centric, Clint/Phil, Natasha, Fury. "Clint is 17 the first time he meets Fury. This is what happens after." The author's notes say that the working summary for this story was “Clint’s gay, Phil is straight and Natasha doesn’t sleep with anyone – somehow it works” and...yes, although this is much more than a simple relationship story. Very nicely done, with a rather emotionally stressful section during Avengers canon, but...a happy ending! Do pay attention to the author's warnings though.)

Neery: "Trust" (Avengers. Bruce/Clint. " The Council wants the Hulk monitored 24/7. Fury can't tell them to go fuck themselves, but he can assign the one man the Council trusts even less than Bruce Banner./ Clint's not thrilled to get stuck on babysitting duty, and Bruce would be glad to get rid of his guard, but for now, they're both determined to make the best of a bad situation. Somehow, two guys who didn't expect to have much in common end up learning to trust each other." This isn't really about just two guys who learn to trust each other, because the Other Guy factors into the equation too. And...honestly, I realize this isn't the most obvious of pairings, but in this story it works so well.)

Not_You: "An Eyeless Face" (Avengers. Clint-centric, Clint/Phil. "Clint is called Hawkeye, and that's truer than most people know. You see, Clint is special. He has a whole collection of eyes for every occasion..." The summary is not a metaphor. Strange and erotic and very original.)

Silverflame (morganoconner): "My Soul for a Wish" (Avengers. Clint, Phil. "Clint meets Agent Coulson for the first time." Short and hopeful...this is the first time Phil and Clint are meeting face to face, but not the first time they've spoken.)

RPF - Misc

harriet_vane: "Better With You" (One Direction. Liam/Louis. AU. "Single parent and solo artist Liam Payne hires Louis Tomlinson to be a full time nanny to his four year old son Sammy." The author refuses to apologize for writing this, and I refuse to apologize for reccing it. I'm...not a particular fan of One Direction? I mean, I don't dislike them, but I know exactly one and a half of their songs and have seen a five minute interview. But this story is adorable and just right if you're in a domestic kid!fic sort of mood.)


MaySoFarAway (circusbones on tumblr): "Someone You've Yet To Meet" (Thor/X-Men crossover. Darcy/Wolverine. "Agent Lewis does a favor for an old friend, and goes up to the frozen North to try and talk sense into a man who's made a painful mistake." An unexpected pairing that works amazingly well. Engaging and smart, with good voices for both Darcy and Logan.)

As I've noted before, I will clearly never catch up with old stories. If you have a favorite story (your own or somebody else's) that you think I might have missed and it's in a fandom that I've recced before (see my main recs page, which includes links to all the individual major fandoms and a miscellaneous fandoms page). Most loved at the moment are stories from one of the following fandoms: Avengers, Discworld, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lewis, Sherlock Holmes in all varieties, or White Collar (feel free to leave a link below), but everything is welcome.
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